Velotric Discover 1

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Release Year
Charge Time
6 Hours
Maximum Range
60 Miles
Top Speed
20 mph
500 W
65 Nm
Volts and Amp Hours
48 V 14.4 Ah
Wheel Size
Number of Gears
Gearing Type
64.0 lb
Brake Type
Frame Material

Summary of Reviews

We have read all expert and user reviews on the Velotric Discover 1. In summary, this is what cyclists think.

17 reasons to buy

  • Riders can propel the Discover 1 to 20mph, using the bike’s throttle.
  • The Discover 1 is available in four colors: Mango, Indigo Grey, Cyan & Pearl.
  • The Step-Thru model suits riders from 5’1” to 6’4”. It’s easy to mount and dismount.
  • A ‘High-Step’ version of the Discover 1 fits riders up to 6’9” in height.
  • Velotric’s 500W motor can achieve a peak wattage of 900W.
  • High-quality LG/Samsung battery cells are used in the Discover 1’s battery.
  • The Discover 1 places riders in a comfortable, upright ride position.
  • Front and rear lights are integrated into the Discover 1.
  • The Discover 1’s pricing is seen as affordable & competitive.
  • With an integrated battery and internal cabling, the Discover 1 is sleek.
  • Reviewers say the Discover 1 can be assembled in 30mins with included tools.
  • Testers describe Velotric’s display as large, bright, "vibrant" and comprehensive.
  • With a 65mm suspension fork and 2.5” tires, the Discover 1 is comfortable to ride.
  • Testers successfully rode the Discover 1 on gravel and dirt roads.
  • In sublime conditions, the Discover 1’s range may extend to 60 miles.
  • The Discover 1 comes equipped with a rear rack and front and rear fenders.
  • Velotric specifies that the Discover 1 can carry a 440lb payload.

3 reasons not to buy

  • With only 3 levels of pedal assist available, jumps in speed are noticeable.
  • Reviewers are unmoved by the performance of mechanical disc brakes.
  • Some testers find the 64lb Discover 1 to be a little overweight.

Bottom line

The Discover 1 takes a well-thought-out approach to functional and aesthetic design. It is a Class 2 e-bike that reaches 20mph with the help of a throttle. A 60-mile maximum range translates to an admirable 40 miles under normal riding conditions, using all three assist levels. It looks neat, rides comfortably, and comes at an affordable price. Cost-cutting factors include mechanical brakes, a moderate weight, and limited PAS levels. It comes commuter ready; with lights, fenders and a rear rack.

Expert Reviews

85/100 based on 4 rated expert reviews
We Tried It

Velotric Review – One of the Best-looking E-Bikes on the Market

If you’re looking for an e-bike that looks great and is packed with features, the Velotric Discover 1 is definitely worth checking out. It’s a premium quality commuter e-bike that’s affordable for everyone.

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Electric Revolution

Velotric Discover Commuter E-Bike

If you’re looking for something that’s just a very general start and eases up to speed and slows down easy, this is a good bike for ya.

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Velotric Discover 1 Electric Bike Review: Accessibly Built, Attractively Priced

The Velotric Discover 1 is now my second favorite bike that I’ve tested over the past five years, and it was honestly difficult to come up with any cons at this price point.

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Review Geek

Velotric Discover 1 E-Bike Review: An Affordable, Comfortable Cruiser

So, does the Discover 1 deliver on Velotric’s promise of being a premium and comfortable commuter e-bike that’s affordable and easy to use? Yes!

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Electric Bike Report

Velotric Discover 1 Review 2022

The Velotric Discover 1 ended up being a solid Class 2 e-bike that blurred the lines between casual cruiser and big-city commuter. It did seem to struggle a bit on the steeper hill climbs.

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Ebike Escape

Velotric Discover 1 Full Review | First Look at an E-Bike Launched on Indiegogo

At this price point, the bike definitely stands out. This e-bike is definitely made for comfort.

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ALL Electric ⚡️

Best Commuter E-Bike? | Velotric Discover | Ebike Review

From zero, you do have use of the throttle.

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Live Review: Velotric Discover 1 in Mango

All in all, it wasn’t a bad bike at all. It was smooth, it was comfortable.

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Antonio Sanson

Best E-Bike for Commuting | Velotric Discover 1 Electric Bike Review

I think this does a great job fitting me and supporting me, ergonomically. I think this is a great brand and a good choice.

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E-Bike Ski Bum

100 Miles on 1 Battery Charge – Velotric Discover 1 E-Bike

There we go, 100 miles! 100 miles on one battery charge.

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The Longest Range E-bike in Class – 2022 Velotric Discover 1

So in summary, the Velotric Discover 1 exceeded all of my expectations, especially when it came to range.

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The Velotric E–Bike Is a Good Budget Bike for a Fair Price

My overall thought on this bike is that it’s a very good-looking, kind of cool, unique bike.

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The Khan Life

The Best New E-Bike? Velotric Discover 1 – Unboxing, Review & Test Ride

The bike did really well on all types of terrain. Very easy to ride in comfort without any strain.

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My New E-bike Is a Beast – 2022 ⚡️Velotric Discover 1⚡️

This thing is a hill killer.

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Josh Quiñonez

The New Velotric Discover 1 E-Bike

I do wish that it could go a little bit faster than just 20 miles per hour.

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Rebecca Brand

Best E-Bike 2022 – Touring Santa Barbara, California – Velotric Step-Thru Review: All-Terrain Electric

I felt like it was very lightweight and functional and not too bulky.

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Cycle Volta

Velotric Discover 1 Review

The Discover 1 is best for commuters hauling light loads, and suburban folks commuting longer distances on bike paths into the city for work.

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The Next Web

Velotric Discover 1 Review: A Premium-feeling E-Bike at a Not-so-Premium Price

The Discover 1’s spec sheet doesn’t do much to differentiate it from the competition.

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Mountain Weekly News

The Velotric Discover 1 E-Bike Review

The Velotric Discover 1 is a similar setup to the popular Ride1Up LMT’D e-bike, but costs a lot less.

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This May Be the Best E-bike for Under $1,400

It has all of the features and might of a much pricier model. And it’s a lot of fun.

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The Gadgeteer

Velotric Discovery 1 E-Bike Review – Bicycle Riding Doesn’t Have To Be Hard Anymore

I love the Velotric Discovery 1 e-bike and would recommend to it anyone who needs a little help getting around town.

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