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Release Year
Charge Time
6, 8 Hours
Maximum Range
80 Miles
Top Speed
30 mph
2000 W
104 Nm
Volts and Amp Hours
50.4V 41.67Ah,
50.4V 61.51Ah
Wheel Size
Gearing Type
140.2, 151.2, 144.6, 155.6 lb
Frame Material

Summary of Reviews

We have read all expert and user reviews on the UBCO 2x2. In summary, this is what cyclists think.

26 reasons to buy

  • UBCO’s 2x2 can carry a 330 lb payload, including rider and cargo.
  • With a motor in each wheel, the 2x2’s traction is increased on wet surfaces.
  • The 2x2 Adventure is road-legal and ready to be registered for urban use.
  • With no gears, the 2x2 is easy to ride, even for novices.
  • Range-anxiety is annihilated by the 2x2’s 80-mile potential, from one charge.
  • The 2x2 Adventure’s handling and ride quality is said to be great on and off-road.
  • An impressive 90Nm of torque is delivered by each of the 2x2’s motors.
  • The UBCO 2x2’s trellis frame incorporates sturdy front and rear racks.
  • The 2x2 features a steering lock and lockable battery.
  • If owners opt-in, they can track and trace their 2x2 using GPS location.
  • The 2x2 Adventure is equipped with bright, integrated front and rear lights, in addition to brake, number plate and directional lights.
  • The 2x2’s battery is positioned low to provide a stable center of gravity.
  • 2x2 models are lightweight for a motorbike, starting at 140.2lb.
  • The 2x2’s near-silent motor makes it well-suited to hunting and herding.
  • Reviewers said the 2x2 felt very sturdy, loaded-up, or empty.
  • The 2x2’s regenerative brakes conserve battery power.
  • UBCO’s app gives 2x2 riders detailed information on settings, motor temperature, brake usage and GPS tracking.
  • The 2x2’s Tektro hydraulic disc brakes prove plenty powerful.
  • The 2x2 is furnished with a 12-month warranty on the bike and accessories, in addition to a 24-month warranty on the power supply.
  • A small trailer can be hooked up to the 2x2, for towing hunted prey or cargo.
  • The 2x2’s battery features a 12V outlet and USB ports to power tools and devices.
  • The 2x2’s LED display shows battery level, speed, trip distance and warning or error messages.
  • The 2x2 has no clutch or drivetrain, making maintenance and operation simple.
  • The 2x2’s 130mm front and 120mm rear suspension handles urban riding with ease.
  • The 2x2 is fitted with a sturdy, stable and well-placed kickstand.
  • The 2x2 uses a 10 amp charger that reaches full charge in 6 to 8 hours.

5 reasons not to buy

  • Some reviewers saw the 2x2 as expensive.
  • With 2.4kWh or 3.2hp of power, some reviewers said the 2x2 felt ‘underwhelming’.
  • Under offroad use, one reviewer said the 2x2’s suspension was easily “overwhelmed”.
  • One owner experienced faults with the 2x2’s display and clock.
  • The same owner complained of poor communication from UBCO.

Bottom line

The UBCO 2x2 is a lightweight electric motorbike fitted with a hub motor in either wheel. UBCO stands for ‘Utility Bike Company’ so you can expect the 2x2 to be a practical machine. The bike comes in two sub-models: ‘Adventure’ and ‘Work’. The Adventure model is road-registerable and comes fitted with a digital display, horn and turn signals. Its tires are suited to pavement and dirt. The bike comes with an app that offers additional settings and readouts for motor temperatures and regenerative brake usage. It isn’t intended for thrashing, but is more of a steady ride. The 2x2 is generally seen as a well-thought-out and cleverly designed bike that can haul cargo and work a farm or ranch. The estimated cost of charging to full power is less than 73¢. Battery capacities are available in 2.1kWh and 3.1kWh options.

Expert Reviews

70/100 based on 1 rated expert review
Digital Trends

UBCO 2×2 Review: Mountain Goat

The 2×2’s goal is to provide an easy ride for people who want to explore the joys of motorcycling freedom without the hassle of a motorcycle endorsement… you’ll be hard-pressed to find anything with its mix of two-wheel drive, moped classification, and range…

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UBCO 2×2 – Electric Bike Workhorse

It’s well built, stout, useful, and smartly designed… It is street-legal. It has turn signals, lights, it has a horn… The motors heat up and the power’s dipping on me… obviously this is not a dirt-bike, it’s not meant to be shredding… The price makes perfect sense.

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Electric Cycle Rider

Ode to the Honda CT-90 | UBCO 2×2 Electric Motorcycle

There is a very interesting option, if you want all the great attributes of the Honda CT-90 but in an electric platform. It’s the UBCO 2×2… it weighs less than the CT-90… it’s got the same step-through frame style… this thing is really quiet… It’s got ample storage and tie-down options… I feel like I’m riding a Honda CT-90 but just one from the future.

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Rarefied Road

UBCO 2X2 Electric Bike | First Ride Review

I don’t think anyone’s really paying that much attention to the specs. It’s not really competing with anything. I can’t personally think of anything to compare it to, so it only really had one expectation to live up to for me and that was to be fun and I have to say, “box tick”. It is fun… such grace, such poise, like a mountain goat.

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Australian 4W Driver

10 Things You Want to Know About UBCO 2×2 5th Generation

The thing to remember about these bikes is that they aren’t a dirt-bike replacement. That’s not what they’re for. It’s all in the name. UBCO bike, Utility Bike Company. These are ‘utility bikes’… They’re easy to learn to ride because there’re no gears, the brakes are like a normal bike and they’ve got a very low center-of-gravity. I taught my 12-year-old to ride this bike in about 15 minutes.

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Go Rich Go

UBCO 2X2 Test Ride, Review, and Interview with UBCO US CEO

This thing is fast, it’s quick. It’s got the torque, it’s right away, it’s right there. Suspension’s really good. This thing is tons of fun. I love this bike. If you’re thinking of an UBCO 2×2, I recommend it.

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Dirt N Iron

UBCO 2×2 Electric Utility Bike – Honest Review

I had it for a month and I’ve been riding it almost every day… The price tag is ‘up there’… so you have to be that kind of person that likes electric stuff… oriented to clean types of transportation so, if you’re that kind of person, check this thing out.

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Darryl Talks About New Zealand

UBCO 2×2 Utility Bike 2WD Review

We tried to go up a real steep bank and we found that the bike just ran out of power… when you’re just driving it normally on the kinds of normal things any normal person would ride it on, it was completely fine… Suspension was really nice. It was really comfortable, seat was comfortable.

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At Your Leisure

UBCO 2×2 Ebike Review

“They talk about the center of gravity being quite a bit lower on this. Do you notice that?”
“Yeah. It took a minute to get used to but once I did I think it’s just easier to maneuver.”

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Cycle Volta

Ubco 2X2 First Ride Review

On the street, the 2X2 jumps away from stops with ease and achieves its governed 30-mph top speed at a rate that would keep you from becoming a speed bump in town… It also had plenty of pep when hitting the trail, achieving speeds and acceleration that were entertaining, though nowhere near motorcycle levels… Time and time again we were asked, “What is that?” And a handful of one-word replies do the best here: cool, useful, versatile, and fun.

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UBCO 2×2 Adventure Bike Review: Utility That Shreds

I was determined to reach the top speed of 30 miles per hour right away. I did, and it was … pretty sick. I’m not supposed to gush, but man! It’s a sweet ride… I ran it at full speed on the grass, swerving between trees, flying over roots and rocks, doing doughnuts in the field. It was good fun and I felt completely in control of the vehicle… And for the adventurer — the person who just wants to ride something sweet on- and off-road, out of the city and into the wilderness — this is also a great consumer ride that will last you quite a while.

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Fishing and Outdoors

NZ-Made: UBCO 2×2

When loaded up with some gear to pack the combined weight up to 350lb, it still performed well… It’s a neat bit of kit for hunting, on the farm, lifestyle block, or popping on the back of a ute to go and explore some nearby bush or beach. Being environmentally friendly with no oil or fuel required is a major drawcard… While it’s priced at the top end of the two-wheeler market, it’s definitely worth considering, thanks to its ongoing cost efficiencies, low maintenance, and useability.

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UBCO 2×2 Off-Road Electric Bike Review

For the uninitiated, ag bikes are traditionally sturdy, noisy, capable, athletic and fun. The UBCO is all those except noisy… It’s 140lb and, including rider, can haul 330lb… Above all, it is the two-wheel-drive that makes it very stable to ride and reluctant to slide when turning in wet or poor-traction conditions. That obviously has significant safety benefits.

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Review: UBCO 2×2 Electric Bike

The quiet performance comes into its own for evening rounds or when moving around ewes and lambs. Then there’s the fact a small trailer could be hooked up to the UBCO – ideal for a heading dog on the back or for a useful and versatile hunting vehicle in the bush with enough trailer load for taking home the literal bacon.

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Now, Something Totally Different: Riding the UBCO 2×2 Electric Trail Bike

…the UBCO would make a good little grocery-getter or pizza-delivery vehicle in dense urban settings… although it’s got two-wheel drive going for it, it’s got small wheels, low ground clearance, minimal suspension travel, and low power working against it. But, if all you want to do is ride up a muddy farm track, explore a fire road, or patrol a campground, those are all assignments it can handle with aplomb.

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Review: UBCO’s Electric Two Wheel Drive Bikes Prove Viable Alternative to Petrol Power

The Work is a bare bones, no frills bike, designed specifically for off-road farming duties… The Adventure is a hybrid version, happy enough off-road, but with the necessary homologation for road use… on tarmac is where the differences between tyre choices became apparent, with the Adventure being composed throughout, while the Work could get a little squirmy if the surface was wet or greasy… Even for novice riders, the bikes are easy to handle.

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New Zealand Military Battle-Lab Tests UBCO 2WD E-Motorcycle

There is a governor that imposes a 30 mph limit, so no movie-style chase scenes for these camo-clad Kiwis, but speed is not meant to be this bike’s strong suit. Instead, it’s about the tractability afforded by a 2WD motorcycle that lets a rider make very controlled – and silent – maneuvers.

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Adventure Motorcycling Handbook

Electric, 2×2 and Riding UBCO’s Utility Bike

Even with my weight, I found what looks like basic suspension well suited to the bike’s speed potential and the terrain we rode. It’s operation never intruded on my ride and it never bottomed out… the lack of gear changing or fear of stalling really frees the mind to deal with other things, meaning you can ride more smoothly and have more fun doing so.

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Farmers Weekly

On Test: Can UBCO’s Electric Bike Compete With ATVs?

Ubco’s electric bike is nippy and fun, but it’s difficult to think of a way to justify its juicy price tag… However, if you have a few quid to burn and want to scoot around the farm in a civilized fashion then buy one. It’s great fun.

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