Takara Sugiyama

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Summary of Reviews

We have read all expert and user reviews on this bike. In summary, this is what cyclists think.

13 reasons to buy

  • The low price of the Sugiyama was seen as a sign of good value.
  • While husky, the hi-tensile steel frame was said to be “solid”.
  • Buyers lauded the Sugiyama’s handling abilities.
  • One owner said that this was a fast bike.
  • Owners felt that the Sugiyama looked “fabulous” and “simply beautiful”.
  • Wide 38c tires helped cushion the impact of rough streets.
  • Large sizes fit taller riders, including one 6’5” rider.
  • One owner deemed this rig to be “amazingly light”.
  • A couple of riders commented on how quiet this bike was.
  • Customers felt that theft wasn’t a concern with such a budget ride.
  • Buyers found this bike’s saddle to be comfortable.
  • The Sugiyama’s handlebars were also described as comfortable.
  • Buyers were able to assemble this bike in 30 minutes to 2 hours.

13 reasons not to buy

  • Riders were scared by stems shaking loose while riding.
  • A few buyers were unable to tighten handlebars, which continually came loose.
  • One owner’s bottom bracket stripped out after ten rides.
  • Brakes were underpowered.
  • Squashed tubing stopped a buyer from inserting their seatpole, on a new bike.
  • Tubes were low quality and often didn’t hold air.
  • Screw threads were stripped on some new bikes.
  • One rider received a twisted, misaligned frame on a new bike.
  • Wheels could be very untrue and lack tension, from new.
  • Toe overlap was an issue with the Sugiyama.
  • A rider’s sprocket was popping and clicking, before needing replacing.
  • A rider’s sprocket was popping and clicking, before needing replacing.
  • For a single-speed, the Sugiyama was very heavy.

Bottom line

The best reason to buy the Sugiyama is its very low price. However, it was plagued by problems with componentry, frame construction and safe operation. Amending these issues will add to buyer costs. Riders didn’t recommend using the Sugiyama in fixed gear mode, as it didn’t seem robust enough to stand up to the forces of skid-stopping. It’s also very heavy. On the upside, some buyers noted that it was so cheap and easy to replace, that theft became a distant concern.

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