Ride1UP Roadster v2

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Release Year
Charge Time
4 Hours
Maximum Range
30 Miles
Top Speed
24 mph
350 W
40 Nm
Volts and Amp Hours
36V 7Ah
Wheel Size
Number of Gears
Gearing Type
33 lb
Frame Material

Summary of Reviews

We have read all expert and user reviews on the Ride1UP Roadster v2. In summary, this is what cyclists think.

16 reasons to buy

  • Buyers can choose a road-focused build with rim brakes and 28mm tires or a Gravel build with disc brakes and 42mm gravel tires.
  • Testers say the Roadster carries them up hills “effortlessly” and “with surprising gusto.”
  • At 33 lb, reviewers praise the Roadster’s low weight.
  • With its concealed components and sleek lines, experts remarked that the Roadster v2 passes for a regular, non-electric bike.
  • Reviewers describe the Roadster v2 as an inexpensive option for an urban commuter.
  • Experts find the Roadster v2 to be an easy, fun, and “zippy” bike to ride, even with the motor off.
  • Testers are pleased with Tektro mechanical disc brakes fitted to the Roadster v2 Gravel edition.
  • The Roadster v2 is available in 4 colors.
  • Reviewers like the Roadster v2’s clean and quiet belt-drive. The Gravel Edition uses Gates Carbon.
  • An expert describes the Roadster v2’s pedal assist as “smooth” and “powerful”.
  • The Roadster v2’s single-speed drivetrain is simple and low-maintenance.
  • Testers feel reassured by the bike’s 30 -mile maximum range.
  • Riders and reviewers are delighted by the comfortable, upright riding position.
  • Owners are pleased the Roadster v2 features eyelets to attach a rack or fenders.
  • Ride1UP offers buyers a 1-year warranty against manufacturer defects and a 30-day return window to try out the Roadster v2.
  • Testers are pleased with the compact size and ease-of-use of the LCD display.

5 reasons not to buy

  • Reviewers say the LCD display can be difficult to read in direct sunlight.
  • Experts report the Roadster v2 may struggle on steep hills, especially from a dead stop.
  • Testers say they would have more wet-weather-confidence with disc brakes, in place of the rim brakes fitted to the standard Roadster v2.
  • Ride1Up confirms the Roadster’s battery is not designed for frequent removal.
  • Some reviewers report a noticeable delay in the engagement of the Roadster v2’s pedal-assist.

Bottom line

Ride1Up’s Roadster v2 is lightweight, low-cost and lithe. With a single-speed belt-drive, maintenance is minimal. But this simplicity can also be limiting, especially when climbing steep hills from a dead stop. The standard build is shod with slick tires and caliper brakes. The new Gravel Edition sports knobby 42c tires, mechanical disc brakes, and a Gates Carbon belt. It doesn’t look like an e-bike and the battery can’t be easily removed, making it less attractive to thieves.

Expert Reviews

82/100 based on 6 rated expert reviews
Trail & Kale

Review: The Commuter E-Bike That Zips Under the Radar

This is a stealth commuter e-bike. It holds battery charge well, is very responsive, easy to use, lightweight, and a lot of fun to ride. It can provide a challenge when an uphill gradient surpasses 10% or so.

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Electric Revolution

Ride1Up v2 Roadster Electric Road Bike Review

So overall, my favorite feature with the v2 was the range on that third pedal assist level. If it gets close to or over 20 miles, that’s a pretty good range, in my opinion. Flat terrain only.

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Electric Bike Report

Ride1Up Roadster v2 Review 2022

A value-priced, stealthy commuter e-bike. Our testers agree this is a bike rider’s e-bike, perfect for someone in an urban environment that needs a great looking e-bike to cover a relatively short distance fast.

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Cycling Weekly

Ride1Up Roadster v2 E-Bike Review

This bike represents good value. As long as you don’t leave yourself with a flat battery and a big hill to go up, the Ride1Up Roadster v2 represents one of the biggest doses of good, clean fun you’re likely to find.

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Tom's Guide

Ride1Up Roadster v2 Review

The Roadster v2 is a fun and zippy ride for commuting on flat and rolling terrain. It feels largely like a non-motorized bike. Plenty of assist-power and battery life. It’s light too. On top of all that, it’s quite affordable.

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Ride1Up Roadster v2 Review: A City Slicking Bike Made to Dazzle

It’s absolutely beautiful. Packing in as much motor power and battery as some of its competition. Some higher-quality parts for the price. Plenty of speed and decent range. In the right settings, it’s an excellent bike and a killer value.

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Ride1Up Roadster v2 Gravel Edition Review: The Best Low-Cost Electric Gravel Bike Out There. Period

An awesome, low-cost entry into the gravel e-bike world. What you do get is a nicely made, lightweight, and surprisingly peppy electric gravel bike that is just as fun on the road as it is off it.

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Ebike Escape

Ride1Up Roadster v2 Review – An E-Bike for the Single-Speed Crowd

The Roadster v2 will appeal most to the kind of rider who wants the benefits of an e-bike – increased range and speed – without feeling like the bike is doing the work for them.

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No One Tells You This Stuff About E-Bikes

This Ride1Up Roadster v2 came with a belt-drive with a really big 64t ring and a 20t in the rear: crazy-high gear-inches. It was too much for me to handle so I’ve swapped it to a 42/16 which makes the bike that much nicer to actually pedal.

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Ride1Up Roadster v2 Review: The Belt-Drive Electric Bike You Need to Know About

The Ride1Up Roadster v2 e-bike is so nicely designed that you almost don’t even realize it is an electric bike at first.

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Magnetic Mag

The Ride1Up Roadster v2 Is The Perfect E-Bike for Urban Cruising

A solid value for the quality of bike you are getting. This model can manage a more aggressive seating position than your typical e-bike cruiser.

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Review: Ride1Up Roadster v2 Belt Drive E-Bike

This thing is downright dainty. It’s got enough chooch to get you where you’re going. The battery kind of limits the appeal to daily groceries and short errands. I would recommend the Ride1UP Roadster.

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2022 Ride1Up Roadster v2 Gravel

I’m getting assist up to about 22 mph so it’s more like a Class 1, rather than a Class 3, but it is stated as a Class 3. If you get up out of the saddle and start pumping you will make it up the hill.

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Ride1UP Roadster 2.0 // Beach Ride and Review

A product that is fun, easily maintained, gives you a lot of confidence in getting back out onto the road.

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Electrified Reviews

Ride1Up Roadster v2 Electric Bike Review: The Best Belt Drive Under

The Ride1Up Roadster v2 electric bike feels like a good choice for those riders who love fixies, belt drives, stealth e-bikes and don’t want to break the bank.

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Ride1Up Roadster v2 | Belt Drive 36V 350W E-Bike with Hidden Battery

The top speed cap is around 28 mph. After that, my pedaling is useless. So, a usable 22 mph – constant. Those Tektro brakes, more than enough to stop this 33-34 lb bike at speed.

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Ride1Up Roadster v2 – The Lightest E-Bike We’ve Ever Reviewed!

We love the Ride1Up Roadster because of its exceptional styling, its impressive ride performance, and the quality of the components you receive for under $____, which we have to endorse as an exceptional value.

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Ride1UP Speed-Test and Accessories I Have Added

23 mph is about the most I could do up this slight incline. There’s no way I can do more than 24 mph. In level 5, seems like 22 mph is pretty average. I’m very, very happy with this… very, very happy.

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Ride1Up Roadster v2 After 280 Miles. A Short Review

Everything is great, everything’s been working fine. I’m very, very happy with the bike and i would highly recommend it to anyone. It’s very, very lightweight. It’s kind of hard to pedal without the assist. It’s a very efficient bike.

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Roadster v2 Review

I live in a hilly area so my range has been about 16 to 18 miles on a charge, so it doesn’t take the place of a regular bicycle but for around town, it’s fine.

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Roadster v2, 2nd Purchase, New for 2022

It was very well-packed and really easy to assemble. All I had to do was install the pedals and the front wheel, inflate the tires, install the handlebars, and true the wheels a little. I also had to adjust the front wheel bearings.

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Tested: Ride1Up Roadster v2

A solid value for riders. While it certainly cuts some corners to hit that price point, the Roadster can still be an excellent bike for folks that don’t need to carry lots of bags up and down a big hill all day.

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Cycle Volta

Ride1Up Roadster v2 E-Bike Review

This bike could be a welcome addition to most homes. The exception is for riders who ride really hilly areas. But that goes for most singlespeeds. If it’s bright and you’re wearing sunnies, it’s very difficult to see the display.

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The Next Web

Hands-On: Ride1Up’s Roadster v2 Is a Stealth E-Bike That Weighs Just 35 lb

I marvel at the light weight. It’s one of the rare e-bikes you can actually hang up on a wall, and you can reasonably carry up to a walk-up apartment or down to a subway. It just looks nice as a bike too.

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Charles & Hudson

Ride1Up Electric Bicycles Will Have You Smiling From Ear To Ear

Some electric bikes are simply smaller electric motorcycles. While that can be fun, I wanted a more pure electric bicycle riding experience, which can only be found on a pedal-assist bike, like the Roadster v2.

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