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Release Year
Wheel Size
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35.50, 35 lb
Brake Type
Frame Material

Summary of Reviews

We have read all expert and user reviews on the Surly Ice Cream Truck. In summary, this is what cyclists think.

19 reasons to buy

  • Experts and amateurs alike, were impressed by the Ice Cream Truck’s strong climbing ability.
  • Experts said this fatbike handled like a trail bike and cornered well under heavy bikepacking loads.
  • Whether it be rocks, roots or branches,the Ice Cream Truck was able to roll over most minor obstacles.
  • The Ice Cream Truck opened up wide terrain choices; in snow, sand, sludge or anywhere you care to go.
  • This beast was resilient, handling 2 to 3 foot drops under expert testing.
  • Absolute monster tire clearance allows for 5” tires!
  • With intentionally aggressive geometry, the Ice Cream Truck was fast, especially on downhills.
  • Hydraulic Tektro disc brakes provided more-than-adequate stopping power.
  • Like a husky ballerina, she was both hefty and nimble enough for manuals and air.
  • Double-butted 4130 Chromoly steel tubing was strong and stiff on both climbs and descents.
  • This steed’s frame features an ED (electrophoretic deposition) coating to resist rust.
  • The versatility of the rear 12mm thru-axle and rear-facing horizontal droputs, allow for a direct-mount derailleur hanger, 190mm quick-release or singlespeed setup.
  • She’s festooned with fittins; plenty of eyelets and braze-ons for all kinds of racks, fenders, bags etc.
  • The Bud & Lou 4.8” tire combination was lauded; with Bud up front cutting through soft terrain while Lou in the rear, was high on traction. They proved good and grippy for sand, snow & loose trails.
  • Surly listened to criticism and widened the handlebar from 710 (on early models) to 780mm.
  • Many reviewers though the stock fork was great and felt no craving for suspension.
  • Owners loved Surly’s sparkling color options in lurid greens, pinks and blues.
  • Experts said geometry was ‘nailed’ for climbs and descents.
  • A clutched rear derailleur eliminated chain-slap.

3 reasons not to buy

  • It’s heavy. For fatbike or snow-racing, a weight-loss regimen was recommended.
  • One bikepacking expert said the top-tube may be too low, giving a front triangle that was undersized for frame bags.
  • One expert found the rear through-axle to be somewhat ‘clunky’.

Bottom line

Surly instigated the fatbike trend. The Ice Cream Truck is one of the most recent iterations of the company’s evolution, sporting a more aggressive geometry for improved climbing and an increased ability on trails. It was heavier than some carbon-based fatbikes, but given the clearance for 5” tires, the Ice Cream Truck was able to transcend most obstacles set before it. Many owners used this rig for more than just ‘traditional fatbiking’, enjoying its ability as a long-distance bikepacker and even as an all-round ride. For serious winter racing, experts recommended weight-reduction via carbon rims and a tubeless setup. It was well-loved with the stock rigid fork, or when coupled with fatbike-specific RockShox Bluto suspension.

Expert Reviews

90/100 based on 4 rated expert reviews

2019 Surly Ice Cream Truck Review

If I was looking for a new bike, the 2019 Ice Cream Truck would be at the top of my list. Whether you’re looking for a fatty to shred the gnar, grind out some miles, ride the marbles, or hit the groomers when the snow flies, the ICT is ready to play whatever role you need it to.

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Mountain Weekly News

Surly Ice Cream Truck Fat Bike Review

The Ice Cream Truck is as solid as your PE coach, yet flexible and nimble like your French teacher.

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Surly Ice Cream Truck 2018 Review

The Surly Ice Cream Truck is a steel fat bike with a trail bike attitude.

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Surly Ice Cream Truck Review

A go-anywhere, do-anything fat bike worthy of weekend or weeklong adventures.

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Mountain Biking UK

Matt Orton’s Surly Ice Cream Truck Ops Long-term Test Fatbike

It’s pretty safe to say that fat bikes don’t fly and one of the scariest things in the world is seeing one flying at you when you come off it at speed. I overcooked it, cocked it up and realized that I don’t really know how to jump.

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Simon Kear

Ice Cream Truck First Ride Review

Ride-wise, she just blows me away. If I knew how this bike rode back in the day, I’d of had this from the start, just classed everything as one bike.

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Surly Ice Cream Truck Ops Review: Five Fun Days

When loaded with standard bags and modest bikepacking weight, Surly’s Ice Cream Truck is a pleasure to pedal… It’s a capable and flat out fun bike.

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Surly Ice Cream Truck Ops Fat Bike – Long-Term MBUK Test

Its comfort and responsiveness mean it’ll be welcomed back for bikepacking and XC adventures.

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The Radavist

Six Months with the Surly Ice Cream Truck: A Three-Season Review

You know that feeling of being one with a bike, riding it everywhere without worrying whether it’s perfect for the application? I’m there with the Ice Cream Truck.

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Surly Ice Cream Truck Fat Bike

In my short time on the Ice Cream Truck, I found it to be extremely nimble… What does it weigh? I don’t know. But I think if you’re asking that question you’re looking at the wrong bike.

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First Date: Surly Ice Cream Truck

On sand, whether hard packed or soft, I can’t think of any other fat bike I’ve ridden that can beat it. On jagged rocks and seaweed-strewn rock, I found myself searching out the hardest, most technical lines. Do I want one? Hell yeah!

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Long Termer: Surly Ice Cream Truck

…the bike is an assault on the senses for pretty much everyone who sees it for the first time, drawing everything from admiring comments to involuntary exclamations of “WTF?” , to my eyes it just looks right.

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Long Term Test: Surly Ice Cream Truck – Part 2

Further big rides have led me to being increasingly convinced that this could be the best climbing bike I have ever ridden… it saw me still riding while my mates with 1x set ups were long since off and pushing.

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Long Termer: Surly Ice Cream Truck – Part 3

The drivetrain continues to run smoothly after well over 1500 miles of use. The XT clutch rear mech shows no visible signs of wear…and the front SLX derailleur and shift levers continue to function faultlessly.

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Surly Ice Cream Truck Long Term Review No 4 – Time To Give It Back

It’s not a bike for everybody but if you are open to it, don’t be surprised if you succumb to its charms … It is without doubt the best bike I have ever had the pleasure of riding. I love it!

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The Surly Ice Cream Truck Lands in Australia!

Slacker angles and stiffer everything mean that the Ice Cream Truck is a trail fatbike perfectly at home bombing your snowy trail, your sandstone Moabness, your Endor-like pine forest trails, or your local garbage heap.

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