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12, 10, 20
29.80 lbs
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Summary of Reviews

We have read all expert and user reviews on the Surly Bridge Club. In summary, this is what cyclists think.

16 reasons to buy

  • It’s a long-distance hauler that also performs well when bombing MTB trails.
  • The Bridge Club was affordable, but still very reliable and well kit-out.
  • Five frame sizes offer something for most heights of rider.
  • Handling was lively and spirited on trails.
  • ED (Electro-Deposition) coating on the frame fended off corrosion.
  • This rig served all-weather commuters, whilst hauling shopping and supplies.
  • WTB Riddler tires provided maximal traction and speed, reassuring on corners.
  • The 2x10 SRAM drivetrain offered a capable gear range, in varying situations.
  • The Salsa Bend handlebar had a comfortable 17-degree backsweep.
  • Irreverent colors include ‘Diving-Board’, ‘Grandma’s Lipstick’, and ‘Illegal Smile’.
  • The rigid frame’s main triangle sports ample room for a large frame-bag.
  • A great number of eyelets cater for bottles and cargo aplenty.
  • Promax brakes performed well for some, though pad adjustment was tricky.
  • Tektro M275 hydraulic brakes struck one reviewer as superior to other brands.
  • Drivetrain components lasted a winter of riding, without any concerns.
  • WTB rims were tubeless compatible, even though tires weren’t.

4 reasons not to buy

  • For commuting and city use, slicker tire alternatives were recommended.
  • Promax brakes were underwhelming and noisy for one reviewer.
  • Some testers would have preferred sealed hub bearings, over cup and cones.
  • A straight 1-⅛” steerer and non-suspension corrected frame limits fork replacement options.

Bottom line

The Bridge Club sheds a number of the ‘frills’ that feature on more expensive Surly touring bikes. In doing so, it cuts down the cost significantly. Even with these simplifications, testers and owners found the Bridge Club to be very versatile. It’s definitely at home hauling weight, on long treks or commutes. At the same time, reviewers described it as ‘confidence-inspiring’ on trails, urging you to push it when unladen. The 700c version was popular with commuters. A corrosion-resistant chromoly-steel frame comes festooned with braze-on mount points for more luggage than you could poke a rack at. Some compromises were made (ie cup and cone hub bearings were serviceable, but sealed bearings may be better for the average rider). But all-in-all, reviewers and owners alike were delighted with the practicality and versatility of this rig.

Expert Reviews

80/100 based on 2 expert reviews

Surly Bridge Club Long-Term Review

I appreciate simplicity and multi-use wherever possible, so it’s no wonder that I was drawn to this bike, which essentially bridges the gap between paved and off-road exploration.

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Surly Bridge Club

…we took the Bridge Club on city centre roads, tow paths, gravel tracks and Peak District single track descents… The Bridge Club took them all in it’s stride with no cause for complaint.

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The Psychic Derailleur

Bridge Club vs Clem Smith Jr

If you do find that you like to “play” a little more on the bike, the Surly may be a better fit.

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Surly Bridge Club Review: Versatility and Inclusivity

…can handle almost anything… general riding, dirt road touring, mellow bikepacking… far more inclusive, cost-wise, than almost anything else of a comparable calibre… there’s absolutely nothing I’d rush to upgrade…

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Adventure Cycling

Road Test: Surly Bridge Club

…budget bikes are getting better all the time. Considering the Bridge Club’s capability and versatility, I’d call it a fair price. The Surly Bridge Club is a great little bike. Don’t overthink it.

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