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205 Lumens
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∞ Hours
3.88 oz
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Summary of Reviews

We have read all expert and user reviews on the Supernova E3 Pro 2. In summary, this is what cyclists think.

14 reasons to buy

  • Owners have used the E3 Pro 2 over many years and tens of thousands of miles.
  • This light’s beam is steady over 5 mph and at maximum output by 8 mph.
  • The E3 Pro 2 attaches to your fork, brake mount or handlebar.
  • Supernova say the E3 Pro 2 is salt water-resistant.
  • At 3.88 oz, riders appreciate the light weight of the E3 Pro 2.
  • Supernova’s cut-out logo provides side visibility.
  • Testers praise the aesthetics of the E3 Pro 2’s aluminum case. It’s available in 8 different colors.
  • Supernova provides E3 Pro 2 owners with a 5-year warranty.
  • The E3 Pro 2’s ‘parking light’ stays on for 5 minutes, while the bike is stationary.
  • Testers have said the E3 Pro 2’s components are replaceable, enabling owners to rebuild this light.
  • The E3 Pro 2 connects and syncs with a Supernova taillight.
  • Experts note that cabling uses heat-shrink sleeving to provide waterproofing.
  • Cycle touring experts are blown away by Supernova’s prompt customer service.
  • The updated E3 Pro 2 features an on/off switch.

4 reasons not to buy

  • In line with German standards, the E3 Pro 2’s beam is cast downward. In some comparative group reviews of dynamo lights, its brightness was found wanting.
  • Some users mention moisture collecting in the housing.
  • Owners complain they can’t disassemble the E3 Pro 2 to repair or clean it.
  • Experts say the E3 Pro 2 must be paired with a Supernova brand taillight.

Bottom line

Supernova’s E3 Pro 2 is designed to be powered by a dynamo hub, so it’s recharged whenever you pedal and never runs out of ‘battery’. It’s lightweight, attractive, and hard-wearing, although some users say moisture accumulated over time. Owners have toured for years with this light. Some folk question Supernova’s specs. One tester told of Supernova sending them out a replacement light as they toured through Azerbaijan!

Expert Reviews

89/100 based on 2 rated expert reviews

Supernova E3 Pro 2 Dynamo Front Light

This is about as good as it gets. A well-built, rebuildable unit with a long warranty and near-perfect beam pattern and performance for road use. You’ll never have to worry about where your lights are, or whether they’re charged, ever again.

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Supernova E3 Pro 2 Bike Light Review [German]

Although the Supernova E3 Pro 2 doesn’t quite get a very good rating in the test, it’s still a good choice. The “made in Germany” seal alone guarantees quality construction.

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Adam Watkins

My Audax Dynamo Light Setup

When you’re on a big ride at night, you’ve got a lot of hours of darkness and sometimes battery lights won’t last long enough, so I got myself a dynamo. It’s 1 year old, it’s done six to seven thousand miles. I don’t think it’s completely watertight, but it still works.

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James the Bike Guy

Dynamo Powered – Supernova E3 Pro 2 Headlight

This is a standard M5 mount which means that you’re actually going to be able to mount this to just about anything and you can adjust the multimount to be able to work with a whole bunch of different setups.

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Supernova E3 Pro With Terraflux Lens

Cycling About

Review: Supernova E3 Pro Dynamo Lights

Super bright wide beam, perfect for bicycle touring. Beautifully made and comes in nice colours! 100% waterproof. We believe that Supernova makes the best dynamo lighting systems around (especially the E3 Pro 2).

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Supernova E3 Pro 2 Dynamo Powered Headlight

The light fits nicely on my bike, it is very sturdy and well-built. The brightness is amazing! It is really good when you use this on your daily commute.

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Bicycles Network Australia

Review: Supernova E3 Pro Dynamo Light and Tail Light

Without a doubt, you can get a cheaper hub dynamo light. The Supernova E3 is, however, far superior to my cheaper Busch & Müller light. The Mercedes Benz of lighting options. It is the one to go for if you really mean business.

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W. Scholten

Supernova E3 Pro Stvzo Version, From 2010, Supposedly 305 Lumen

Excellent construction. No annoying artifacts. Weak illumination of the road at longer distances (25-45 m). Beam diverges too much. Wastes light where you don’t need it. Very weak standlight. Expensive.

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Positivo Espresso

LED Dynamo Light Reviews

The Supernova E3 Pro is my favorite. It’s much more expensive than the lights above. It is a thing of beauty, feels solid, and comes with either a handlebar mount or a “multimount”. I like the beam pattern.

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Randonneurs USA

Bike Light Shoot-Out

How would the Supernova stack up against Schmidt’s Edelux? Both mark a technological advance from the E6 lights that randonneurs have been using for years. The Edelux is the way to go. It’s lighter, it’s brighter – and it’s watertight.

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Headlights for Bikepackers & Ultra-Distance Cyclists

The Supernova is very bright, but I don’t like the narrow beam shape. One downside of using the Supernova front lights is that you can only use their matching taillights.

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Peter White Cycles

Headlight Beams

You can see that this beam is very tall, illuminating the road close as well as at a distance. The beam is also very wide.

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Well Rounded Bikes

Exploring Dynamo Light Options

The E3 Pro 2 has a horizontal cut-off. The advantage is twofold: 1) it prevents you from blinding oncoming traffic, and 2) distributes that extra light to the side. It is intended for road use. I have ridden with it and I did not like the beam pattern.

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W. Scholten

Bicycle Lighting, Mostly Powered via Dynamo, and USB Power From Dynamo

Nice beam, but only for low speed riding (say 20km/h at night, not 30 km/h) as throw is not far. I doubt any claims made by Supernova because of their behavior and nonsense claims about light output of their lamps. I don’t deal with this immoral company.

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W. Scholten

Headlamps With Cutoff for Dynamo

Good strong light beam to about 25 m. Weak at longer distances, so only good for low speed cycling. Very weak standlight, no automatic on/off, the multimount is good. Expensive. The housing is really what you pay for.

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W. Scholten

Updates on the Bicycle Lighting Review Pages

2014-02-05: Made a note of why I don’t want to do Supernova reviews. This is just in case it wasn’t clear from the various places where I mention their immoral behaviour (which hasn’t changed up to now).

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Taeve Supertramp

Front Headlight Upgrade [German]

To date, I’ve never had any problems with the light cone of the E3 Pro 2. But at higher speeds of 25 km/h, an obstacle is in front of you faster than I thought. I would estimate the headlight range to be around 10 to 13 meters.

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Lucas goes Bikepacking

10 Bicycle Lights in Review | The Best Lights for Bikepacking, Racing Bikes, MTB or Everyday Bikes [German]

Wonderful light cone, just mega. A really wonderful-looking lamp. The Supernova E3 Pro 2 is for people on extremely long tours where lights really suffer. If I went for half a year on a world trip, I would maybe grab the Supernova.

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Fahrradbeleuchtung Info

Test: Dynamo Bicycle Headlight [German]

Very robust metal housing. E3 Pro 2 has a switch. The E3 Pure 3 is a bit smaller but has no switch, so it’s always on.

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