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Light Type
Bike Type
Front/White: ~ 20,
Rear/Red: 50 Lumens
Battery Life
Eco Flash: 36+ Hours,
Flash: 11+ Hours,
Steady: 3+ Hours
21.5 oz
Water Resistance Level
IP Rating

Summary of Reviews

We have read all expert and user reviews on the Redshift Arclight. In summary, this is what cyclists think.

14 reasons to buy

  • Studies have shown that the Arclights' continuous motion increases lighting visibility in traffic.
  • Reviewers say that Arclights are impressively bright.
  • Runtimes impress testers, lasting as long as 36 hours on ‘Eco Flash’ mode.
  • With sealed bearings and a steel axle, testers praised the Arclights’ smooth action.
  • Arclight pedals use smart electronics and bicolor LEDs to ensure that your front-facing light is always white and your rear-facing light remains red.
  • Arclights feature 1x steady and 2x flashing light modes.
  • Light modules are removable and attach to Arclight pedals magnetically.
  • An included USB dock charges all 4 of the Arclights' light modules simultaneously.
  • Light is visible from the sides of Arclight pedals, providing lateral visibility.
  • An aftermarket Multi-Mount allows riders to mount the Arclights' modules on their handlebars, seatpost, helmet, or bag.
  • With an IP64 rating, Arclight pedals are both water and dust-resistant.
  • Upon powering up, Redshift’s Arclight pedals automatically activate in the mode you used for your last ride.
  • These pedals are activated by motion and deactivated after 30 seconds of motionlessness.
  • With a standard ⁹⁄₁₆” thread, Arclight pedals will fit most cranksets.

3 reasons not to buy

  • Reviewers and riders report that the Arclights’ low-profile ridges can become slippery in wet weather.
  • Experts and buyers note that these innovative pedals come at a high asking price.
  • Testers and users are aware of the Arclights’ substantial 1.3 lb total weight.

Bottom line

With their visibility enhanced by the Redshift Arclight pedals’ constant motion, testers say drivers gave them a wide berth. Many reviewers recommend using Arclight pedals in addition to regular handlebar and seatpost-mounted lights. Experts and users are impressed by their high-quality build. To some, the amount of grip on offer is underwhelming. Smart electronics ensure that your red light remains switched to the rear and your white light to the front! A truly innovative and high-quality component with a ‘not-low’ price to match.

Expert Reviews

86/100 based on 4 rated expert reviews
The Sweet Cyclists

Arclight Flat Pedals

Overall, we found the Redshift Sports Arclight flat pedals to be well designed and offer excellent safety. They combine a high-quality metal flat pedal with built-in traction lugs with slick COB LEDs.

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Redshift Arclight Bike Pedals

For those who don’t ride clipless I’d say the only reason not to buy these is the price. If you are a year-round commuter, though, the cost is worth it. The brightness is impressive.

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Do Your Pedals Make You Safer? The Redshift Arclight Pedals Can

Right now, if you want to add integrated lights to your pedals there is the Redshift Arclight and the Look Geo City Grip Vision. Of the two, Redshift offers a much easier-to-use product overall. The Look pedals have way more grip.

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Road Bike Rider

Redshift Sports Arclight Smart LED Bike Pedals Quick Review

The Redshift Arclight pedals’ bio-motion catches the attention of drivers, identifying you quickly as a cyclist. The smart technology used in these pedals makes it so you just turn them on and go for a ride.

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Big Bike BMX

Redshift Sports Arclight Pedals – Are They Good for BikeLife?

Now, last night I was doing wheelies the entire night, never had one of these slide out. These pedals keep me safe, they’re light, they’re not intrusive, they’re not something I have to think about because they auto-adjust.

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Electric Bike Review

Redshift Sports Arclight Pedals Review

I was really impressed. Yes, [they’re pricey] but safety can be worth a lot and I just feel like they’ve executed this really well.

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JayLo Cycling

Arclight Pedals by Redshift Sports Tested – Be Seen Stay Safe

So far, these Arclight pedals have been great. I highly recommend them. They make you much more visible and are comfortable to use. The pedal bearings feel smooth. A higher waterproof rating would give you one less thing to worry about.

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Redshift Arclight Pedals

I know quite a few of you use your gravel bike to commute and so during the week when you’re riding to work, you might pop these pedals on and on the weekend, when you’re getting a bit more gnarly, then you swap to your clippers or more grippy pedals.

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Ride With Roy

Give Yourself a Chance – Be Seen in the Dark!

They’d be brilliant for anybody going to and from work. They’re not cheap and that’s the whole point. When we consider how much we pay for a bike, it’s not very much money to help ensure our safety.

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Dirty Teeth MTB

My Favorite Lights for Bikepacking, MTB, and Everything Else. Hope It Brightens up Your Day :)

In a nutshell, these pedals make sure you’re visible. They’re constantly giving off 360° of light. They’re definitely rugged and ready for poor weather but also kind of heavy. They’re best suited for commuting and city riding.

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eBike Advocate

Arclight Pedals Review

When it’s moving, you can see these lights flashing. Cars will be able to see you, people will be able to see you. It’s a remarkable innovation. If you look at the nubs on here, they’re kind of rectangular and they work okay but they’re nowhere near as grippy as studs.

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Trent Siggard

Increase Your Visibility While Cycling | Redshift Arclight Pedals

They’ll stay on standby for, I think, about 12 hours so if you don’t touch your bike and you pick it up, maybe the next morning after waking up, your pedals will still automatically turn on without you having to think about it and I think that’s pretty cool.

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Cali Domestique

Arclight Pedal Review from Redshift Sports

The Arclight smart LED light module with a multi-mount is pretty neat. When it’s horizontal on your handlebars it’s going to be your front-facing light and if it’s on your seatpost it’s going to switch to your rear-facing safety light.

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ArcLight Bike Pedals // Illuminate Your Commute // Safety Product Review

Studies have shown that when you have lights with bio-motion you stand out to drivers something like 50% or 58% more than if your light was static. Now I have the entire floor mounted with lights, which is awesome. I got lights all over me.

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Redshift Arclight Bike Pedals With Smart LED Lights

I honestly didn’t expect them to be that bright. I thought I would only use them at night when I’m riding, but it looks like they are very bright even during the daytime, which is very great.

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Arclight LED Smart Pedals for Any Electric Bike

One hundred percent, they are awesome. The only thing I’m worried about is the actual grip. When you actually start going off-road or you go off some bad bumps or something like that, are your feet going to slide off or pop up?

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My Bike Pedals Are LIT | Redshift Arclight Pedals

Giving that 360° of illumination, I feel is very key. Now, they’re supposed to be rugged and weatherproof. Not waterproof, ‘weatherproof’. So they’re IP64 rated, doesn’t mean you should submerge them in water.

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Randy Rides

Arclight Pedals Review | Awesome E-Bike Accessory

You can hit this button with your foot too, which is kind of cool.

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Vapor Trail Channel

Redshift Arclight Pedals! Super73 Mod… or Nearly Any Bike

Yeah man, these are cool. If drivers see that steady tail light or headlight it’s not going to be the same thing as if they see that motion going.

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Detroit Love

Must See Accessory for Your Bike: Arclight by Redshift

I highly, highly recommend these. I like to be lit up, I have lights all over… I like to be seen and this addition on the pedals just adds to that ability to make sure that people see me on the road or the trail.

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Review: Arclight Pedals Light up the Night With Smart LED Technology

I found that the Arclight pedals worked just as advertised, providing plenty of visibility, and offering a stable, sturdy foot platform.

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Eric Hernandez

Redshift Arclight Smart LED Pedals Review
| The Best & Safest E-Bike Pedals!

We’ll go ahead and dip them in water. As you see: click them back in, good to go.

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Jeremiah Mcintosh

Redshift Arclight Pedals ~ My New Favorite E-Bike Accessory for Safety!

I think they’re well worth the money and definitely going to help you with safety at night. The lights shine in front, in the rear, and out from the side too, so that’s nice that drivers from the sides can see you.

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Arclight LED Pedals – E-Bike Accessory
– Must Have Accessory to Increase Visibility & Safety

I think they’re awesome. If you’re looking for an accessory that’s going to make you more visible and add to your safety then this is something I would recommend. They’re a little bit pricey.

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Fat Bike America

Redshift Sports: Arclight Pedals – Moro Bay State Park

Sport Life España

🚨 Redshift Arclight 🚨 We Tested the Magic Pedals [Spanish]

The pedals have different intermittent and fixed modes… When moving, they draw a lot of attention from following drivers. Attention is drawn by a moving luminous object.

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Maxx Bike SP

Redshift Arclight Pedals Review [Portuguese – with English Subtitles]

They’re mainly for city cyclists. This product is an excellent investment option for you to be able to pedal safely.

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Litoral Bike Ride

Pedals With Lights From Redshift / Arclight [Romanian]

To be seen in traffic better, I bought these pedals with included lights, which I say are worth the investment.

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Redshift Arclight 😮 Smart Bike Pedals / 4K Review [Polish]

Built-in LEDs in the pedals and smart at that. Here are Arclights from Redshift. They are made of strong aluminum, waterproof and will take care of our safety.

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Redshift Arclight Pedals Pros & Cons

After testing these pedals for a few weeks on our family e-bike, the increased visibility in low light to nighttime is better than any light we’ve ever tested. While we won’t be using these on our gravel bike any time soon, they are an outstanding product.

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The Accidental Randonneur

Upping Urban Visibility: The Redshift Sports Arclight System in Action

If it isn’t obvious yet, I think Redshift has a great product here. That’s backed up by how well it works in real-world riding. What I’m concerned about is the price.

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Review: Redshift Arclight Pedals Automatically Light Up to Be Safe and Get Seen!

I really did feel safer while using these pedals. I would for sure recommend them. I think you get a really well-thought-out, reasonably priced product. Redshift could further improve the pedals by adding some traction pins.

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Review: Redshift Arclight Smart LED Bicycle Pedals – Light-up Pedals for Commuters and Urban Riding

During testing, I came away with the distinct impression that motorists gave me more space while passing. The Arclight pedals aren’t cheap, and they don’t negate the need for a steady headlight, but they’re a worthy upgrade for any cyclist who wants to improve their visibility.

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Feed the Habit

Review: Redshift Sports Arclight Smart LED Pedals

With high-quality materials and great engineering, the Arclight Pedals promise many years of hard riding and high visibility. These pedals help me feel safer as a bicycle commuter.

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LED Pedals for Plenty of Light on Your Feet [German]

The Redshift Arclight pedals are convincing in initial tests, across the board, and definitely ensure far more visibility and thus safety, when you are on the bike. A small drop of bitterness: the lack of StVO compatibility and the rather high price.

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