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Release Year
Wheel Size
Numbers of gears
28.0 lbs
Brake Type
Frame Material

Summary of Reviews

We have read all expert and user reviews on Stringbike A line. In summary, this is what cyclists think.

13 reasons to buy

  • Both the appearance and the mechanics of the Stringbike were described as beautiful.
  • Strings are reputed to last longer than chains and only cost a few dollars to replace.
  • The Magura hydraulic rim brakes put a smile on one expert reviewer’s face and were considered ‘awesome’.
  • An almost absolute silence issues from this chainless, gearless machine.
  • Maintenance is minimal and cheap. Removal of the rear wheel is simple and few parts need replacing in the drivetrain.
  • No lubrication is needed. This means no grit being introduced into the drivetrain or dirty oil on clothing.
  • Pulley-drives on both sides of the bike can be set to suit differing leg strengths.
  • This bike is a very original piece of engineering that garners a great deal of attention.
  • Because drive is transferred directly back to the wheel on dual-sided strings, this may be a more efficient bike in situations where high torque is required.
  • When pedaling ceases, the pedals snap back to a horizontal position, which is great when coming to a stop at traffic lights.
  • The Stringbike’s construction and feel were regarded as both strong and supple.
  • Riders can change gears on the Stringbike while stationary.
  • Since release, the Stringbike has halved in price and can be bought for less than a grand.

5 reasons not to buy

  • At the moment, these bikes are still seen as a little heavy for what they are used for.
  • An early test-bike felt undergeared to one expert.
  • One expert felt that the ‘not quite uniform’ pedal-stroke could overload knees when struggling up-hill.
  • In an early test-ride, the synchronization required on the dual drivetrain didn’t seem exact.
  • Specialist maintenance may not be widespread or on-hand when needed.

Bottom line

While it may seem unnecessary to reinvent the drivetrain, the Stringbike presents a number of advantages that most riders probably never even considered. There is no dirty grease involved and drive is distributed across both sides of the bike. Maintenance is minimal. Apart from its unique attributes, frame construction and componentry is modern and well considered, including rarely-seen Magura hydraulic rim-brakes. As with any new technology, there is risk involved in adopting it. But with new carbon models introduced – and having placed 14th in the 3500 mile Race Across America, you might see more of these in cycling’s future… or considering how the price is dropped, in your own.

Expert Reviews

70/100 based on 1 expert reviews

The Beauty and Tragedy of Hungary’s Supple Stringbike

Level 1 expert

If it gets the cold shoulder, it won’t be for lack of determination… it looks and feels like the promise of a world where clever engineering always trumps the status quo.

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Podium Cafe

A Bike With Strings Attached

Level 1 expert

The gear system is conceptually very simple and probably reliable… it certainly has a great effect at turning heads… And when I got back on my trusted old bike, it somehow felt all wrong!

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PEZ Cycling News

Eurobike: The Beautiful And The Bizarre

Level 1 expert

The Stringbike has a 19 speed gear system controlled by a twist grip… A road bike equipped with the string drivetrain was used to successfully complete the Race Across America.

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Pocket Magazine

자전거에 체인이 없어?! 헝가리에서 온 신기한 자전거 StringDrive (You Do Not Have a Chain on Your Bike ?! Strange Bike From Hungary)

Level 1 expert
EFE Brasil

Novo Modelo de Bicicleta Criado na Hungria dá Adeus à Tradicional Correia (New Bicycle Model Created in Hungary Says Goodbye to the Traditional Belt)

Level 1 expert

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