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We have read all expert and user reviews on the Strider 12 Sport. In summary, this is what cyclists think.

12 reasons to buy

  • The Strider trained kids onto pedal-bikes with no need for training wheels.
  • Owners said this bike was durable, lasting 4 years and as a hand-me-down.
  • With two seatpost lengths, the Sport had plenty of room for growth.
  • The Sport was light enough for kids to carry by themselves.
  • Most folk found it easy to assemble the Sport.
  • Multiple colors offer options for most kids.
  • There are a lot of reports of customer service being helpful.
  • A lot of kids were eager to ride the Strider, day after day.
  • Many parents saw the Sport as a great way to improve balance.
  • With quick-releases, adjustment of handlebars and seatpoles was easy.
  • Solid foam tires omitted punctures and the need for pumping.
  • It was said that the Sport was both solid and sturdy.

10 reasons not to buy

  • Testing detected excessive amounts of harmful chemicals in the Sport’s grips!
  • Solid foam tires were slippery and lacked traction on some surfaces.
  • Rust was apparent on new bikes and quickly spread on exposed areas.
  • Buyers were saddened to find bushings, not bearings used in the headset.
  • For some tikes, handlebars were stiff and difficult to turn.
  • A few parents felt the Sport was overpriced, considering the build quality.
  • Wheel bearings failed after 6 to 11 months, in a couple of cases.
  • The seatpost extended below the downtube, striking some kids’ running feet.
  • In two cases, the Sport arrived with a folded-in headtube.
  • Stickers on some editions came wrinkled and peeling, but rarely.

Bottom line

Strider are heralded as pioneers in the balance bike world. The 12” Sport is probably the most popular model available. It’s definitely been responsible for initiating a love of cycling and for training many toddlers to ride a real bike without the aid of training wheels. It does seem critical to mention that a German laboratory found excessive amounts of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) and naphthalene in the Strider Sport’s rubberized grips. These substances are suspected to be carcinogenic. With increased awareness, it seems likely that Strider will replace these with a safer substance. In the meanwhile, you will want to replace them by yourself. Weight and cost are kept low by using bushings instead of bearings and solid foam tires instead of inflatable rubber. However, these tires are accused of being slippery on certain surfaces and in the presence of the slightest moisture, causing slips and accidents. This led some parents to see the Sport as overpriced. Despite this - and even though reviews seem to be duplicated across many websites - it does seem that the Strider Sport has received many glowing reviews.
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6.7, 7 lb
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Expert Reviews

45/100 based on 2 rated expert reviews
Made for Mums

Strider Balance Bike Review

…this featherweight model is the ideal starter bike as it facilitates independent riding quicker than a pedal bike… My only complaint is that there’s no handle…

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Stiftung Warentest

Balance Bikes Tested: Three Good, Eleven Poor [German]

The Strider Sport offers good driving dynamics and seating comfort… The poor overall grade ultimately results from proven pollutants in the handles; PAH values and naphthalene are too high.

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Two Wheeling Tots

Strider Bike

For ages 2.5 to 4, the Strider Sport is a better purchase… Older and more adventurous riders will likely benefit from the air tires and hand brakes offered by other brands.

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The Bike Dads

Strider Balance-Bike Review

It’s light weight and low seat height offer a really affordable option… For kids 3 years plus you may want to look at other bikes that offer pneumatic tires, sealed bearings, proper headset, handbrake and aluminium construction.

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Bike Exchange

The Balance Bike Group Test

It has the lowest standover height of all bikes tested… with the low weight it’s the perfect choice for children starting out… covering the wheel bolts would greatly improve safety.

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A Boy and His Toys

Strider Balance Bike vs Schwinn Balance Bike Review

Overall, we decided to go with the Schwinn balance bike. It’s definitely more heavy-duty, it’s got better components and I think it’s gonna last a lot longer.

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Economical Mommy

Strider Bike Sport Model Review

I love it ‘cause it fits all three of my kids, from my daughter who is 20 months old all the way up to my five year old… The seatpost wasn’t greased and got rusty over time.

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Toy Toy Yum Yum

3 Year Old Riding a Strider Balance Bike. Full Review.

They’re pretty bombproof… and they’re very light… They can lift them up by themselves.

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The Rock Father

Hands-on: Does the Strider Bike Teach Kids Balance?

“This is easy… I can do this all by myself!”

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Strider Balance Bike for Kids | Gear Review

Once rolling at a decent clip they simply pick up their feet, coast along and learn to balance themselves by a combination of intuition and trial-and-error.

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Strider 12 Sport Review

It’s on the less expensive side when compared to other bikes we tested and has the potential to be used for up to four years before being passed down to a sibling.

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The Strider 12 Sport Revolutionized How Kids Learn to Ride

Adding training wheels to a bike initially makes it feel more stable—but those rickety steel rings don’t prepare kids to steer or balance.

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Gear Junkie

Kid ‘Scoot’ Bikes

…Charlie rode a Strider for a couple weeks… he put it down and gripped the handlebars of a bike without training wheels. Despite a wobbly start, Charlie was pedaling and riding within a few hours…

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The Best Kids’ Bikes, According to You

My four-year-old son loves this bike… it’s best used on flat concrete or asphalt. There are no brakes, so take extra care on hills.

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The 10 Best Kids Bikes You Can Buy Right Now

Best value balance bike… Strider uses foam tires. You’ll never have to fix a flat, but the tires lack the grip of air-filled rubber options and can slip on cement and hardwood floors.

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Look Ma, No Training Wheels! The Best Balance Bikes

The Sport comes with a brake mount, foot rests, and protective ends on the handlebars… the Strider uses foam tires …you might want to upgrade to something with more traction.

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Gear Institute

The Best Balance Bike For Kids

…what really stands out about the Strider are the great accessories they offer… they have a Rocking Base… The other accessory we loved is their Snow Ski.

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Let’s Argue About the Greatest Bikes Ever Made!

The world a Strider opens up to a kid is vast… the entry level to an entry-level bike.

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Best Children’s Bikes: Top Picks Of Kids’ Bikes For Every Age

…particularly affordable and adaptable… rather than forcing you to buy a new balance bike every time your child grows, this design has an adjustable seatpost… handlebars can be raised.

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Cycling Weekly

Best Balance Bikes for Toddlers 2019

The tyres are made from EVA polymer – that means they’re light and puncture proof, but won’t maintain traction quite like rubber.

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Strider Running Bikes – A Pioneer From The USA [Polish]

What distinguishes Strider from other bikes is high durability, the lowest seat height on the market and winter accessories, thanks to which the bike can be used all year round.

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