Specialized S-Works Crux

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15.90, 15.98, 16.09 lb
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Summary of Reviews

We have read all expert and user reviews on the Specialized S-Works Crux. In summary, this is what cyclists think.

18 reasons to buy

  • Reviewers say the S-Works Crux is immensely fun to ride, “addictive” and “lively”.
  • Testers say the S-Works Crux rides and feels fast.
  • Reviewers say the S-Works Crux is an excellent climber, thanks to its light weight.
  • The S-Works Crux may use the lightest gravel frameset available, at 25.6 oz
    (for a 56 cm frame).
  • Testers report it’s great over gravel, cyclocross and singletrack, while also excelling on-road.
  • The S-Works Crux receives Specialized’s highest-grade [FACT 12r] carbon layup.
  • Testers say the New 2022 S-Works Crux still whips on cyclocross courses.
  • SRAM’s Red XPLR eTap AXS groupset is hitched to a 40 t chainring, test riders say this provides a range that covers everything from technical climbs to fast flats.
  • With SRAM Red hydraulic brakes, testers experienced powerful action and impressive modulation.
  • Tire clearance is wide, allowing for rubber up to 700c × 47 mm or 650b × 2.1”...
  • ...in addition to wide mud clearance around 33 mm cyclocross tires.
  • Roval Terra CLX carbon wheels are light, compliant, and by rider reports, tough.
  • Classic standards are used across the bike, making upgrades & repairs easier.
  • Reviewers liked the comfort and flare of Roval Terra carbon handlebars.
  • The S-Works Crux comes with a SRAM Red AXS power meter, that testers say is accurate, resilient and easy to set up.
  • Supacaz Super Sticky Kush bar tape is plenty grippy.
  • Roval’s 27.2 mm carbon seatpost provided reviewers with compliance, over gravel.
  • Specialized’s Body Geometry S-Works Power saddle pleased certain tester posteriors.

5 reasons not to buy

  • Testers say the S-Works Crux can feel sketchy on fast & rough descents.
  • Pathfinder Pro tires corner questionably and are best-suited to dry conditions, according to reviewers.
  • There’s a serious dearth of mounts, for cargo or fenders.
  • Some testers say this bike can be fatiguing after all-day runs.
  • Reviewers found Supacaz Super Sticky Kush bar tape to be a bit on the thin side.

Bottom line

Specialized’s cyclocross mainstay now does double-duty as a gravel race bike, and it’s one that caters to reckless riding at breakneck speeds. For testers, unique abilities were revealed on technical climbs, where riders needed to lift their bike to bunny-hop over rocks. Reviewers are struck by the Crux’s simplicity and Specialized’s adherence to classic componentry standards. From 15.9 lb complete, it’s ridiculously light. At the current RRP, it’s also preposterously pricey. Reviewers point most buyers to more affordable Crux models. Without cargo mounts, it isn’t destined for long bikepacking trips.

Expert Reviews

88/100 based on 9 rated expert reviews

Specialized S-Works Crux 2022

Stupidly expensive it might be, but the Crux is a brilliant bike for racing cyclocross, batting through the lanes or flying along twisty gravel trails. It climbs incredibly well…

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Road Bike Action Magazine

Specialized S-Works Crux Review

The Crux would be a solid choice for those that love racing and have the horsepower and handling skills for a race-oriented bike… we would say that for 60-70% of gravel enthusiasts, the Diverge is a better choice.

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David Arthur - Just Ride Bikes

The 2022 Specialized S-Works Crux Is Worth Robbing a Bank For!
Long-Term Review

Utterly sensational. It does cost a ****-ton of money… a gravel bike that can also be a road bike… so, 3 bikes in 1? Yeah, I think so… on the downside, the comfort is nowhere near as good as a Diverge. It’s more versatile.

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2022 Specialized S-Works Crux Review

A delightfully lightweight classic gravel bike for those with chasmal pockets. The spec of my test bike leaves nothing to be desired. It’s no limp noodle.

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Cycling Weekly

Specialized S-Works Crux Review

The Specialized Crux is furiously fast. The lightness of the bike is outrageous. Riding alongside the Evil Chamois Hagar, the total opposite end of the gravel bike riding spectrum, the Crux is noticeably engineered specifically for PBs, KOMs and general ‘aving it.

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This review has been given a score. Read more here

Big-Ride Review: Specialized S-Works Crux Gravel Bike

The new Crux is a masterpiece in efficiency, and this S-Works model spares no expense on lightweight performance. I loved most everything about the frame and the build. Don’t look for bells, whistles, or storage here.

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This review has been given a score. Read more here
Gran Fondo

Specialized S-Works Crux Gravel Bike in Review

The Specialized S-Works Crux is unparalleled in terms of acceleration. It feels most comfortable on compact gravel roads and requires a skilled rider when things get rough. It falls short on cargo mounting points and it would need more forgiving handling for a place on the podium.

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Specialized S-Works Crux 2022 First Ride Review

The S-Works Crux is a true race-ready bike that is comfortable over long distances and snappy enough to handle the tight nature of cyclo-cross courses. If you’re after an uber-compliant gravel bike to bludgeon through some natural trails, then you’re in the wrong place.

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The Gear Loop

Specialized S-Works Crux Review:
The Lightest Gravel Bike in the World Brawls Like a Heavyweight

An incredibly light, incredibly sharp climbing machine that feels just as happy eating up road miles as it does tearing up dusty fire tracks and gravel paths. It’s a dream, bucket list bike, but you’ve either got to have deep pockets or a deep love for bashing gravel to commit.

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NEW 2022 Specialized Crux | “The World’s LIGHTEST Gravel Bike”

The immediate impression when riding this bike is its lightness… when you are climbing those beautiful, steep, cobbled burgs or lifting up the rear and hopping over obstacles, it really is quite effortless. On the cracks, on faster terrain and the descents, the bike is very predictable and calm.

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The Only Bike You Will Need? The Specialized S-Works Crux

It uses the FACT 12r carbon layup… that means it’s supposed to be stronger, stiffer, and lighter. My bike is definitely all of those things. It hits the climbs just like any climber would love it, corners amazingly and out-of-the-saddle sprinting, it accelerates very fast.

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Specialized S-Works Crux: Cyclocross Meets Gravel

Anyone looking for an ultra-minimal stable may find their gravel, ’cross and road needs all met in the Crux. It delivers speed and enjoyable handling on just about any terrain. Not the most adventure-ready gravel bike out there.

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2022 Specialized Crux Shifts From CX to an Ultralight Gravel Speedster

It’s genuinely grating to me how much I’ve enjoyed this bike. It makes me want to go farther, more often, and harder. It goads me into pretending to be a better rider than I actually am. It’s therapy on two wheels – or maybe more like a drug that I have zero interest in giving up.

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Rennrad News

From CX Bike to the Lightest Gravel Bike [German]

With the S-Works Crux we experienced a hitherto unknown, seductive combination of lightness and playful handling on gravel.

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