Specialized S-Works Diverge STR

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18.70, 19.00, 21.20 lb
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Summary of Reviews

We have read all expert and user reviews on the Specialized S-Works Diverge STR. In summary, this is what cyclists think.

18 reasons to buy

  • Reviewers love that the Diverge STR allows them to remain seated, continue pedaling, and maintain speed for more of their ride.
  • Testers say the Diverge STR remains planted on rough descents, chunky trails, and in the wet.
  • Experts report that the Diverge STR’s suspension setup reduces fatigue.
  • Specialized’s rear Future Shock supplies 30 mm of intuitive rear-end travel.
  • The Future Shock 2.0 suspension fork provides 20 mm of suspension travel.
  • One tester confirms that there is no suspension bob while climbing.
  • Experts assert that cornering is smooth and sharp, while remaining unaffected by the bike’s suspension.
  • With 3x fork eyelets, the Diverge STR is both race-ready and bikepacking-capable.
  • A SRAM 12-speed drivetrain ensures a huge gear range across climbs and fast flats.
  • Testers say SRAM Red eTap AXS hydraulic brakes provide amazing control.
  • Roval’s Terra CLX II carbon wheels are light and compliant.
  • With its carbon frameset, the Diverge STR is only 100g heavier than its predecessor.
  • The Diverge STR’s dangerous look is coupled with internal cabling to create a futurvelo/cyberpunk aesthetic.
  • Riders can finely tune the rear Future Shock using the two provided frame posts.
  • The Diverge STR accepts a 27.2 mm dropper-post.
  • The rear shock damper comes with a 2-year warranty and service coverage.
  • The Diverge STR has clearance to fit 700×47 mm or 650b×2.1” tires.
  • Specialized’s SWAT box provides storage space in the Diverge’s downtube.

3 reasons not to buy

  • The Specialized S-Works Diverge STR is astronomically expensive.
  • The Diverge STR’s configuration adds complexity to maintenance and gravel-ride setup.
  • Specialized replace (rather than repair) the damper after 2 years, which isn’t very sustainable.

Bottom line

Specialized’s rear Future Shock system makes its debut on the S-Works Diverge STR. It’s designed to maintain a consistent saddle height and position, while absorbing bump impact. Due to this tech still being in its infancy, (and also to all the super high-end componentry and carbon bits), buyers may need to sell non-vital organs in order to afford this thing. With 3x fork eyelets, this bike is ready to go bikepacking, but it’s really put to task in the more-brutal gravel races that have emerged in recent years. Along with 30 mm of rear end travel, riders are reaping the benefits of a 20 mm-travel suspension fork. Right now, this innovative tech is pricey and increases the complication of rider-prep and maintenance, but it’s also likely to bleed-through and benefit more affordable models in cycling’s future.

Expert Reviews

88/100 based on 5 rated expert reviews
Cycling Weekly

New Specialized Diverge STR Review: Is Smoother Indeed Faster?

The Specialized Diverge STR is a capable, comfortable steed that’s ready to go long, be it at a race or simply to explore. The rear Future Shock is effective. The extra bells and whistles may not be everyone’s cup of tea and the buy-in price is preventative for most.

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This review has been given a score. Read more here
Gran Fondo

First Ride Review: New Specialized Diverge STR S-Works 2023 With Rear Future Shock. A Brand New Flying Carpet for Aladdin?

We were truly impressed. The Specialized Diverge STR combines out-of-the-saddle sprinting capabilities with flying carpet qualities. The Rear Future Shock neutralises the vibrations of chunkier gravel and small bumps while preventing bigger impacts from travelling straight into your back.

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This review has been given a score. Read more here

2023 Specialized Diverge STR Review:
Absurdly Comfy, but Also Heavy and Pricey

The Diverge is weird, but mostly in a good way. It most definitely is complicated, heavy, painfully expensive, and looks a little goofy. But holy crap, is the ride quality amazing. It’s absolutely mind-blowing. Even the slightest road or trail imperfection is totally erased.

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This review has been given a score. Read more here

Specialized S-Works Diverge STR First Ride Review

The Diverge STR excels at riding quite quickly over rough ground. The rear suspension does a remarkably good job of shielding you from bumps without ruining your pedalling and it moves with zero perceptible stiction. It’s a fascinating piece of design that goes that bit further to bridging the road–MTB divide.

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This review has been given a score. Read more here

Review: Specialized S-Works Diverge STR and Its Rear Future Shock Suspension

Does the tech work? Certainly. The Rear Future Shock has become my favorite gravel suspension I’ve tried so far. And if you really want gravel suspension, this is the best approach to it I have tried. Anyone who wants more compliance in their gravel bike should give this a look.

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First Ride Review: Specialized Diverge STR

Personally, I think this is going to be a marmite bike. You’ll either think that the rear end is super comfortable, or you’ll think that it moves around too much. Me? I liked the comfort gain. It helps a little bit with pedalling over rough ground and descending is really nice because it is so calm.

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The Ride with Ben Delaney

Specialized Diverge STR Tested at Big Sugar Gravel

It does work as advertised. The fourteen thousand dollar question: Is it worth it? Just the concept of building crazy things, I’m all for – but it doesn’t seem to be a huge step over a suspension seat post which you could get for 1000s upon 1000s upon 1000s of dollars less.

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David Arthur - Just Ride Bikes

NEW Specialized Diverge STR First Impressions: Twin Future Shock Gravel Bike

It’s a winning combination if you value having this much comfort without going to a mountain bike… while retaining all the performance benefits of a drop bar gravel bike. I do have concerns around the durability and reliability of this system.

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Annika Langvad

The New Specialized Diverge STR – Are You Suspended?

A super-fun bike. When you sit, it takes all the small bumps and when you stand up and pedal it’s still stiff and super-responsive. It’s a massive upgrade because it makes riding so much smoother.

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Cody Kaiser

Specialized Diverge STR | Cody Kaiser Gives His Thoughts

If you’re looking to knock the edge off of all of these long hard days in the saddle this is the bike for you. It’s super-comfortable. It’s noticeable.

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This Is the New Specialized Diverge STR [Dutch]

A beautiful example of innovation. It’s nicely made, well put together and easy to adjust. You can ride further and smoother on rougher terrain and therefore have more traction. Read: more speed. The weight-price ratio can be called ‘a thing’.

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