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Release Year
Charge Time
6.3 Hours
Maximum Range
45, 70 Miles
Top Speed
20 mph
750 W
80 Nm
Volts and Amp Hours
48 V 14 Ah
Wheel Size
Number of Gears
Gearing Type
77, 74.3 lb
Brake Type
Frame Material

Summary of Reviews

We have read all expert and user reviews on the Rad Power RadRunner Plus. In summary, this is what cyclists think.

16 reasons to buy

  • Reviewers are stoked with the included passenger seat and footpegs.
  • The rear rack forms part of the bike’s frame, enhancing its strength.
    Its maximum payload is 120lb.
  • This rig comes with full fenders and wheel guards to protect passengers’ legs.
  • A tester says they attained 70 miles of range, at an average of 13 mph in PAS 1.
  • Testers say the 750W motor accelerates to its 20mph max speed quickly.
  • With 80Nm of torque, it climbs hills capably.
  • Testers and owners found the RadRunner Plus' upright ride position comfortable.
  • Testers are happy with the gear range offered (48T chainring + 11-34T freewheel).
  • Fat 3.3” mixed tread Kenda K-Rad tires instill confidence in testers, on and off-road.
  • Little 20” wheels corner sharply and lower this bike’s center of gravity, blessing the RadRunner Plus with a surfeit of stability.
  • Integrated front and rear lighting is included.
  • Testers commend the 80mm-travel RST fork, with lockout & preload adjustment.
  • Rider saddle height is adjustable, unlike on some mopeds.
  • Rad Power say the RadRunner Plus fits riders 4'11" to 6'2".
  • Riders like the easy-entry step-through frame.
  • Owners say the display is clear and easy-to-operate. Testers value the wattmeter.

9 reasons not to buy

  • All-comers know that the 77lb RadRunner Plus is plus-sized.
  • Mechanical disc brakes seem below-par to most reviewers, at this price point.
  • Testers & owners say the rider’s seat is uncomfortable, especially when pedaling.
  • Riders note a delay in the initiation of pedal-activated motor assistance.
  • Owners highlight the insensitive action offered by RST’s sprung fork.
  • This e-bike is only available in one size.
  • A tester says the RadRunner Plus is less powerful than comparable e-mopeds.
  • Owners comment on how noisy this e-bike’s motor can be.
  • A brushed silver finish is the only available ‘color’.

Bottom line

As an evolution of the single-speed RadRunner, the RadRunner Plus boasts a suspension fork and 7-speed drivetrain. Some testers say this Class 2 e-moped is ideal for commuting or hauling cargo. Others say the noisy engine and tires become… tiresome (for commuting), and that this rig is better suited to “shorter recreational rides” on or off-road. At this price, testers are surprised to still see mechanical brakes specced. This e-bike weighs 77lb. Smaller passengers are accommodated on a pillion seat with a payload of 120lb. The bike’s total payload is 300lb. So for the right-sized riders, the RadRunner Plus could be a good fit.

Expert Reviews

90/100 based on 3 rated expert reviews
Ebike Escape

RadRunner Plus Review – Utility Features and Moped Style Collide

This stylish and functional e-bike might be a great fit for you if you are looking to bring a small to medium-sized passenger along for the ride. We like its urban styling and fatter tires …it is a more comfortable ride than the RadRunner 2 but it is also more expensive… if you love moped styling, you could find something more powerful.

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Electric Bike Report

Rad Power Bikes RadRunner Plus Review – 2023

We were shocked at how long the battery lasted. In fact, it lasted so long that we decided to stop trying to kill the battery because it simply would not die.

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Rad Power RadRunner Plus Review: Almost Flawless [French]


Offered at a reasonable price, the RadRunner Plus manages to keep up in performance…with its comfort, stability and fluidity. It’s very solid, but also extremely heavy… one of the heaviest e-bikes on the market… it is certainly not the fastest… It only lacks more powerful brakes and a more ergonomic saddle to come close to perfection.

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Electric Bike Review

2020 Rad Power Bikes RadRunner Plus Review

Seven speed drivetrain makes starting, climbing, and pedaling at higher speeds much more comfortable. Large 180mm disc brake rotors provide excellent stopping power and control… Strong 80Nm peak torque…makes this a decent climber and passenger hauler. I love that the RadRunner Plus comes with a suspension fork, but that adds about 10lbs of additional weight compared to the non-Plus RadRunner.

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This One E-Bike Is Likely the Most Capable Electric Bicycle I’ve Ever Reviewed

Such a potent e-bike for nearly every use case. The RadRunner Plus is simply the ultimate e-bike… a true car-replacing e-bike… something truly new and unique. The 77 lb bike is heavy, but that’s more or less to be expected.

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Carlos in Cascadia

RadRunner Plus Review and Ride

It hasn’t been perfect but it’s been pretty good… if you do have a Rad Power store in your town, I think you should go for it… If you don’t, then maybe try to search for some local e-bike shops… It’s time for a tune-up and it’s not super-easy to find a shop that is willing to work on these.

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Brian Unboxed

RadRunner Plus Electric Bike – Full Review & Demo

Bottom line is, this is an excellent electric bike for commuting or just pleasure. It was able to power through uphill, downhill, and semi-rough terrain, so definitely good for an all-around commuting bike but not something you would take off-road.

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Random Tech Videos

Radrunner Plus E-Bike Unbiased In-Depth Review (Should You Buy It?)

I crashed into a deer… my right thumb was completely twisted backwards… the e-bike was also damaged… I was afraid that my bike would be totaled but no – and Rad Power bikes were very helpful… they gave me so much money off of the parts for repair after I told them about my situation.

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Electron Surfer

Rad Runner Plus | Electric Utility Bike Review

My range results were: Just over 41 miles riding at a really slow recreational pace (10-15mph), and around 23 miles when I just went throttle-only (trying to ride at nearly top speed most of the time), so all-in-all I think this is a really solid option.

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Adventures Abroad

RadRunner Plus – Riding With a Pillion – European Version

Estimated range (from my experience) with assist level five is around 70km. That’s with two people and an almost flat route.

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E-Bike Review. RadRunner Plus

It does really well for carrying cargo. Me and my friend have been, I’ve been, riding on the back.

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Take a Look at the RadRunner Plus and See What’s So Special About It

My overall experience is positive. It is definitely a car-replacing e-bike… it’s really well-thought-out. I had a pretty good time riding off-road. These wide tires are pretty fun and capable. I could see a lot of people struggling to lift this bike, it’s pretty heavy. Brakes on this bike are not fantastic.

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Nick Linnen

1000 Kilometres on the Rad Runner Plus

Long story short, I really like this bike. There’s a lot of really great features. Of course, some people have issues with it but for me it works really great and a thousand kilometers in, I haven’t had a single issue with the bike.

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I’ve Had My Rad Runner Plus for 6 Months in Seattle…

It’s about 6 months and I’ve never had to change these tires, never had a flat… I was thinking that my brake pads were going very fast so I replaced them about four times in six months. You can just tighten them… I never had to replace the brake disc. I did replace the full caliper and I replaced the cable…

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Shane Starnes

Rad Power Bikes RadRunner Plus Review. Best E-Bike of 2022?

My favorite piece of technology this year, hands down, has to be the RadRunner Plus electric utility bike. I usually just keep mine on PAS 1 and use the throttle on the right handlebar whenever I need some assistance. It has leather all over, so leather on the seats, leather on the handlebars…

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What We Bought: I Sold My Car and Bought This E-Bike Instead

To be clear, I still own a car. I was a little disappointed when I realized the 300lb weight limit means that my husband and I will never be able to ride the same bike together. Still, this bike has opened up an ideal alternate form of transportation… I can carry lots of cargo plus a kid, while getting only minimally sweaty.

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E-bike Reviewer

RadRunner Plus Review

The Plus solves the original RadRunner’s issues, but comes at an additional cost… Is it worth it? You need to do lot of pedaling if you need to climb… I can accept this battery capacity as a bare minimum… what I actually wish to see is hydraulic brakes, especially considering the e-bike is priced over $1,500. In my opinion, it’s totally worth it.

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Niklas Schaub

RadRunner Plus / E-Bike Review [German]

My first thought was to buy a moped, something measurably moderate, because I just think these things are cool. You just have to keep the pedals turning so that you keep the motor going and drive like you would a moped. It’s so cool.

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