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Release Year
Charge Time
5 Hours
Maximum Range
55 Miles
Top Speed
14 mph
750 W
Not Stated in Nm
Volts and Amp Hours
48V 10Ah
Wheel Size
Number of Gears
Gearing Type
82 lb
Frame Material

Summary of Reviews

We have read all expert and user reviews on the Rad Power Bikes RadTrike. In summary, this is what cyclists think.

15 reasons to buy

  • Experts say the RadTrike is stable, with 18” wheels that lower its center of gravity.
  • Reviewers say the backrest-equipped saddle is pedal-friendly and places them in a comfortable, upright position.
  • With a low standover height, its easy to mount and dismount.
  • The RadTrike can carry a 415 lb payload, a 325 lb rider, and 60lb on its rear rack.
  • A tester ranged 25-59 miles, from one charge of the 480 Wh battery.
  • Testers say the RadTrike’s 750W motor proves powerful on flat terrain.
  • Testers say a front mechanical disc & rear coaster brake combine to provide ample stopping power. A parking brake allows riders to park on a slope.
  • One reviewer says this one of the most “affordable, quality” e-trikes available.
  • Rad Power says the RadTrike fits riders from 4’10” to 6’4”.
  • Riders can back-it-up, with an “easy to use” reversing function.
  • A tester was able to “do full 360° turns in the width of a sidewalk”.
  • Integrated lighting includes an LED headlight and tail/brake light.
  • A steel frame allows for small-bump absorption and flexibility on turns.
  • The RadTrike folds at the stem to reduce its profile for storage or transport.
  • Testers say it fits through household doorways.

8 reasons not to buy

  • The RadTrike’s top speed is 14 mph.
  • A tester notes that 18” wheels transmit vibration when riding over uneven terrain. An owner says the RadTrike provides a “rough ride” on roads and sidewalks.
  • With its single-speed drivetrain, a tester finds the RadTrike is hard to pedal from a dead stop. For one tester, the front wheel spun out when taking off on grass.
  • An expert notices a lag in motor-assistance, due to the cadence sensor.
  • A tester feels that gear range is limited at both lower and higher pedal speeds.
  • At 82 lb with a steel frame, the RadTrike is heavy.
  • Speed and odometer info is missing from the RadTrike’s display.
  • One buyer received their RadTrike with a bent rear axle, another reported small parts breaking easily.

Bottom line

The RadTrike is a small-wheeled, low-speed run-around that impresses reviewers with its eminent stability. One tester said they “...could even take turns at full speed” (14 mph). Experts say its tuned for efficiency, allowing the 480Wh battery to provide ranges of up to 59 miles. It weighs a husky 82 lb but can carry a hefty 415 lb max. payload. Reviewers believe the price is right for a quality e-trike.

Expert Reviews

94/100 based on 3 rated expert reviews
Electric Bike Report

Rad Power Bikes RadTrike Review, 2023

E-trikes have long been a favorite of seniors, and I foresee the value and easy-to-ingrain-into-your-life features of the RadTrike being a highly popular option for anybody seeking a sturdier ride.

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RadTrike Review:
Testing of Rad Power Bikes Slickly Designed Electric Trike

A nicely made and well thought-out electric tricycle from a large US-based company with great product support and a vast ecosystem of compatible accessories. Is it worth this much of a premium? I think so, yes.

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Ebike Escape

Rad Power Bikes RadTrike Review

The RadTrike’s small form factor makes it approachable and it’s clear that no details were missed in developing the first generation RadTrike 1.

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Electric Bike Review

Rad Power Bikes RadTrike 1 Review

One of the best electric trikes being produced and sold right now. It was more stable than the majority of similar trikes I’ve reviewed. It’s fairly heavy.

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3 Wheels of Power:
Why You Should Consider the Rad Power RadTrike Electric Tricycle

It’s an ideal choice for daily commutes, leisurely rides, and even some light cargo hauling. While experienced riders may find themselves desiring a bit more power, and the weight can be a concern for transport, the RadTrike excels in comfort, safety, and usability, especially for those with mobility issues.

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The RadTrike Is Rad Power Bikes’ First Electric Three-Wheeler
— And I Got to Test It Out

A great vehicle for someone who has mobility issues but doesn’t want to be in a wheelchair or motorized scooter.

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Tested: The Rad Power Bikes RadTrike

The RadTrike truly sets the bar and defines what features, quality, and geometry customers will expect from electric trikes moving forward. In our test rides, when starting back up again, the front tire spun on the grass.

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Tom's Guide

Rad Power Bikes RadTrike Test Ride: A Fun Electric Tricycle for Adults

In the enclosed parking garage where I test-rode the RadTrike, 14 mph felt plenty fast to me.

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Rad Power Bikes’ RadTrike Brings Electric Mobility to More People

It was a fun ride, and it was cool riding around indoors. It handled nicely and I could easily see someone going for this for in-town errands instead of a car.

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