Lezyne Strip Drive Pro Alert Rear

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Light Type
Bike Type
300 Lumens
Battery Life
300 lm (Day): 6.25 Hours,
60 lm (Flash 1): 7.25 Hours,
35 lm (Blast): 8.0 Hours,
60 lm (Flash 2): 8.5 Hours,
5 lm (Economy): 28.0 Hours
2.33 oz

Summary of Reviews

We have read all expert and user reviews on the Lezyne Strip Drive Pro Alert Rear. In summary, this is what cyclists think.

9 reasons to buy

  • Lezyne’s Strip Drive Pro Alert increases brightness to act as a brake light, upon slowing and stopping, which reassures many owners.
  • Testers and users say the Pro Alert is more than bright enough, in all weather conditions.
  • Experts and owners praise the Pro Alert’s high daytime visibility in traffic.
  • Both reviewers and users describe this light as robust and well-built.
  • The Pro Alert features 5x modes (3x flashing and 2 static).
  • The Strip Drive Pro Alert is clearly visible from side angles, according to experts.
  • Testers say this light’s USB port is well-protected and covered.
  • A reviewer says this light mounts securely to a variety of seatposts, using the included rubber straps and adapters.
  • Lezyne has not given this light an IPX classification, but experts confirm that it stands up to wet weather and a good hosing.

4 reasons not to buy

  • Owners complain that this light’s maximum runtime is less than 3 hours, under normal riding conditions. The alert function saps battery and can’t be switched off.
  • Some experts and owners had difficulty attaching this light to particular aero and flat-backed seatposts.
  • Some owners feel that Lezyne’s instructions for this light lack detail.
  • Users and expert testers say the Pro Alert’s brake signal can be overwhelmingly bright for other road users and riding group members.

Bottom line

Lezyne’s Strip Drive Pro Alert is a 300-lumen rear light that activates increased luminosity upon braking and/or deceleration. This alert mode is dazzlingly bright and can’t be switched off. Many users feel visible and assured with it behind them. The experienced real-world runtime is significantly less than that claimed by Lezyne. It’s believed that this is due to tests not incorporating the battery-sapping real-world activation of Alert Mode, upon braking. Users say 3 hours or less is a realistic runtime for this light. For lovers of brightness over battery-life.

Expert Reviews

71/100 based on 4 rated expert reviews
Pinoy Padyakero

Review: Lezyne Strip Drive Pro Alert Rear Bike Light

The higher lumen output, when braking, simulates the lighting you would normally see with braking vehicles. That’s why I like this mode. Any driver is familiar with this kind of brake light sequencing, so this looks normal and natural for us.

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Lezyne Strip Drive Pro Alert 300 Review

A punchy and effective rear light. Brilliant if you – above all else – prioritise being seen. Its ‘always-on’ alert function can drain the battery, and one could reasonably argue 300 lumens is unnecessarily bright.

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Lezyne Strip Pro Alert Drive

It’s a good light, but I think the Alert function needs meaningful refinement to be genuinely useful. It really messes with the battery. The run times are much better than on the cheaper version. On group rides its powerful strobing is quick to irritate following riders.

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Review: Lezyne Strip 300 Pro Alert Rear Bicycle Light [Dutch]

A robustly designed rear light. It puts out a lot of lumens in the brightest flash mode during the day, but will also serve you well on night rides. My biggest issue with the Strip 300 Alert Drive is battery life.

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Lezyne Strip Drive Pro 300 Alert | Rear Bike Light
Review + Outdoor Test

In summary; the small, compact form-factor, impressive 300-lumen peak brightness, strong battery life and built-in alert mode provide all the features cyclists need to stay safe and stay seen on the roads. The braking function of the light is reliable.

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SouthernVegan Marcus Chestnut

Lezyne Pro 75 vs Lezyne Strip Alert 300 Tail Lights: Short Comparison

You can’t go wrong with either of these.

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Lezyne Strip Drive Pro Alert Rear

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