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Release Year
Charge Time
4, 6 Hours
Maximum Range
40 Miles
Top Speed
20 Mph
300 W
Volts and Amp Hours
48V 7.8Ah
Wheel Size
Number of Gears
46.0 lbs
Brake Type
Frame Material

Summary of Reviews

We have read all expert and user reviews on the Lectric XP Lite. In summary, this is what cyclists think.

17 reasons to buy

  • The XP Lite is a thrifty choice for a Class 2 e-bike. It leaves the weight in your wallet.
  • At 46lb, it’s light enough to carry (and for younger and smaller riders).
  • Testers say the XP Lite folds up small enough to fit in most car trunks.
  • A tester was able to easily fold the XP Lite in under 30 seconds.
  • The XP Lite’s 300W motor can hit a peak of 720W.
  • XP Lite riders say the bike climbs decently.
  • The XP Lite’s twist throttle will propel you to a top speed of 20mph.
  • Testers describe the XP Lite’s power output as “sufficient”.
  • The XP Lite is a single-speed, for simplicity, but with 5 levels of pedal-assist.
  • A tester says the XP Lite’s display is clear and covers “plenty of metrics”.
  • Reviewers described the XP Lite’s build as ‘sturdy’.
  • There are four colors available for prospective XP Lite buyers.
  • Owners cooed over the XP Lite’s good-looking “lines and curves”.
  • Integrated front and rear lights are included.
  • The XP Lite is equipped with a removable battery, for security or off-bike charging.
  • Foldable metal pedals are a great space-saving feature at this price point.
  • The Lectric XP Lite suits smaller and shorter riders.

8 reasons not to buy

  • The Lectric XP Lite suits smaller and shorter riders.
  • A tester said that the XP Lite is difficult to carry when folded. It has no latch.
  • This battery is Lite on the range, at 48V 7.8Ah and around 20 mi of real-world use.
  • The XP Lite does not include a rack or fenders.
  • Riders found the XP Lite’s single gear limiting, in hilly locations.
  • One owner received their XP Lite with a bent crank.
  • Cable wrap “looks like someone has pulled the film from a VHS tape”.
  • There is a noticeable lag, as assist kicks in and drops off, on the XP Lite.

Bottom line

The XP Lite is an inexpensive option, especially for a folding Class 2 e-bike. It doesn’t include fenders or a rack. After buying these accessories, the price is similar to the XP 2.0, which does include them, in addition to a bigger motor (500W), bigger battery (48V 9.6Ah), front suspension and a higher top speed (28mph). Taller riders stress that the XP Lite is suited to shorter riders and compared it to riding a BMX. It’s light enough to pick up but does not latch, making it a bit of a lug. Integrated front and rear lights are provided.

Expert Reviews

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Ebike Escape

Lectric XP Lite Review: A Cheap E-bike That Doesn’t Stink

After reviewing the XP Lite I can confidently say it is the most affordable electric bike I recommend. There are, however, some considerations. Many have commented on the fact that the Lectric XP 2.0 is simply a better value; fenders, bigger battery, more powerful motor, front suspension, rear rack, step-through option, all for $___ more.

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Brand New Lectric XP Lite Electric Bike

I love a lot of things about the XP Lite compared to the XP 2.0. It is by far the lightest foldable e-bike we have reviewed. It is super easy to lift. I was surprised that a foldable e-bike would make me feel nostalgic of my childhood days cruising on a BMX bike. It is so compact when folded, that it should fit into just about all small trunks. It is the lowest costing e-bike we have ever reviewed.

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Jeremiah Mcintosh

Lectric XP Lite E-bike Review ~ A Smaller, Lighter and More Compact E-bike!

How many of you bought or were wanting to buy the original Lectric XP or XP 2.0 but wish that it was a little bit lighter, a little bit smaller or maybe you felt intimidated by the size of it?

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RV with Tito DIY

Lectric XP Lite Folding E-bike Review and Testing

Well, I’ve had a lot of fun riding this bike. It performed really well on just a regular paved road. Now I also took it out on some rougher terrain… It bounced a lot, transferring all those bumps back up to the handlebar which, you know, can be kind of uncomfortable.

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Lectric XP Lite After 3 Weeks and About 100 Miles

Some of the reasons I got this bike were: probably No.1 is the cost. Has disc brakes and there’s no gearing, so it’s a lot simpler for my wife to ride. It’s got plenty of power, even to go up fairly steep hills. Has lights. The display is very easy to read in the sun. Everything seems to be good quality. I really have no complaints about it. I gotta put the seat up pretty high since it’s a fairly small bike. Gone probably about 100 miles and it has been pretty flawless.

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