Kent Thruster KZ2600

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Summary of Reviews

We have read all expert and user reviews on this bike. In summary, this is what cyclists think.

4 reasons to buy

  • Some Thruster enthusiasts said that the KZ2600 rides well, ‘from what they can tell’. In one instance it was compared to a luxury car.
  • Quite a few people said that assembly was easy to complete.
  • One buyer described the KZ2600 as ‘downright beautiful’. They said it’s often noticed by passers-by who comment on how expensive it must be.
  • The low, low price is the main factor that drives the Thruster’s popularity.

14 reasons not to buy

  • The KZ2600 often arrived damaged. Bent rims were common.
  • The rear rim is painted, creating a slippery surface that reduces friction for braking.
  • In one instance, both rims collapsed on an owner after two days of use.
  • Gear cables often arrive frayed. Some gears didn’t work, even after professional tuning from bike mechanics.
  • The seat was reported to be very hard and uncomfortable, even ‘insufferable’. It broke on first use for one owner.
  • Decals are stickers and are usually peeling (even in marketing photos). They were flaky and had bubbles underneath, appearing to one owner as though they were applied with the use of feet.
  • Shocks bottomed out on small curbs, were wobbly and did not inspire confidence.
  • Tread ripped off the tires. The tires themselves have stretched and rolled off the rims.
  • Tubes regularly arrived already punctured, often both of them.
  • The disc brake caliper sometimes arrived warped. Some retailers still advertise the bike as sporting dual disc brakes while it definitely has only a front disc and rear linear brake (V-brake).
  • A number of owners found the handlebars impossible to tighten.
  • The frame occasionally sported gaps and holes in welding and had rust present on arrival.
  • Missing or incorrect parts included stem clamp bolts and a seat-post.
  • Some reviewers felt that the Thruster was dangerous to ride.

Bottom line

The manufacturer describes this bike as being “...rugged, good looking, and built for the long haul.” Customer reports suggest the contrary. Five and four star reviews are often limited to saying that it’s ‘a nice bike’ or that their ‘husband loved it’. One five-star review mentioned tread ripping off the tires and a phantom creaking. You would be challenged to find a good second-hand bike at this price, let alone a new one. It’s presented as an off-road trail-machine but presents serious safety concerns if used in this way. Dirt-cheap bikes are usually more reliable when they are kept simple and without suspension. On the plus side, the manufacturer received consistent compliments for their fantastic returns policy.

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