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Summary of Reviews

We have read all expert and user reviews on the Glide Bikes Go Glider. In summary, this is what cyclists think.

14 reasons to buy

  • The Glide Bikes Go Glider has 16" wheels. This makes it ideal for taller children, aged five to ten, that have not transitioned to a pedal bike.
  • The bike helps children develop balance and coordination skills necessary for progressing to a pedal bike.
  • Glide Bikes offers a pedal kit that attaches to the bike to transform it into a pedal bike.
  • The bike has a turning limiter. This is a safety feature that prevents children from overturning and crashing.
  • The rims on the wheels are plastic. They can crack over time.
  • The Go Glider is offered in five bright colors.
  • The bike has pegs. Children that have mastered balancing find them useful for doing tricks.
  • The rear hand brake helps kids learn to use brakes and stop with more than their feet.
  • A kickstand is included on the Go Glider.
  • The frame is constructed of durable steel. Most users agree it is well-built.
  • The seat has 9" of adjustment. Seat height is adjustable from 16" to 25".
  • Children with learning disabilities and sensory disorders agree the bike allows them to improve their balance.
  • The tires are air-filled and provide better traction than plastic or foam tires.
  • The handlebars adjust. This helps maximize rider comfort.

8 reasons not to buy

  • Glide Bikes include tools with the Go Glider. These are not the correct sizes needed for assembling the bike, according to several consumers.
  • Many users found the instructions for assembly poor-quaility and impossible to decipher.
  • The seat easily breaks off.
  • Several users describe issues with the valve stems braking on the included tubes.
  • The kickstand caused riders frustration. It can be over-tightened, hard to secure or even snap off.
  • Consumers find it difficult to contact Glide Bikes if they have issues or questions concerning their balance bike.
  • The band brake is hard to adjust to ensure it engages on demand.
  • One expert found the handlebar position is higher than competitors. This makes it uncomfortable for children below 3'9" to ride.

Bottom line

The Go Glider is a balance bike for older children. It helps riders improve their balance and coordination. Users and experts were impressed with the bike's air-filled tires, adjustable seat and handlebars, included kickstand and rear handbrake. The instructions for assembly are poor-quality. Many users experience issues with the seat, brake and kickstand.

Expert Reviews

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Designed for kids aged 5 to 10, the Go Glider is one of the largest balance bikes we have tested.

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