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Release Year
Charge Time
6.7 Hours
Maximum Range
80 Miles
Top Speed
28 mph
750 W
86 Nm
Volts and Amp Hours
48V 20Ah
Wheel Size
Number of Gears
Gearing Type
92.5 lb
Brake Type
Frame Material

Summary of Reviews

We have read all expert and user reviews on the G-FORCE ZM. In summary, this is what cyclists think.

10 reasons to buy

  • An expert calls the ZM "fast and peppy" with a "decent" range.
  • Reviewers agree the ZM is reasonably priced and a good budget-friendly alternative to similar Super73 models.
  • This bike can carry two people thanks to the 22-inch-long seat and 400lb load capacity.
  • The max speed is easily adjusted to fit Class 2 or 3 restrictions via the display.
  • An expert says the display is colorful, easy to read, and much nicer than those typical of competitors. It also has a USB charge port.
  • The ZM has front and rear LED lights. A reviewer says the headlight is "fantastic."
  • Experts agree the ZM has a distinctive, attention-grabbing style. They also appreciate the battery design, styled like a motorcycle fuel tank.
  • One tester notes the simple motor cable disconnect, which makes tire and tube changes easier.
  • The Ronglun hydraulic disc brakes are powerful and effective, according to reviewers.
  • Experts say the suspension, fat tires, and padded seat provide a comfortable on-road ride.

12 reasons not to buy

  • The misleading "14-day free returns" policy is a minefield of conditions. There's a 25% restocking charge, return shipping isn't included, and the box mustn't be opened.
  • Buyers voice frustrations over poor reliability and non-existent customer support.
  • One tester finds quality-control problems that could result in damage during assembly. Another's ZM is missing a fender.
  • The cramped riding position and ghost pedaling at high speeds mean pedaling is uncomfortable and impractical. A realistic throttle-only range is 30 to 40 miles.
  • Experts lament the lack of rear foot pegs for a passenger.
  • At 92.5 pounds as tested (G-FORCE claims 85 pounds), the ZM is heavy, even for a motorcycle-style e-bike.
  • A tester says the bike is sluggish when pulling away and when starting to climb. A user complains of his ZM's lack of torque.
  • The rear light doesn't operate as a brake light.
  • Experts agree that the suspension isn't suitable for off-roading. One thus questions the purpose of knobbly tires instead of slick street tires.
  • The ZM's 160mm brake rotors are too small, given the high weight and max speed.
  • According to one reviewer, motor assistance is too weak in PAS 1 and too strong at higher PAS levels.
  • The display menu settings are confusing and hard to use.

Bottom line

The G-FORCE ZM is a motorcycle-style e-bike with a 750W motor, 960Wh battery, and fat tires. Experts agree it's fun to ride and comfortable on the road. However, the primitive suspension limits off-road utility, and there's no practical way to carry cargo. The ZM is also very heavy, even for this style of e-bike. Although it looks like a decent option for riders seeking a license-free alternative to a real motorcycle, the ZM (and G-FORCE generally) appears to suffer from quality-control issues and poor customer support.

Expert Reviews

84/100 based on 3 rated expert reviews

An Electric Bike That Looks (And Rides) Like an Electric Motorcycle: G-FORCE ZM Review

It may not have the gravitas of a SUPER73 or other big-name moped-style electric bikes, but it sure offers a fun and reasonably priced ride!

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Electric Revolution

There’s a Reason This Company’s Name Is Called G-FORCE | G-FORCE ZM

My favorite feature of the bike has got to be the way it looks. I just think that’s a cool-looking bike. And the range… it can go a long way with a 185-pound rider.

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eBikepedia | Freshly Charged

Is This Budget SUPER73 E-Bike Clone Any Good?

If a SUPER73 has been on your radar, but the entry price is too hard to swallow, you should definitely check out the G-FORCE ZM!

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Mountain Weekly News

G-FORCE ZM E-Bike Review

The G-FORCE ZM is an impressive electric bicycle that allows someone who doesn’t own a motorcycle (like myself) to feel like they do. Heck, even people who have motorcycles might even appreciate this bike.

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G-FORCE ZM Fat Tire E-Bike Overview

Most people that buy this are going to be riding it around like a little miniature motorcycle. If you’re looking for a bike for specifically pedaling to get exercise… it’s just really not built for that.

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G-FORCE ZM Fat Tire E-Bike // Budget SUPER73 E-Bike Review

I’m very impressed with this, to be honest. I didn’t know what to expect at first, but I really like it.

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Electric Vehicles Space

Cheaper SUPER73 Alternative: G-FORCE ZM! (Test)

The way it sits, it’s a good moped-style option for commuting, with plenty of range and power for a regular rider.

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G-FORCE ZM Fat Tire E-Bike // 400LB Payload Monster E-Bike Review

This bike, honestly, I think is an awesome compromise between the motorcycle style but also the regular fat tire bikes.

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Jeremiah Mcintosh

G-FORCE ZM 750W E-Bike Review! A Fast Fat Tire Electric Bike!

The new G-FORCE ZM… is one of the coolest-looking e-bikes in 2022! This bike is a blast to ride.

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Now Let's Review

G-FORCE ZM Fat Tire Electric Bike Review!

If you’re looking for an electric moped… this is a pretty decent option for an extremely good price.

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