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8, 1
26.0, 23.0 lbs
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Summary of Reviews

We have read all expert and user reviews on this bike. In summary, this is what cyclists think.

14 reasons to buy

  • The appearance of the Invincible was described as beautiful but inconspicuous.
  • A ‘rust-proofed’ frame and chain added to owners' confidence.
  • The Invincible has tough tires, advertised as being puncture-proof.
  • At 23 pounds for a singlespeed and 26 pounds for an 8-speed commuter, riders felt the Invincible was lightweight.
  • Handlebars, wheels, seatpost clamp, saddle and lights were all very difficult to steal, being fastened with proprietary anti-theft bolt heads and wheel nuts that require a special wrench to remove.
  • The 8speed was considered to be great value for a designer bike.
  • The Invincible comes with a highly reinforced custom u-lock.
  • If stolen, Fortified replaces any of its components or the whole bike in 24 hours, for free.
  • The bike comes with an electronic tracking tile and serial number that can’t be removed.
  • The Fortified security team tracks down stolen bikes.
  • The company prints the lettering of your choice on the bike in reflective paint, allowing every customer to have a customized ride.
  • Buyers reported a smooth ride and great handling.
  • Owners described the Invincible as sturdy, with one owner referring to ‘bombproof simplicity’.
  • The worry-free nature of the bike is what appealed most to owners.

4 reasons not to buy

  • Owners described poor-quality, plasticky rim-tape that sometimes resulted in tires popping spontaneously.
  • The tools provided were considered low-quality by some buyers, who found they stripped the bolt-heads.
  • Some consumers complained that the Invincible was pictured with lights that were not provided as standard.
  • The tires were reported to be low-pressure, lacked grip and delivered a cheap feel.

Bottom line

The Invincible is aimed at the urban dweller, who may have ceased or avoided cycling due to fear of theft. The attraction of the bike extends to the rust-proofing of the chain and frame, as well as simplicity in construction. Customer service received excellent reports, including the replacement policy with which the company has followed through (in those few situations where the Invincible was stolen). Some rare complaints refer to threading of bolts, which may be due to user error. If your main concern is theft, but you want a bike that also rides well, you’d be well-advised to look at the Invincible.

Expert Reviews

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Test Ride: Fortified Bicycle’s ‘Invincible’ Urban Bike

Level 1 expert

I went into the test-ride prepared to critique the things I didn’t like. And aside from [factors that were] the result of tuning, not the bike’s design – I was truly impressed.

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The Fortified Invincible Is a Theft-Proof Commuter

Level 3 expert

Barring a major crash or an persistent thief with a drill and hacksaw, this bike will outlast your antics. The most city-proof bike we’ve ever ridden.

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Gear Junkie

A New Era Of ‘Theft Resistant’ Bikes

Level 3 expert

Fortified’s approach to anti-theft is more straightforward, if less elegant, than Yerka’s: Load the bike with theft-deterrent hardware and insure the whole shebang with an annual subscription. This means that the long-term costs of Fortified’s security are higher than the Yerka’s, but it buys peace of mind.

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