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Release Year
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28.30, 29.25, 30.93, 28 lb
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Summary of Reviews

We have read all expert and user reviews on the Evil The Following. In summary, this is what cyclists think.

11 reasons to buy

  • This is a bike that yearns for fast, aggressive riding on trails.
  • When thrown into bends this rig excelled, due to a very low bottom bracket.
  • Reviewers agreed that The Following delivered a fun and lively ride.
  • Owners raved about the “Smashing Pumpkin” color option.
  • More than one expert felt that The Following climbed like a frightened squirrel.
  • Consensus held that The Following absolutely hammered on descents.
  • The DELTA suspension was capable of subtle shifts throughout its progression.
  • This rig was nimble and efficient, being capable of cross-country singletrack.
  • Rubber protective guards are included on the chainstay and down tube.
  • A flip-chip allows selection between ‘low’ and ‘extra-low’ geometry options.
  • The Following’s carbon-rich diet fed the frame, bars, crankset and chainstay.

8 reasons not to buy

  • The Following is not heavy, but neither is it lightweight.
  • A slack seat-tube angle seemed somewhat dated to some reviewers.
  • The laidback riding position felt a little cramped for bigger riders.
  • One expert said that pedal-scrape was a risk if attention waned on climbs.
  • The Following demands a high price for high quality.
  • The multi-link pivot suspension system required detailed maintenance.
  • Some folk were underwhelmed by mud clearance on older models.
  • The complicated DELTA suspension system could be fiddly to adjust.

Bottom line

Even with a restrained 120mm of travel, The Following gives mo’ hucks for full-suspension conventions. Almost every reviewer said that this bike felt like a rig with much longer travel. It wanted to ride everything except superchunky rock gardens and full-strength downhill. The Following delivered more speed than a frightened mule and cornered like a hollywood producer, but by drifting more than turning. The adjectives ‘Fun’ and ‘Lively’ were worn thin by experts describing the Evil. This bike climbed as efficiently as could be expected from a full-suspension rig. On the downside, the DELTA suspension system was seen as complicated and maintenance-thirsty, which is a small price to pay for impressively progressive suspension that defies convention. See no, hear no, speak no... but if you have the coin, ride Evil.

Expert Reviews

85/100 based on 4 rated expert reviews

Evil The Following MB X01 Eagle review

The DELTA linkage… doesn’t feel like suspension in the normal, reactive sense, but some sort of velocity-generation engine that converts normally choking impacts and chunder into extra speed.

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Evil Following MB GX Eagle Fox Factory Review

One of the most exciting 29er trail bikes on the market, balancing speed and fun perfectly.

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Evil The Following X1

There’s a soft, supple initial feel that transitions into a firm, yet smooth, deep, supportive end stroke.

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Evil Following MB 2018 Review

The Following is a blast when its in its element. Charging down flow trails, railing berms, and pumping rolls in the trail is very fun. …Riders of slower, technical or rough trails should consider other bikes.

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MTB yumyum

2018 Evil Following MB Test Ride & Review

I think, for me, this bike rides like it has more travel than it does. On the roughest parts of today it did get a little choppy on this bike.

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Island Bike Life

2019 Evil the Following MB Review

Yes, you can take this thing downhill, no problem at all… I would suggest that an Offering or Wreckoning might be a better choice for that type of environment… I think this is just a fun bike to ride.

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Evil The Following – Key Bikes Of 2018

This bike is going to be able to handle pretty much anything you can throw at it… what Evil really show here is that travel doesn’t define the bike. If we’re being critical, the price is really high.

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Bike Magazine

Evil Following MB vs. Transition Smuggler

I just like The Following for its dancey, poppy attitude and I feel that it’s really supple for the amount of travel it has.

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Ride Rate Review

Evil The Following Ridden Rated Reviewed

Man, I dig this bike lank. I felt virtually zero bob when I was standing and cranking. I didn’t feel out of control once…

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Evil Following MB Bike Review

It’s a good thing that it’s maintained its nimbleness and playfulness… it’s a rowdy, short-travel 29er that you can bring to a park. I can’t see the downside of that.

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Mountain Biking With The Ladies of Seattle | 2018 Evil Following Test Ride

It just popped off everything. Traction was unbelievable… It’s quick and stiff.

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Woods Rydah

Evil’s The Following MB Bike Review

So, I was a little concerned about a 120mm travel bike on 4-5 foot drops to flat and chunky, rocky trails. I’m here to tell ya that it was phenomenal. I never bottomed out the shock on any of the drops.

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Gear of the Year: Evil’s The Following MB

Outside held its annual bike test in sunny Tucson, Arizona, where we tested 25 brand new mountain bikes… Watch to see why Evil’s The Following came out on top.

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ENDURO Mountainbike Magazine

Evil The Following X1 Review

Even the most brutal huck-to-flat moves won’t ruffle this Evil’s feathers.

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Get Wild on Evil’s New, Better Following 29er

Few bikes have the particular blend of enduro-like geometry and heavy duty build… Its unique combination of suspension tune, travel, geometry and build are the keys to this party on wheels.

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Six-Month Test: Evil The Following

The steeper and more hectic the terrain, the calmer this bike felt… This is a bike for skilled, hard-charging riders.

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Evil The Following MB in Review: Would you like a little more? [German]

Underpants: You should always have a second pair with you on the Evil 😉

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