DYU King 750

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Release Year
Charge Time
7 Hours
Maximum Range
80 Miles
Top Speed
28 mph
750 W
75 Nm
Volts and Amp Hours
48V 20Ah
Wheel Size
Number of Gears
Gearing Type
97 lb
Brake Type
Frame Material

Summary of Reviews

We have read all expert and user reviews on the DYU King 750. In summary, this is what cyclists think.

7 reasons to buy

  • Reviewers are impressed by the King 750’s quality at this price.
  • Experts laud the stopping power provided by the hydraulic disc brakes.
  • In testing, the King 750 performs well on both steep and long climbs.
  • Experts commend the throttle’s “smooth” and “fast” acceleration.
  • Testers find that the King 750’s fat tires perform well on and off-road.
  • According to reviewers, the King 750’s riding position is comfortable and ergonomic.
  • Reviewers praise the range. One rider reaches 40 miles on hilly terrain using mostly throttle power.

9 reasons not to buy

  • DYU’s stated height range of 5’3” to 6’4” is exaggerated. One 5’10” tester struggles to mount the bike.
  • At 97lb, the King 750 is very heavy and not maneuverable.
  • A few testers feel wider bars would be preferable, given the size of the bike and its off-road designation.
  • The majority of reviewers complain of lagging pedal assist.
  • Experts find the King 750 lacks gears for climbing steep hills or pedaling at high speeds.
  • The King 750 only has three pedal assist modes.
  • One expert says the suspension seatpost can get stuck after compressing.
  • A reviewer reports that the suspension fork bottoms out easily on hard landings.
  • The King 750 doesn’t have a taillight.

Bottom line

DYU’s King 750 is a fat-tire e-bike marketed for mountain biking. It has a suspension fork, suspension seatpost, and a 750W motor. Experts praise the performance on climbs and range from the 960Wh battery. They also note its “impressive” hydraulic brakes and “smooth” yet fast throttle acceleration. The King 750 is described as “sporty and fun” on lighter trails. However, a suspension fork and seatpost that can’t handle hard hits, narrow handlebars, and lagging pedal assist result in limited control. While reviewers are generally happy with the 750 King’s quality and price, this bike is only suitable for commuting and light off-roading.

Expert Reviews

92/100 based on 4 rated expert reviews
Monkey Wrench Mike

E-Bike Review: The DYU King 750!

… this is a fun bike. It is for a taller person. It is a great beginner’s bike.

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Electric Revolution

They Don’t Call This the King For Nothing | DYU King

With its affordable price point, it exceeds expectations in terms of performance, offering features and capabilities that rival bikes in much higher price ranges.

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E-Bike Review (DYU King 750)

… we would highly recommend this. I would call this badass because he’s tested it out for two weeks…

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This review has been given a score. Read more here
Torture Test Magazine

DYU Cycle King 750 In-Depth Review

… sporty and fun rather than sketchy. Of course, the large battery on this thing made it a very capable commuter and errand bike. That means it is truly a solid all-rounder at a very good price.

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Shiva Sapkota

DYU King 750 Electric Bike Review: The Ultimate E-Bike Experience in 2023?

… I can highly recommend this, because as I said this is capable, this is [a] high performing electric bike with a lot of features [and] just a few downsides.

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Martijn Wester

This Electric Bike is Illegally Fast & Dangerously Powerful: DYU King E-Bike Review

Despite its relatively high price, weight, limitations in extreme off-road conditions, and brightness of the headlight, the DYU King 750 offers an outstanding riding experience.

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I Love This E-Bike… But Cars Don’t! – Why? DYU King 750 Review

… it is decent value, not amazing but not overpriced like some other famous name brands…

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DYU King 750 E-Bike Review – Pros & Cons // Real World Riding

… it’s just not super fast but it’s nice and comfortable to ride, it’s a very safe e-bike, you’re going to get very good range out of the 750W motor…

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DYU King 750 Review – Big Range 26″ Fat Wheel Cruiser!

… big thumbs up from me… the only real thing from this is… the speed sensor can sometimes be a little slow to kick in. That’s the only fault I can find with this fantastic bike…

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Best New E-Bike King 750? Watch Before You Buy!

… overall, I do like the bike. I am impressed with it. I’m surprised at how well it rode and how easy and fun it was.

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