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We have read all expert and user reviews on the this bike. In summary, this is what cyclists think.

11 reasons to buy

  • The Hobootleg is lauded for its chromoly frame, which comes coated for a high degree of rust resistance.
  • The frame material gives a comfortable ride and is described as resilient and able to carry large loads.
  • Tubus racks come standard front and rear. They are usually regarded as being strong, reliable and versatile.
  • The disc brakes on Interrail and Geo models were considered to be of high quality, while the simpler cantilever brakes on Touring and Easy Travel models were appreciated for being easy to repair in remote areas.
  • Prices vary at stores for the Hobootleg, but in its median range it was considered great value for a complete tourer.
  • Versatility in options for wheel-sizes is mentioned as a bonus. The Geo allows wheels up to 29”x3.0 and Interrail, Touring and larger Easy Travel models all accommodate 700c sizes up to 42 width.
  • Many buyers liked the finish and design, describing it as stylish or distinctive. Bartape features ‘secret’ hobo symbols.
  • The numerous pannier options and 3 bidon mounts are mentioned as being very ample.
  • Riders who have taken the Hobootleg over 1000km mentioned that it was reliable and easy to repair on the road.
  • Gearing was seen as suitable for remaining seated with moderate loads.
  • The chainstay has holders for two extra spokes. This extra feature was appreciated by long-distance riders.

4 reasons not to buy

  • At almost 20 pounds unloaded, The Hobootleg is often described as being on the heavier side. However, most riders mentioned that this weight also lends to strength and comfort.
  • Cables on the Hobootleg run up the seat-tube. This is seen as limiting for some attachments, including child-seats.
  • It’s been noted that the cables may also rub on the frame.
  • A few riders said that the mudguards were lightweight and shifted during riding, sometimes getting in the way of panniers.

Bottom line

Experts and buyers, some of who have ridden the Cinelli Hobootleg over 1000km, have had almost universally positive responses to the componentry and ride provided by this bike. The chromoly frame is regarded for its strength, comfort and ability to carry large pannier loads. These features require a compromise that’s felt in the the increased weight of the bike. While a number of serious tourers have swapped out parts, customisation is standard for long-distance riders. Only a minority of reviewers mentioned any downsides. The Hobootleg is generally considered to be great value as it sits in the minority of new steel-frame bikes that come tour-ready.

Expert Reviews

83/100 based on 2 expert reviews

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