CatEye AMPP1100

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Light Type
Bike Type
1100 Lumens
Battery Life
1100  lumens: 1.5 Hours,
800 lumens: 2.0 Hours,
400 lumens: 4.5 Hours,
1100/400 lumens (hyperconstant): 6.5 Hours,
200 lumens
(flashing): 50.0 Hours
7.05 oz
Water Resistance Level
IP Rating

Summary of Reviews

We have read all expert and user reviews on the CatEye AMPP1100. In summary, this is what cyclists think.

12 reasons to buy

  • Testers are impressed by the AMPP1100's clarity, quality, coverage, and throw.
  • The AMPP1100 features 3x constant nighttime modes, 1x flashing mode, and a ‘hyperconstant’ daytime mode, offering runtimes from 1.5 to 50 hours.
  • Owners report that the AMPP1100 is durable.
  • The AMPP1100 is sturdy. Owners and testers report little damage after dropping it.
  • A ‘ fast recharging circuit’ allows this light to be recharged in as little as 3 hours.
  • CatEye claims the AMPP1100 can be charged & discharged ~300 times.
  • Testers report that the AMPP1100’s sideways visibility is impressive.
  • CatEye’s mounting bracket holds fast on rough roads, throughout test rides.
  • A tester found the AMPP1100 stands up well to rain and directed water spray.
  • Some reviewers are impressed with the AMPP1100’s run times.
  • Testers find the AMPP1100 very easy to operate, even in gloves.
  • Optional mounting brackets are available to attach the AMPP1100 to your helmet or fork crown.

5 reasons not to buy

  • Some experts believe the AMPP1100 is overpriced, compared to the competition.
  • A tester was disappointed that the AMPP1100 could not be mounted below their handlebars.
  • Some testers and owners believe that competing lights offer superior run times.
  • The CatEye AMPP1100 seems bulky and oversized to some reviewers and owners, especially when mounted on a helmet.
  • Some users are disappointed with the lack of spread, on dark off-road trails.

Bottom line

CatEye’s AMPP1100 is a well-built light that offers clear and bright illumination in unlit areas. As such, road riders, commuters, and mountain bikers have all reported favorable experiences using this light. The AMPP1100 is robust and durable, but this may be at the expense of weight and size, both of which are substantial. Nevertheless, users and testers report that this light stood up to being dropped and rained on. Some reviewers say that the AMPP1100 is overpriced, but others maintain that the extra dollars are an investment in longevity, a characteristic that CatEye is renowned for.

Expert Reviews

77/100 based on 4 rated expert reviews

CatEye AMPP1100 Front Light Review

The user-friendly AMPP1100 provides plenty of high-quality light to safely illuminate almost any ride. Excellent light output and coverage, decent run times.

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CatEye AMPP1100 Review:
Seriously Bright Bike Light for Rides to the Dark Side

A solid front light that undoubtedly pumps out an epic amount of light, and it can now be found for almost half the price of its original lofty RRP. That said, there are lights out there with additional features, making this feel decidedly old school by comparison.

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CatEye AMPP1100 Front Light

Overall, the AMPP 1100 is a well-built light and it’s easy to use. Good beam pattern and solid design, but short battery life and a bit pricey against rivals.

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CatEye AMPP1100 Front Light Review

A good all-round light with enough range for both road and off-road use. It is practical and easy to use. There is little wrong with it and you’re unlikely to be disappointed by its performance. However, at the same price point there are lights available that deliver more…

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How to Choose the Right Cycling Lights for Night Riding

Both the AMPP500 and the AMPP1100 will last for 1.5 hours on maximum. On a comparable brightness setting to the AMPP500, the AMPP1100 will run for 4 hours. So if you’re planning to be out longer, it’s obviously a better bet.

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Cycling Weekly

Budget vs Premium Bike Lights: What Do You Get for More Money?

CatEye have a trade-off between weight and cooling. They build the front end of the AMPP1100 in an aluminium casing and the rear end in a polycarbonate casing, to help keep the weight down.

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Always Another Adventure

Best Front Lights for Gravel Bike and Road Bike

I know what bright bike lights look like and these are bright, noticeably brighter than my two 800-lumen exposure lights. That said, the bar light doesn’t specifically shine a flat beam, like some of the more specialist lights.

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10 of the Best Handlebar Mounted Bike Lights Ridden & Rated:
CatEye AMPP1100

The easy-to-use and versatile mounting system, wide beam pattern, useful battery indicator, and reasonable price tag make this light a great starter option for dipping your toes into the frigid waters of night riding.

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GunTa Channel

Preview of CatEye AMPP Series 400, 500, 800, 1100 Bicycle Headlights [Thai]

Suitable for riding either road or MTB, the highlight of this light is its very light weight. Add illumination from the side for greater safety. The body is made of durable aluminum.

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Do You Need a Bike Light in Summer? Yes! CatEye AMPP [Hungarian]

User Ratings

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