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Release Year
Charge Time
7, 14 Hours
Maximum Range
40, 80 Miles
Top Speed
28 mph
750 W
90 Nm
Volts and Amp Hours
48V 14Ah, 48V 28Ah
Wheel Size
Number of Gears
Gearing Type
68, 76 lb
Brake Type
Frame Material

Summary of Reviews

We have read all expert and user reviews on the Blix Ultra. In summary, this is what cyclists think.

11 reasons to buy

  • Reviewers praise the smooth and comfortable ride over mixed terrains.
  • Experts enjoy the Ultra's responsive motor and steady acceleration.
  • Testers agree the 4" tires offer good traction on varied surfaces.
  • The Ultra can carry 400lb: a 250lb rider and 150lb of cargo or kids.
  • Testers say this bike is impressively stable, both loaded and unloaded.
  • Experts appreciate the wide range of accessories available for this "ultra-customizable" bike.
  • Reviewers laud the Ultra's "effortless" ability to climb hills even when loaded.
  • The app lets users toggle between Class 2 (20mph) and 3 (28mph) modes.
  • In one test, the single-battery Ultra gets 51.7 miles in PAS 1 and 24.26 miles in PAS 5, exceeding Blix's stated range.
  • The "user-friendly" smartphone app features ride tracking, Strava connection, and firmware updates.
  • A handle under the seat makes it easier to maneuver the bike.

12 reasons not to buy

  • Testers experience a litany of problems, including loss of power, broken motor controller and display, broken brakes, and inability to use the app.
  • The Ultra resets to Class 2 (20mph max speed) when turned off.
  • An expert says the narrow 680mm handlebars reduce control.
  • The motor controller's "vulnerable" placement under the bottom bracket disappoints testers.
  • A long 50.94" wheelbase and 80" total length create a large turning radius, make it hard to lift the front end, and hinder agility at low speeds.
  • The Ultra's high standover height makes it unsuitable for smaller riders.
  • Experts bemoan the basic display, which lacks information like an odometer.
  • Despite its minimalist display and dependence on Blix's app, the Ultra has no phone mount or USB charge port.
  • The dual-battery Ultra's single 2A charger makes charging inconvenient and time-consuming.
  • Buyers must pay extra for racks, fenders, and a rear light.
  • The "basic" coil-spring fork offers limited adjustability and has no lockout.
  • One expert notices frame flex.

Bottom line

Blix's Ultra is a two-wheel "monster truck" available in a single or dual-battery build. Testers say the Ultra is a "pleasure to ride," with great comfort, impressive utility, and mixed-terrain abilities. The power, range, and stable handling also impress. However, the high number of problems experienced by testers point to quality-control issues, and the bike’s length makes it unwieldy. While the Ultra is deemed great value when it works, more than one expert feels their bike's faults are unacceptable.

Expert Reviews

80/100 based on 5 rated expert reviews
Ebike Escape

Blix Ultra Review: A Versatile, Dual-Battery Fat-Tire E-Bike

If you are in the market for a dual battery off-road-capable hauler, the Blix Ultra is definitely worth considering.

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Electric Bike Report

Blix Ultra E-Bike Review, 2023

Overall, the Blix Ultra boasts an impressive degree of potential… I happily recommend the Ultra for anyone who really wants a bike that can do a little bit of everything…

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This Is the Most Over-Priced E-Bike of 2023! Blix Ultra Review

Overall, this bike is just whatever and I personally would pass up on it… your boy is going to be selling this thing immediately after the video.

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Blix Ultra E-Bike Review: Shocking Truths You Must Know Before Buying

… this is probably going to kind of ruin my relationship with Blix, but I hope that they listen to this, and I hope they see… the trouble that I’ve had with this bike that is pretty expensive… Blix has got some work to do…

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Blix Ultra Review

The Blix Ultra is a capable and comfortable electric bike… If you’re looking for an e-bike that can double as a grocery getter or kid carrier without feeling compromised when unloaded, the Ultra is a great choice.

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Electric Bike Review

2023 Blix Ultra Review

It’s set up to be off-road capable, but really shines as a sport utility vehicle SUV doing trips around town.

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Chris Crossed

Blix Ultra Is the ‘Monster Truck’ of E-Bikes

I can see it being the perfect e-bike for rural living and places with lots of dirt roads that still need to carry some cargo.

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Scott Hardesty

Close Call. I Almost Ruined the Blix Ultra Review

I love everything about this bike.

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