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We have read all expert and user reviews on the Yakima HangOver. In summary, this is what cyclists think.

8 reasons to buy

  • The HangOver is one of the few racks on the market that holds six bikes at once.
  • The vertical-style rack uses less space behind the vehicle.
  • Riders can choose between the four or six-bike option.
  • The Limited Lifetime Warranty covers defects for life for the original owner.
  • An expert reviewer praised the rack’s ability to avoid bike-to-bike contact (no shuttle scars).
  • Users and expert reviewers agree that the HangOver has a durable feel.
  • An adjustable mast means excellent ground clearance for off-road shuttling.
  • The HangOver has great value per bike when fully loaded.

7 reasons not to buy

  • The HangOver has a hefty price tag.
  • The HangOver can only carry a bike weighing less than 37.5 lb with a front suspension fork and is not designed to carry downhill or e-bikes.
  • The 6-bike version of this rack weighs almost 80 lb.
  • Kids’ mountain bikes are too small even if they have a front suspension fork.
  • The HangOver is too large to fit onto vehicles smaller than a midsized SUV/pick-up.
  • There is no security option for bikes.
  • Many users and an expert reviewer stated that this rack would be difficult for shorter people to load.

Bottom line

Although it is well-designed, well-built, and effective at carrying several adult enduro bikes at a time, the Yakima HangOver may be too specialized for riders, even within the mountain biking niche. This rack will function well if you are a tall adult with a large truck/SUV who likes to shuttle enduro bikes with a large group of adult friends. However, many groups have an outlier, such as somebody with an e-bike, a downhill rig, or a kids’ bike. Overall, many expert reviewers and users agreed that there were better options in this category of racks.
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Rack Type
Maximum Load Capacity
Vehicle Type
65, 74 lbs

Expert Reviews

64/100 based on 1 rated expert review

Yakima HangOver Review

This rack might make sense for the enduro crowd with large vehicles and lots of friends. Casual riders or those seeking more versatility should consider a tray-style rack.

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Even The Waves

Yakima HangOver Review

This is great for mountain bikers who have tons of friends and want to load all their bikes on this rack.

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001 Camshaft

Yakima HangOver 6 Mountain Bike Rack Install & Review

There are a few videos online about how to put these things together plus they came with really really good instructions. It’s not that hard.

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Mountain Biking with Kids

Yakima HangOver 6 Review

This rack will not work with kids’ bikes with 20-inch wheels or smaller.

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All Stickered Up

Yakima HangOver 6 Review!

It weighs a lot, especially if you put 6 bikes on it.

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Find Your Dirt Road

Yakima HangOver 4 Review

It’s made of steel so it’s very sturdy. Bad customer service compared to Thule.

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MTBike Stuff

Yakima HangOver 6 Assembly Guide & Review

Another one of my favorite features is that the bike rack reclines fully to the back with all the bikes on it so you can open your trunk.

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MTBike Stuff

Yakima HangOver 6 Broken!

Great rack however you shouldn’t [only] get two weeks of use out of a bike rack.

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Wrong One - Don't Use

Yakima HangOver 6 Bike Rack

What stands out between this rack and others is the mounting system, Yakima have chosen to mount the bikes using the fork crown, not the front wheel, which in terms of bike racks is a big move to make.

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Revolution MTB

Product Review: Yakima HangOver 6

The Hangover 6 rack is by far the burliest bike rack we have ever had here at the mag.

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Yakima HangOver 6 Hitch-Mounted Bike Rack

You really don’t want any contact between the bike’s tires and your vehicle, so the option of running the rack at an angle is a nice feature.

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Yakima HangOver 6 Vertical Hitch Bike Rack Review

I drove a few thousand miles with it holding 4 bikes, on and off road, and never re-tightened it and the rack held up really well. The bikes never came loose. Only issue – I did have two of the rubber straps break.

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