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We have read all expert and user reviews on the RockyMounts BackStage. In summary, this is what cyclists think.

10 reasons to buy

  • Owners praise the backdoor access provided by the BackStage’s 180° swing-away capability.
  • With a 60 lb-per-bike payload, the BackStage easily totes 2 e-bikes.
  • The BackStage fastens to a front wheel, avoiding frame contact.
  • Reviewers and owners say the BackStage is robust and durable, standing up to off-road use while resisting scratches and corrosion.
  • The BackStage is versatile; fitting 20” to 29” wheels, tires as wide as 5.0”, and wheelbases from 36” to 50”.
  • Reviewers note that the BackStage is less expensive and lighter than a separate rack with a swing adapter.
  • The BackStage tilts down 30° to allow hatch access. It also folds flat against your vehicle to save space.
  • Testers note the BackStage has fail-safes to prevent it accidentally swinging open or closed.
  • The BackStage comes with a locking hitch bolt and 7'3″ cable lock.
  • Testers find it quick and easy to load and unload their bikes with the BackStage.

7 reasons not to buy

  • The BackStage only fits 2” hitches and isn’t compatible with bikes that have fenders attached.
  • Handlebar clearance is limited with some vehicles.
  • At 59 lb, the BackStage is heavy and unwieldy for smaller users.
  • Some users find the BackStage’s hitch pin to be fiddly and obstructive.
  • Some reviewers say assembly is involved and time-consuming.
  • Additional trays can not be added to the BackStage.
  • RockyMounts’ cable lock can not be attached while driving.

Bottom line

This rack provided drivers with full rear door access, without the hassle of removing their bikes. One tester/owner says the BackStage has remained strong and stable through three months of rugged off-road use. Reviewers admit that the BackStage is “pricey”, but still describe it as “an excellent value”. Reviewers and owners say the BackStage sits closer to their bumper than swing adaptors and some ‘stationary racks', which is good for stability but not always good for handlebar clearance.
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Maximum Load Capacity
Vehicle Type
59 lbs
Chromoly Steel, Aluminum

Expert Reviews

82/100 based on 6 rated expert reviews

RockyMounts BackStage Swing Away Platform Review

The BackStage is a great option for those who have vehicle access issues with other racks. The swing-away arm is a true game-changer. The rack is highly versatile and user-friendly and can fit most bikes with ease. The clearance is a bit tight for wide handlebars.

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Hitch Swings Pt. 2: RockyMounts BackStage Two Bike Swing Away Platform Rack

A good answer for those that want a platform hitch rack, for heavy and cumbersome bikes like e-bikes, with access to the back of their vehicle. The rack itself doesn’t sit straight and there seems to be a good amount of play in most of the joints.

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RockyMounts BackStage Swing Away Rack

It’s an excellent system and a very good rack overall. A stable and convenient option for truck owners, #vanlife aficionados, and car campers. There is one glaring weakness: the main bolt that secures the rack when it’s not swung away is something of a clunky system.

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One Perfect Thing: RockyMounts Swing Away

For pickups and vans, there’s no better bike carrier. As a truck owner, I’ll never go back. I’ve been using the BackStage for more than 3 months, including lots of miles on rugged dirt roads, and so far I’ve seen no loosening or play.

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Expedition Portal

Field Tested: Rocky Mounts Backstage Swing-Out Hitch Rack

A solid bike carrier showing very little wobble. So easy to tilt or rotate out of the way, I seldom take it off. Does well to accommodate all bikes in all sizes. 63 lb weight is significant. It requires tools to install. Far better value than a rack and swing-out adapter combo.

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Tyres and Soles

Swing Out With the RockyMounts BackStage

As soon as you’ve experienced the RockyMounts BackStage, you can’t go back. We’ve used the full 180° swing almost every time we go out with the bikes. We’ve been using it for about 3 months and have fallen in love with it. It’s quite heavy and awkward to carry.

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Bartlett Blog

RockyMounts BackStage Swing Away Review

This rack is a big thumbs up for me, double-double thumbs up for Wrangler owners. This is a solid rack and I have full confidence I could throw a couple of heavy bikes up there with no issue. The not-so-obvious advantage is, it allows you to access your bikes from both sides.

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Bartlett Blog

RockyMounts BackStage Off-Road Rattle Test

Mounted on a Jeep Wrangler. One 55 lb e-bike. The rack does have some movement but it feels very natural and not unwanted or worrying. I was more than satisfied with how little rattle there was. Thumbs UP!

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Walt Does Bikes

RockyMounts BackStage v. Küat NV 2.0 Base – Why I’m Switching Bike Racks In 2022

The RockyMounts BackStage is my bike rack of choice. It allows me a little more flexibility, to put my TT bike on there with my HED Jet 90 training wheels. I am super careful about clamping those wheels because it is just a carbon fairing.

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RockyMounts BackStage 2 on Toyota FJ Cruiser

With a bike on the bike rack, you can open the back door. Plenty of clearance. There’s about an inch clearance between the closest point of the bike rack and the spare tire.

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Dark Sky Bikes

RockyMounts BackStage

I do recommend this rack. I like it a lot. The problem with this unit is that, if handlebars are wide, bikes will tend to hit each other and you won’t be able to get them both on the unit.

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Story Chasing

RockyMounts BackStage Swingaway Fat Tire Bike Rack for Camper Van

It swings away very nicely. There’s a lot of different swing-away bike racks out there but they don’t handle e-bikes. It accommodates the fat tires, accommodates me being able to open my doors in the back very easily, which is really why I got this bike rack.

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Story Chasing

Promaster Camper Van Electric Bike Setup and Swingaway Hitch Rack

It took me quite a while to figure out my setup, how it was going to accommodate the back of my van where I could open up the doors, and also had to hold the weight of an e-bike.

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How We Found the Right Bike Rack for Our Truck Camper

We have driven over 20,000 miles in the last 10 months. We are still happy with this setup and would recommend it to anyone. It has broken a couple of times: 100% related to the use of a hitch extension. The warranty clearly indicates that this situation is not covered.

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RockyMounts BackStage 37K Mile Review
Part 2 – Full-Time Truck Camping

The bike rack did not survive. Those hitch extensions really amplify the forces on the bike rack. This cracked, you can see the fatigue marks.

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Chris Baker

RockyMounts BackStage – Best Hitch Mount Bike Rack Review

We couldn’t put it directly in on the bumper on the hitch rack. We had to buy an 18” extension and then put the rack on there. RockyMounts does not recommend using anything other than the 1/8” extension that you can get from them.

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Rick Richardson

Issues with RockyMounts Rack

It moves from side to side, the release pin moves back and forth with some play in there. There is some rattling.

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