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Battery Life
48 Hours
8.47 oz
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Summary of Reviews

We have read all expert and user reviews on the Wheel Brightz. In summary, this is what cyclists think.

10 reasons to buy

  • When in motion, Wheel Brightz create a dazzling effect. Owners say they “look sick”.
  • Wheel Brightz come in 5 multi-color options and 8 single colors.
  • Wheel Brightz increase lateral visibility of your bike in traffic.
  • Many buyers say that Wheel Brightz are easy to install.
  • Parents praise Wheel Brightz for increasing the visibility of their children’s bikes.
  • No tools are needed to install the newest version of Wheel Brightz.
  • Users appreciate Wheel Brightz’ long battery life (which Brightz puts at 48 hrs).
  • Wheel Brightz bring joy to bypassers, children, and stunned deer alike.
  • Wheel Brightz have an IPX4 water-resistance rating. Owners say they're safe to use in wet weather.
  • Users regularly mention how Wheel Brightz summon compliments from the public.

6 reasons not to buy

  • Wheel Brightz use a battery pack housing 3x AA batteries. It must be attached to your wheel.
  • Reviewers say the rubber strap used to attach the battery pack is not durable.
  • A number of buyers say installation of Wheel Brightz is ‘fiddly’.
  • Much to the dismay of some buyers, a pack of Wheel Brightz covers just one wheel.
  • Riders say the centrifugal force of the battery pack affects their bike’s handling.
  • Some users crave a blinking or flashing mode. There is none.

Bottom line

Wheel Brightz incorporate 20 colored LEDs in a light strip, creating wild effects while your bike is in motion, and good looks when stationary. They offer unparalleled visibility from either side. Even so, you’ll need to use separate front and rear lights in traffic. While the previous model employed a screw-down unit to fasten Wheel Brightz to your spokes, the newest version uses a rubber strap. By most reports, it isn’t durable. Packs have snapped and detached numerous times. They have the potential to jam and stop your wheel. Improvised reinforcement is recommended.

Expert Reviews

70/100 based on 2 rated expert reviews
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Wheel Brightz | Wheel Brightz Update

I’m going to install them on the 2004 Electra Ghostrider cruiser bike. I’m not really sold on the new mounting system. It uses a strap. The old mounting system clips right to the spokes. I think it’s much more robust. Those ones are four years old, still work like a top.

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These are a failed product, in my opinion. It lasted 23 days. The plastic strap snapped. It fell down into the wheel, banged around and tore itself right off of the LED light strip and hit the pavement at 37 mph. It’s completely screwed. Wouldn’t really recommend this!

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Captain Jack Sparrow

Wheel Brightz and Go Brightz for Your Bicycle

A great way to be seen and stay safe when riding at night. My bike has the disc brakes on them, so took a bit longer to install, but still easy. Weather resistant. Fun. Wheel Brightz can be cut to fit your wheels. Exceeded my expectations.

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Call of Duty ghost

WheelBrightz Blue Color Unboxing and Installing and Review Video

In the dark, they look amazing. They even light up the ground and a lot of people will be able to see you a lot better. Unfortunately, some Wheel Brightz do not have this kind of mount.

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Call of Duty ghost

WheelBrightz Review and Installing Video

They are freaking bright as hell. They do come in different colors.

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