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8 reasons to buy

  • The T2 Classic has been nearly unchanged since 2005, a testament to its durability and functionality.
  • Nearly every part is replaceable. Users expressed satisfaction with Thule’s Limited Lifetime Warranty covering mechanical failures.
  • The T2 Classic can hold bikes up to 60 lb, making it a great option for many e-bikes.
  • Thule manufactures both 1.25” and 2” hitch versions.
  • Many users and expert reviewers praised the affordability of this setup.
  • A 2-bike extension can be purchased separately.
  • The folding system on the frame allows riders to stow the rack against the vehicle when it’s not in use, or tip it down to access the rear without taking bikes off.
  • The T2 Classic comes standard with a hitch lock. A compatible bike lock is sold separately.

5 reasons not to buy

  • The folding system may not have enough tip clearance to access the rear hatch or tailgate.
  • Riders and an expert reviewer lamented the lack of compatibility with fat-tire bikes, despite the manufacturer’s claims to the contrary.
  • At nearly 60 lb, the T2 Classic’s durability comes at the expense of weight.
  • The rack requires tools to set up.
  • The rack’s steel construction eventually results in some rusting.

Bottom line

In a fast-moving industry where products rarely exist for more than a few years, the T2 Classic’s seventeen years in production are a testament to its functionality. With the exception of fat-tire models, the T2 Classic supports almost all types and sizes of bikes. The great warranty and easily replaceable parts add to its value. Although newer models have gradually improved upon most factors of the original design, the T2 Classic remains a solid option for riders looking for a standard hitch rack at a reasonable price.
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Maximum Load Capacity
Vehicle Type
50, 56 lbs

Expert Reviews

75/100 based on 2 rated expert reviews

Thule T2 Classic Review

A favorite among our testers, it is the less expensive, blue-collar option when compared to the more refined and visually pleasing modern racks we tested.

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Gear Institute

Thule T2 Classic 9044 Review

The Thule T2 Classic is a standard hitch-style bike rack with few outstanding features. The bike rack does fold up nice and close to the vehicle but did not tip bikes back far enough for rear hatch access in our test scenario.

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Karve Overland

Thule T2 Classic Bike Rack Review for Jeep JK

The pro version would probably be easier to work with the JK tailgate. However, with some added assembly the classic version has turned out a very sturdy and favorable option.

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Thule T2 Classic Bike Rack – Is It Worth The Investment?

Thule T2 classic gets tested with a heavy bike. Works great.

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Thule T2 Classic 2 Inch Receiver Bike Rack Unboxing & Install

The Bike Rack is super easy to install and works awesome.

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Thule T2 Bike Rack/Hitch, SUV hatch access, Toyota FJ Cruiser Update 916XTR

Demonstration of attaching the rack to a hitch and locking the bicycle down into the rack…also shows what kind of access the rack can offer, while still attached to the hitch.

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Larry Lynch

What’s the Best Bike Rack for Your E-bike? | Thule T2 Classic Rack Review for Lectric XP Rad Runner

I found the perfect bike rack for ANY e-bike, not just the radrunner.

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Review: Thule T2 Hitch-Mount Rack

Sure, mine’s a bit rusty and bent out of shape (that’d be the nearsighted octogenarian in the Buick), but I’ve never had to replace the wheel straps or the telescoping arms. I’ve never even snugged up a bolt, added a drop of grease or considered performing any action resembling maintenance to the T2.

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Racks For Cars

Thule T2 Pro XTR vs T2 Pro X vs T2 Classic Comparison

The T2 Classic includes a lock which is installed onto the end of the threaded hitch pin and prevents theft of the bike rack. You can then purchase a Thule 2 pack of locks which get installed into the arms of the bike rack. 

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Gear Institute

Thule T2 vs. T2 Pro Bike Racks: What You Need to Know

The T2 Pro is a more universal rack that can carry more types of bikes, has better vehicle clearance, and cuts down on the assembly and install times. 

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Thule T2 Hitch Rack Review

The Thule T2 is a high-quality rack that can hold nearly any type and shape of mountain bike securely no matter what the road conditions, but at this price, I would expect to see better hardware used for the rear wheel ratchet strap and not have to worry about it marring my expensive fork.

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