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Summary of Reviews

We have read all expert and user reviews on Strida. In summary, this is what cyclists think.

18 reasons to buy

  • The Strida was quick and easy to fold and unfold for both owners and experts.
  • Some owners found that the Strida supported a good riding posture.
  • The disc brakes only received compliments.
  • This triangular bike was deemed to be ‘elegantly designed’ and bore no protruding cables.
  • Some owners considered it to be light.
  • The Strida is very portable and easy to ‘trolley’ by pushing with one wheel, while folded.
  • This portability contributed to security, as it was easy to take up stairs and in elevators.
  • It takes up little floor space when folded and standing upright, due to it’s slim profile.
  • The belt-drive is liked for being clean, quiet and greaseless. For one owner, it needed no replacement after four years.
  • Many users found it to be a simple, low-maintenance machine.
  • A one-legged front fork made it easy to change flat tires.
  • A number of reviewers described the bike as being good value for it’s high-quality.
  • The wheels are considered a good size that compromises between rideability and portability.
  • Experts concluded that the Strida was ideal for intermodal commutes, usually involving public transport.
  • A number of riders remarked upon this bike’s manoeuvrability.
  • Durability was a drawcard of the Strida.
  • Good acceleration was reported by experts, due to the Strida’s direct pedaling power.
  • Numerous Strida owners found the ride comfortable.

16 reasons not to buy

  • One expert reported that single-speed models were limited to 12mph at 56 gear-inches. (This problem is surpassed by the 3-speed EVO model).
  • Some felt that componentry was poor on lower-end models
  • Steering is unusual due to the pivot between the saddle and handlebars. Some ride-reports mentioned that steering on the Strida was twitchy at speed.
  • It wasn’t uncommon to hear that the Strida was priced too dearly.
  • A high center of gravity felt unstable to some riders and made it impossible to stand up on the pedals to tackle hills.
  • Apparently it is impossible to ride the Strida with one or no hands.
  • The optional rack only has an 11lb capacity and does not come equipped with straps, that are required to hold luggage.
  • It folds long, rather than super-small.
  • Some folk described it as being heavier to carry than other folding bikes.
  • Instructions came across as inadequate to some owners.
  • The saddle was described as counter-intuitive, with no quick-release. When adjusted all the way back, the rider overbalanced past the rear wheel.
  • Some components were coined ‘plastic and cheap’, particularly on lower-end models.
  • The Freewheel required one or more replacements for some owners.
  • Transference of road vibration was direct, due to the seat being directly attached to the aluminum frame.
  • The cable-free shifting system is eccentric and not intuitive to some owners, employing a kick-back system.
  • More than one rider felt that the Strida was unsuitable over long distances.

Bottom line

The Strida is clearly a unique machine. To compare it to other bicycles is to compare apples and oranges. It is best considered as a solution to a multi-step commuting routine. If you have a short distance to ride in a built-up area, in addition to travel on public transport – this could be just the ticket. Even the Strida’s designer calls it a ‘Marmite bike’, in reference to a British spread that is either loved or hated. To say the least, the Strida has a solid fanbase and its own army of onlookers and admirers.

Expert Reviews

70/100 based on 5 expert reviews

Strida 3 Stick Folder Review

Level 5 expert

A great British design. Add a gear or two and there’s the ultimate ‘quick stick folder’!

Visit full review

Fahrräder im Vergleich: Faltspass (Bicycles in Comparison: Folding Fun)

Level 1 expert

Perfect for city people – in hill-free cities.

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Flieger Magazin

Fahrräder im Vergleich: Das klappt! (Bicycles in comparison: That works!)

Level 1 expert

The concept of belt drive, single-arm wheel-guidance and disc brakes is special. Steering is difficult due to the pivot between the saddle and handlebars.

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„Spezial Liege und Falträder“ (Recumbent and Folding Bikes)

Level 1 expert

…the extreme sitting position limits the Strida to very short distances. But on show it is a star.

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Fahrräder im Vergleich: Kleines Rad für große Touren? (Bicycles in Comparison: Small Bike for Big Tours?)

Level 1 expert

Three points deduction for the poor equipment, the high price and the limited driving characteristics. This bike is only for lovers.

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