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Summary of Reviews

We have read all expert and user reviews on the sixthreezero In The Barrel. In summary, this is what cyclists think.

5 reasons to buy

  • A number of cyclists commented on their cruiser’s ‘smooth’ ride quality.
  • More than one owner felt comfortable aboard the 'In The Barrel'.
  • Assembly was uncomplicated for many reviewers, taking about an hour.
  • Some owners said 21-speeds handled hills nicely, while 3-speeds shifted easily.
  • Fanciers said the bike looked ‘cool’, ‘classic’ and attracted with a matte-black finish.

14 reasons not to buy

  • Pedals frequently broke on first rides, or shortly thereafter.
  • Brakes didn’t stop riders well.
  • Laidback geometry means geared models are needed for climbing.
  • Paint came scuffed, scratched and bubbling, even under protective wrapping.
  • Bent and broken spokes were common on new bikes.
  • The 'In The Barrel' is heavy at 40.0lbs.
  • The seatpole seemed notoriously difficult to tighten.
  • Wheels easily came untrue and warped.
  • Stickers and head badges were deemed ‘cheesy’ - and peeled easily.
  • Some owners said the 'In The Barrel' lacked durability.
  • Gear-shifting issues were rife.
  • Loose slag from welding rattled noisily inside some buyers’ frames.
  • One reviewer said that poor-quality headset and crank bearings were gritty.
  • Numerous owners found gearing too low, leading to spinny pedaling.

Bottom line

The 'In The Barrel' comes in singlespeed, 3, 7 and 21 speed models. One owner described it as “middle-of-the-road”, but better quality than many department store bikes. In singlespeed mode, it’s suitable for cruising on flat surfaces and on moderate inclines. Many positive reviews are repeated verbatim, across multiple retailer websites. This brings their veracity into question. Some buyers received a bike with multiple major faults. Others were luckier and got away with only scratches or a couple of broken spokes. Complete and untarnished specimens seemed to be in the minority.

Expert Reviews

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Michael Butler

Sixthreezero “In The Barrel” Review

There was a couple bubbles on the frame… I love the geometry of it… it’s a blast to ride… the bearings suck… the pedals, these things can barely turn.

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