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Maximum Load Capacity
Vehicle Type
63 lbs
Steel, Aluminum, Plastic

Summary of Reviews

We have read all expert and user reviews on the Saris Door County. In summary, this is what cyclists think.

10 reasons to buy

  • With its electronic lift, the Door County minimizes manual handling of heavy e-bikes and bikes, making it well-suited to injured, older, smaller, and disabled users.
  • The Door County features its own stop lights, turn signals, and running lights.
  • Users can load 2x e-bikes on the Door County, weighing up to 60 lb each.
  • The Door County accommodates tires up to 3” wide and wheelbases up to 48” long.
  • Testers praise the Door County’s sturdy build and on-road stability.
  • This rack tilts to allow access to your vehicle’s rear door, even with bikes loaded.
  • Integrated locks secure bikes to the Door County rack - and the rack to your car.
  • The Door County is fully compatible with bikes that have fenders mounted.
  • For ease of storage, the Door County folds up, then rolls away on its own wheels.
  • The Door County arrives almost completely assembled.

5 reasons not to buy

  • For taller vehicles, the Saris Door County may not lower to ground level.
  • An expert was disappointed that the Door County doesn’t fit tires over 3” wide.
  • The Door County ain’t cheap, with its electronic bells and whistles.
  • Saris state clearly that the Door County is not compatible for use with RVs.
  • An expert found it difficult to attach Saris’ ‘lobster claw’ to a small-framed e-bike.

Bottom line

The Saris Door County is designed for owners of heavy e-bikes and bikes. A motorized lift takes the load off of owners with injuries, decreased strength, a disability, or back and shoulder problems. It’s powered via a standard 7-pin trailer connector, along with this rack’s own signal and stop lights. On vehicles of average height, this rack will lower to ground level to eliminate the need to lift your bike. While not designed to fit tires over 3”, one tester did successfully fit 4” tires. The Door County requires a 2” hitch.

Expert Reviews

74/100 based on 1 rated expert review
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Jeremiah Mcintosh

Saris Door County Hitch Mounted Bike Rack Review
~ Best Car E-Bike Rack for You?

If you’re an older person and have a harder time lifting e-bikes up, this might be a good option for you. Some of you might like this style of clamping system but I feel like it’s a little bit finicky. The rack itself is pretty sturdy.

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This Rack Solves Two BIG Issues When Hauling E-Bikes

This rack solves a lot of problems for e-bikers, especially how to get out and about with your heavy bikes. It’s very stable. It’s built like a tank. I felt really secure driving with it. The lights are genius. My tires fit in the channel, both the 3” and the 4”.

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Saris Powered E-Bike Rack Review

It’s a thing of beauty. It’s going to save your back. Whether you’re old and have a bad back or you’re young and you want to keep from getting a bad back, this is the ticket and those e-bikes are heavy and they’re hard to lift up.

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Electric Bike Report

Saris Door County Electric Assist E-Bike Rack: First Look

A rack purpose-built for carrying heavy electric bikes. It does the lifting for you. It’s a back-saving, bike-carrying and, quite honestly, very cool piece of e-bike tech.

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The Best Bike Racks and Carriers for Cars and Trucks

If you want to transport an e-bike and have limited strength or dexterity: consider the Saris Door County. It’s not hard to carry or lift into the hitch.

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