Ribble CGR AL e

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Release Year
Charge Time
3.5 Hours
Maximum Range
60 Miles
Top Speed
15 Mph
250 W
40 Nm
Volts and Amp Hours
36V 6.9Ah
Wheel Size
Number of Gears
11, 20, 22
28.88, 29.32, 29.98, 30.42 lbs
Brake Type
Frame Material

Summary of Reviews

We have read all expert and user reviews on the Ribble CGR AL e. In summary, this is what cyclists think.

20 reasons to buy

  • The Ribble CGR AL e is priced affordably for a versatile drop-bar e-bike with pedal assist.
  • The bike comes almost ready to ride. All one has to do is tighten a few parts, charge the battery and they are ready to ride.
  • The SRAM hydraulic disc brakes are responsive and stop on demand.
  • The bike has a durable aluminum frame.
  • The carbon fork minimizes vibrations over rough terrain.
  • The CGR AL e is light compared to other electric bicycles.
  • The 250W motor has 40Nm of torque. This allows riders to accelerate on flats and maintain speed on climbs.
  • The pedal assist is discrete. It's operated by a button on the top tube.
  • On the Sram Apex 1x 650B model, the 650b tires are wide and cushion one's ride more than 700c tires would. There is clearance for tires up to 47mm wide.
  • The battery is quick to charge. It takes about three hours.
  • Battery life is easy to monitor. It's indicated by a colored light on the top tube.
  • The battery is hidden inside the downtube. Looking at the bike, you cannot easily tell it has a battery.
  • A range extender can be purchased to double the battery life and allow riders to journey further.
  • Experts agree the CGR AL e can serve as a training tool to maximize your heart rate training and recovery days.
  • The ebikemotion app allows riders to map and track various aspects of their ride.
  • Ebikemotion can be set up to remind riders when to eat or drink as they ride.
  • There is a heart rate mode one can use with the ebikemotion app. This requires riders to reach a specific heart rate before the pedal assist activates.
  • The WTB Byway tires roll smoothly on most pavement, dirt and gravel roads.
  • There are mounts for mudguards to help keep riders dry on wet days.
  • There is a routing option for a dropper post.

3 reasons not to buy

  • The WTB Byway tires do not perform the best in muddy or wet conditions.
  • The drop bars are not flared. Flared drop bars allow for better control off-road, according to one expert.
  • If there are issues with bearings in the motor, the bike needs to be sent to the UK, if it is to be repaired by authorized technicians.

Bottom line

The Ribble CGR AL e is not your typical electric bike. It is an effective tool for heart-rate training and recovery days. It syncs to the ebikemotion app. The app can help record and map rides. The level of pedal assist and battery life is monitored on the top-tube of the bike. Mudguards can be attached to the CGR AL e. The WTB Byway tires provide adequate grip over most trails, but lack reliability in wet and muddy conditions. The drop bars provide multiple positions for one's hands as they ride. One expert notes that, if these bars were flared, they would provide greater control for off-road conditions.

Expert Reviews

89/100 based on 3 rated expert reviews

Ribble CGR AL e (SRAM Apex 1x 650b) Review

The Ribble CGR AL e is a cracking bike for the money. Comfortable, stable and capable over very rough ground or while effortlessly eating up road miles, it adds intuitive, discreet electric assist to a fundamentally great chassis.

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Ribble CGR AL e Review

If you’re in the market for an electric bike for more than just commuting, this could be just the ticket.

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eBike Choices

The Full Ribble CGR AL e Review

I’ve been a big fan of the Ribble CGR AL e electric gravel bike since I first had a brief ride on one back in 2019.

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Ribble CGR AL e Review: Well-Specced Ebike That’s Not Afraid To Get Dirty

With 650B wheels, a SRAM 1X set-up and hydraulic disc brakes, the CGR is billed as a go-anywhere bike that’s equally capable on road or off. This eBike version has the benefit of a power assist motor to see you through when your legs need a boost.

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