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How to Replace Tektro Disc Brake Pads

Learn how to remove, install and adjust Tektro disc brake pads.

In this tutorial we’ll learn how to replace brake pads on Tektro Auriga Comp Disc Brakes. The pads should be replaced if they become contaminated with oil or dirt, or have less than 0.8 thickness remaining.

What You’ll Need

For this job you will need a 3 and 5mm allen wrench and a set of replacement Tektro disc brake pads.

Pad Removal

The first step is to remove the disc brake caliper by loosening and removing the two bolts holding the caliper to the adapter. Now unscrew and remove the retainer bolt, and then gently push out the pads and holder using your allen wrench. Once free of the caliper, the pads are easily removed from the pad connecting spring.

Pad Installation

Position each new pad on opposite sides of the holder so that both braking surfaces are facing each other. Taking care not to touch the braking surfaces, push the pads and connector spring together into the caliper so that the protruding lip with the retainer bolt hole is alligned with the bolt hole on the caliper. Reinstall the retainer bolt and tighten it to 3-5Nm with your 3mm allen wrench.

Pad Adjustment

To adjust the brake pads, loosely install the caliper so it’s snug but still loose enough to move. Then fully depress the brake lever. With the lever depressed, retighten the caliper bolts to 6-8Nm using a 5mm allen wrench.

Keep in mind that new disc brake pads require around 30-40 full stops to achieve their optimum breaking power. This process is called ‘bedding in’.

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