Raleigh Detour 2

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Summary of Reviews

We have read all expert and user reviews on this bike. In summary, this is what cyclists think.

13 reasons to buy

  • Owners called the Detour sturdy and well-built, suiting a burly man over 370 lbs.
  • 24 Gears were deemed ‘more than enough’. Smooth operation and shifting were reported.
  • The Detour’s fit and finish was complimented by owners.
  • Component specification was seen as generally good quality.
  • This bike was lightweight , making it easy to carry up stairs or to lift into a vehicle.
  • Larger sizes suited cyclists up to and exceeding 6’4”.
  • For some, assembly took 40 minutes from unboxing to riding. The Detour comes with tools.
  • More than one owner mentioned that maintenance was easy, without professional assistance.
  • An upright riding position offered comfort when riding on city streets and paths.
  • Some buyers called the price ‘reasonable’. Others dubbed it an outright ‘bargain’.
  • The step-through model held unisex appeal, suiting any shoulder-bag and a rear rack.
  • A handful of long-term owners praised the Detour’s durability.
  • Customer service was said to be knowledgeable on the phone and prompt via email.

7 reasons not to buy

  • Sizing was criticized for running big. The XL was too big for a 6’2” rider, the L too big for a 5’11” man.
  • A few riders felt that the saddle was uncomfortable, excessively wide and heavy.
  • Assembly was difficult for those without mechanical aptitude or relevant experience.
  • The accompanying instruction manual was described as unclear and confusing.
  • Despite them being rare on new bikes, many owners were upset at the lack of a kickstand.
  • Some buyers felt that this hybrid was expensive.
  • 24 Gears were deemed ‘more than enough’.

Bottom line

The Detour was generally well-liked by owners, with initial ‘teething problems’ being the main area of concern. Less-experienced buyers had some trouble assembling and following instructions. Sizing generally ran a little larger than expected. The 24 gears was an unusually large number for a modern hybrid and, while this drivetrain adds weight, it will also equip the rider for any terrain. Despite these minor issues, owners were generally delighted with what appears to be a well-equipped bike for everyday commuting, shopping and weekend adventure.

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