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Release Year
Charge Time
5 Hours
Maximum Range
45 Miles
Top Speed
20 mph
750 W
64 Nm
Volts and Amp Hours
48V 14Ah
Wheel Size
Number of Gears
Gearing Type
75.5 lb
Brake Type
Frame Material

Summary of Reviews

We have read all expert and user reviews on the Rad Power RadRunner 3 Plus. In summary, this is what cyclists think.

13 reasons to buy

  • The Rad Power Bikes RadRunner 3 Plus handles well and feels solid to one expert.
  • An expert praises the motor’s power and smooth output that doesn’t overwhelm the rider and activates within one pedal stroke.
  • One reviewer highlights that acceleration ramps up consistently across pedal assistance levels.
  • According to one tester, the max range slightly exceeds the manufacturer’s rating.
  • The RadRunner 3 Plus is designed to hold a second battery under the rack.
  • Reviewers agree that the RadRunner 3 Plus’ customizability with accessories is what makes it really shine.
  • This bike has a 350lb payload capacity (120lb on the rack), with space for an extra passenger.
  • Experts appreciate the bright lights, which are visible from multiple angles and have brake taillight activation.
  • Testers praise the comfort and ability to handle loose gravel, thanks to the 3.3” tires and 60mm travel fork.
  • The Kenda K-Rad tires have puncture protection.
  • One expert says the Tektro hydraulic disc brakes are powerful.
  • One reviewer likes that you can use the variable power throttle with pedal assistance turned off.
  • The display is bright and large enough to read in daylight, according to two experts.

8 reasons not to buy

  • One expert says that gearing is slightly too low for pedaling the RadRunner 3 Plus at the 20mph limit.
  • This version of the RadRunner uses a single-sided kickstand, which isn’t as sturdy as the previous dual-sided one.
  • One reviewer is disappointed by the messy cable management in the front.
  • According to one tester, the motor is noisy at the higher assist levels.
  • Experts highlight that the Shimano Altus drivetrain and Tourney thumb shifters are basic at this price point.
  • Only one size and color scheme are available for this bike, disappointing reviewers.
  • A tester says handling is “unwieldy” and “cumbersome”, and adds that the bike “just wants to flop over”, on turns.
  • One reviewer sees the RadRunner 3 Plus as an expensive option, within its class.

Bottom line

The Rad Power Bikes RadRunner 3 Plus is an electric utility bike designed for versatility. A 120lb-capacity rear rack gives owners plenty of options for cargo carrying, with space for a passenger. Powerful hydraulic brakes and smooth motor assistance help riders stay in control with heavy cargo on board. At this price point, reviewers would like to see a higher-tier drivetrain with more gears. To some testers, handling felt unwieldy next to comparable e-cargo bikes. However, the bike wins praise for its customizability, versatility, impressive electronics, and comfortable ride feel.

Expert Reviews

90/100 based on 8 rated expert reviews
BikeRide – Scott C.C

Rad Power RadRunner 3 Plus E-Bike Review | BikeRide.com

If you are in the market for a utility-style e-bike, you have probably heard of the name Rad Power Bikes, and rightly so. They have been in the game since 2015, when the first Rad Power branded bike, the RadRover electric fat bike, was released. Now, with nine different models to choose from, we are narrowing it down to take a look at one specific bike, the RadRunner 3 Plus.

Rad Runner Side View

It’s truly a workhorse, with an impressive number of attachment points and accessories available. We had to choose a few and see what this utility-style e-bike is really capable of. Rad Power claim great range and peppy performance, all packed into a nicely crafted package.

A large 350 lb weight capacity rounds out the specs, leaving us scrambling to pack up some gear and see just how far this bike can go! It’s time to see if the RadRunner 3 Plus is up for the challenge. Let’s go ride some bikes!

Rad Runner Side View 2

What Is the RadRunner 3 Plus Utility E-Bike?

The RadRunner 3 is a well-thought-out utility bike, with some great looks and considerable capability. The bike takes the utility aspect of its nature to heart and Rad has a considerable host of accessories available for you to choose from to go

If you are in the market for a utility-style e-bike, you have probably heard of the name Rad Power Bikes, and rightly so. They have been in the game since 2015, when the first Rad Power branded bike, the RadRover electric fat bike, was released. Now, with nine different models to choose from, we are narrowing it down to take a look at one specific bike, the RadRunner 3 Plus.

Rad Runner Side View

It’s truly a workhorse, with an impressive number of attachment points and accessories available. We had to choose a few and see what this utility-style e-bike is really capable of. Rad Power claim great range and peppy performance, all packed into a nicely crafted package.

A large 350 lb weight capacity rounds out the specs, leaving us scrambling to pack up some gear and see just how far this bike can go! It’s time to see if the RadRunner 3 Plus is up for the challenge. Let’s go ride some bikes!

Rad Runner Side View 2

What Is the RadRunner 3 Plus Utility E-Bike?

The RadRunner 3 is a well-thought-out utility bike, with some great looks and considerable capability. The bike takes the utility aspect of its nature to heart and Rad has a considerable host of accessories available for you to choose from to go along with the bike.

Featuring a straight-backed riding stance with an easy-to-mount step-through design, its highly approachable. Practically any user is going to be comfortable with the riding stance and BMX-style bars. The dual screens are also easy to see with well-laid-out controls that offer simple functions.

If I had no idea who you were or what you needed but you wanted an e-bike recommendation, I would roll out something like the RadRunner 3 Plus. It’s a real all-rounder that’s very easy to approach and ride.

Rad Runner Close View


High-Quality Details

Rad Power does a great job offering a high-quality product, and it starts with the box. A well-branded bike box greets the user, with nice graphics and some ingenious packing materials. From the use of cardboard inserts rather than foam, to fabric ties rather than plastic, it was great to see a company doing things differently. When the bike was revealed, that same thoughtful design was evident.

The bike is very nice to look at, and closer looks reveal a well-thought-out frame. It is robust, with an integrated rear rack capable of carrying 120 lb. Easy battery removal, simple controls and a bright dual-screen display really round out the package.

The charger is also a nice touch. It’s well-branded with a cool color scheme, but it’s the included wall mount (for both the charging box and cable) that makes it stand out. What a nice way to store the charger when not in use!

I could go on, but the concept is that when you get a RadRunner 3, you will enjoy the small details the brand has included. Plus, when it comes to function, it’s pretty hard to see a consumer needing to add much to this bike from stock, to get out and enjoy it.


Simple and Approachable

The RadRunner is fun because it’s so easy to use. With a great step-through design, it’s very convenient to get on. After you hop on, a well-laid-out cockpit with easy-to-see-and-use controls welcomes the rider. The straight-backed riding stance is comfortable and the seat offers nice cushioning.

When you get under power you will find the bike cruises very nicely. Despite its lack of rear suspension, the small 60 mm suspension fork and general geometry of the bike do a great job eating up small bumps in the road. I was pleasantly surprised while riding, as to how comfortable the bike is on rougher terrain such as gravel and dirt roads. The larger 3.3” tires float well in loose gravel, and level out uneven paths.

Other features, like the easy-to-remove battery with ten-bar indicator, make the bike very approachable, and ensure you have a good experience whether you are riding or not.

Riding Rad Runner

Good Range

The bike performed a great range test and came back with a distance on par with the spec sheet from the brand. It’s always great to see a product able to stand behind the specs and the RadRunner 3 went the distance, going over 30 miles.


Heavy to Lift and Maneuver

The RadRunner 3 features some heavy-duty construction, and tires that can be considered ‘plus’ or ‘fat’ at 3.3″ wide. This results in a heavy 75 lb package, and with those wide tires it needs a little extra room on the bike rack. This should be taken into consideration by the main audience for this bike: recreational riders, commuters, and those looking to replace a car and use this for cargo hauling or errands.

The heavy overall size means it’s hard to get up stairs or to lift vertically. While possible, it’s not the easiest, and this should be taken into consideration. Those large tires also limit your options for bike racks. So, commuters be careful, and ensure you have ample storage on both sides of your trip, as well as if you need a ride in the middle.

Uncomfortable Seat for Long Rides

The RadRunner seat feels peculiar beneath you. Tapering quickly from front to back, the center of the saddle has a circular feeling somehow, almost as though you have a large plush ball between your thighs. That’s the best way I can describe it, but I found the seat getting in the way of my pedaling after a while and did not enjoy it much. Luckily you can swap this out on the RadRunner 3.

Noticeable Change in Assist as Battery Power Changes

This is noted on the 500W Canadian model, only, and may not be relevant to the 750W USA model. During the range test, the display claimed the motor was putting out the same 500W while operating at less then 30% battery capacity. But the bike was much slower to accelerate and climb hills than when over 70%. When fully charged, the bike’s pep and power are considerably more noticeable.

This is a good feature, because it allows you to go further as the battery drains, and is fairly typical on most e-bikes. It’s especially noticeable when you hit a hill late in the ride and are climbing slower than previously.

Things to Consider

Different Markets Require Different Motor Output

This is not a mark against Rad Power but more a note for Canadian customers. Due to government restrictions, Canadian versions of the RadRunner 3 only have a 500W motor. There is little the brand can do about this, but unfortunately, the 500W motor does not perform as well on hills as the 750W motor available to USA purchasers. So if you’re in the USA, enjoy the extra pep!

What Does It Do Best?

The RadRunner 3 is a true workhorse. It’s a tough utility bike that has the capability to carry a whopping 350 lb of gear in a multitude of ways, thanks to its many accessories and attachment points.

If you are looking to replace your car with a bike, the RadRunner 3 is the style to go for. It’s got a great range for all-day riding and some accessories that allow you to use that battery for charging.

If you double your range with the soon-to-be-released second battery kit, the sky is the limit. This bike will do great for a range of riders, from recreational weekenders to daily commuters who need to carry lots of gear.

Who Should Buy This Bike?

Whether riding for fun or utility, the RadRunner 3 is a solid choice. It offers a comfortable straight-backed riding stance, with a simple step-through frame. Anyone who is interested in that style of bike will not be disappointed with the RadRunner 3, so it checks a lot of boxes.

Recreational riders, some commuters and those looking to ditch a car can come together with one bike in mind.

Reasons to Look Elsewhere?

The two key reasons to not choose this bike are its weight and size (it’s 75lb), and also if the straight-backed riding stance just is not your cup of tea.

It’s a fat-tire moped-style e-bike, so it will not make a great fit for riders who are after a traditional thin-tire bike or one with a more athletic stance.

Those who need to transport the bike indoors, into elevators, up stairs and through other tight spots will find it a challenge. It’s 75 lb and not a small bike. While not as long as some of the other utility bikes we see, it’s no mini bike.


Rad Power has done a great job with the RadRunner 3 Plus and it’s a package I can see tons of consumers loving. With something for almost everyone, the RadRunner 3 Plus really packs in the value and it’s great to see so many ways to customize the bike.

It’s an e-bike that is easy to use and does its job well. With tons of different ways to use it, the RadRunner 3 is a great example of a fat-tire utility bike that you can have fun on or get to work on, all while looking great.

Rear of Bike


Electric Bike Class: Class 2
Warranty: 1 Year Comprehensive
Model Year: 2023
Battery Weight: 7.7 lb
Total Weight: 75.5 lb
Motor Brand: 500W
Motor Type: Geared Hub (5:1 Planetary Reduction)
Motor Nominal Output: 500W
Max. Torque: 64Nm
Battery: 48V 14Ah [672Wh]
Battery Weight: 7.7 lb
Range Claimed: 25-45 mi
Range Tested: 30.46 mi @ Assist Level 5
Speed: 20 mph Max.
Throttle: Half-Twist Throttle
Pedal Assist: 5 Level Pedal Assist
Sensor: 12 Magnet Cadence Sensor
Controller: 500W Rad Power
Charger: 48V 2A 100-240V
Charge Time: 6 Hours
Display: Primary: Rad Power Bikes Custom Manufactured LCD, Fixed, Adjustable-Angle, Backlit, Grayscale, 2.5″ Screen. Secondary: Rad Power Bikes Custom Manufactured LCD, 1.5″ Screen
Frame: Aluminum 6061, Step-Through
Fork: RST Spring Suspension, 60mm Travel, Preload Adjust, Progressive Lockout. 9mm Axle With Release Skewer
Brake Levers: Tektro HD-E350 with Motor Inhibitor
Brake Calipers: Tektro HD-E350 Hydraulic Dual Piston
Brake Rotors: 180mm
Crankset: 170mm cranks, 48T chainring. Aluminum – with Aluminum Dual-Sided Guard
Derailleur: 7-Speed, 1×7, Shimano Altus MD310
Shifter: Shimano SL-TX50-7R
Freewheel: 11-34 Tooth
Rims: Double-Wall, Aluminum, 36 Spoke, 20”
Spokes: 12G
Tires: Kenda K-Rad K905, 20”×3.3”, Custom-Made, With Puncture Protection
Fenders: Included Plastic Fenders
Lights: 100 Lumen Front Light (Integrated). Rear Integrated Brake Light (Lever Controlled)
Grips: Ergonomic Faux Leather
Handlebar: 710mm Width, 220mm Rise, 20º Sweep
Kickstand: Single-Sided
Pedals: Unbranded Plastic Platform Pedal
Max. Capacity (Cargo+Rider): 350 lb


Frame and Geometry

We have a wonderful-looking and highly functional frame on the RadRunner 3, featuring a low standover height and easy mounting with that deep step-through. The center of the frame can also easily accommodate one of the cool center consoles from Rad.

The battery is wonderfully placed, and its partial integration into the frame makes for a clean look and very easy access. Moving towards the rear of the frame, they have managed to give this bike an excellent cargo capacity.

They’ve created a robust frame with some nicely connected tubing and a fully integrated rear rack. This rear rack can accommodate 120 lb so you can easily have a second person or a ton of gear along for the ride.

I was impressed by how robust and easy to approach the RadRunner is. It is shockingly comfortable to ride, for a heavy hardtail. They have done a good job of using the geometry and attack angle of the front fork to minimize jostling over bumpy roads, and combined with the plush seat the bike is comfortable to ride.



As a North American buyer, you’ll receive your RadRunner 3 Plus with one of two motors, depending on your region. Canadian purchasers will receive a 500W motor, while the USA market get the more powerful 750W motor. Regardless of region, the bike ships as a Class 2 with a speed limit set to 20 mph from the factory.

The motor is well-controlled and offers a comfortable ramp in power as you accelerate. There’s no jerkiness or sudden rush. Instead, you get a pleasantly controlled application of power, with good pep and response at pedal assist level 5.

Our 500W version was powerful enough for general riding, but we did find that it suffered on steep hills. In comparison, USA riders will be very pleased with the 750W motor and will find that it is very powerful on hills.

In general, the motor performance was consistent and fun, with the only downside being a fair amount of noise generated at higher power output. The whine of the motor is noticeable to other road users, and louder than most other motors we have tested, which can be a little annoying to the ear.


  • Assist Level: 5
  • 0-20 mph: 8 s
  • Throttle Only: 15 s

Small Hill Test

Short Hill Climb:

  • Time: 03:09
  • Distance: 0.93 mi
  • Elevation Gain: 69 ft
  • Max grade: 6%
  • Avg Speed:  18 mph

Medium Hill Test

Medium Hill Climb:

  • Time: 02:39
  • Distance: 0.55 mi
  • Elevation Gain: 203 ft
  • Max grade: 16%
  • Avg Speed: 12.6 mph

Large Hill Test

Large Hill Climb:

  • Time: 04:44
  • Distance: 0.6 mi
  • Elevation Gain: 2413 ft
  • Max grade: 20%
  • Avg Speed: 8 mph


Cockpit and Control

A first look into the cockpit reveals not one, but two control screens displaying information, with a 1.5” secondary LCD screen showing your current assist and battery levels and a larger center LCD screen providing you with information about your current speed, trip, and time. The small control pad is well-marked, and the buttons are nice and clicky.

Tektro hydraulic levers are pleasant for braking and a nice choice for the RadRunner 3 Plus. Rounding out the cockpit, we have some less-expensive faux leather grips (not my favorite as they’re non-locking and can twist) and a budget Shimano SL-TX50 thumb shifter.

Overall, the cockpit is pleasant and easy to use, with the best part being the easy-to-use-and-see controls and screens. The Tektro levers are also a wonderful component and these compensate for the underwhelming shifter and grips.

Rad Runner


On paper, the 48V 14Ah [672Wh] battery may not seem like the largest. But after it threw down a range test matching the company’s specs, with over 30 miles at 20 mph, it was a different story.

It’s a great range that could easily be extended by lowering that assist level, something that’s made easier because this bike is actually fairly pedal-efficient. The battery uses good cells from either Samsung or LG, depending on the current sourcing.

Range Test Rad Runner

Charger, Battery Removal, Keys

The included 48V 2A charger is nothing special in terms of performance. Two-amp chargers are a standard-issue item offered by many brands. This one is capable of fully charging the RadRunner’s battery in a standard time of approximately 6 hours.

The big differences with this charger are the branding and added functionality. Rad Power made it a great color and included a nicely-integrated wall mount, not only for the charger but also for the cord, so it’s a great touch to keep your garage or bike room a little neater.

Battery and Key Access

Charging and key access are very simple. Sporting a partially-integrated battery, it’s easy to spot, but still works with the aesthetics of the bike. The keyhole and charging point are right next to each other at the top of this battery, making them easy to find and use!

After turning the key the battery pops right out, and it’s easy to remove and insert, even with the attached center console. Plus, if you want to charge while on the bike, just pop off the rubber cap on the charge port and plug in.


The 1×7 Shimano drivetrain is nothing special, but it’s well-matched to the bike’s capability with an 11-34T freewheel. The bike only has a small amount of ghost pedaling at top speed, so the gearing is a fine choice. The Shimano thumb-style shifter is a budget item but it’s functional and easy to use. This drivetrain is pretty basic yet perfectly functional, so it’s not getting any complaints from me.



I am a big fan of these Tektro HD-E350 brakes. I find them powerful and responsive with a very nice lever feel. The 180 mm rotors are well-matched to the size of the bike and combine with the larger tires to bring the bike to a quick stop.

I am happy to see a nice brake setup, and it goes a long way to making this bike feel well-controlled at speed or when loaded with cargo. With a maximum payload of 350 lb, it’s essential! So this is a big plus for the bike, and every time I needed to slow down I was happy to be using these Tektro brakes.

Braking Distance Results

Braking Distance

20 mph: 18 ft

Front Wheel

Wheels, Tires

It’s not something you see on every bike, but Rad Power has gone the extra mile and collaborated with Kenda to create a custom tire. The Kenda K-Rad K905 is a fat 20”×3.3” checker-pattern tire that works great on a mix of pavement and other surfaces.

The bike’s performance was impressive over bumpy ground or rough terrain like gravel, sand, and dirt roads. With no rear suspension, items like the tires are really working hard, and these offer good bump resistance and nice float over loose gravel.

On the pavement, these tires accelerate well and offer a pleasant ride quality. They remain confident at top speed, while carving into corners in the wide arc you would expect from plus-size tires.

Front Light


The RadRunner 3 features a 100-lumen headlight and rear brake light. The brake light is controlled by the brake lever and also illuminates for visibility when the lights are turned on. The bike also features reflective halos on each side of the tires to increase nighttime visibility.

Rounding out the safety features, we have a good set of Tektro brakes with motor inhibitors on each brake lever to ensure power is cut to the motor the moment you choose to stop.


The RadRunner’s single-sided kickstand works well as a nice companion for holding the bike upright. There are additional attachment points if you want to fit a double-sided kickstand.

Contact Points


The faux leather grips are not my favorite. While they are comfortable enough, I find the fact that they can slip up and down annoying, and would prefer something locking.


The seat is an apparent upgrade from the original RadRunner seat and it features more padding and traditional seat rails. This means you can adjust it and swap it out for another seat or choose to add the SR Suntour SP12 NCX suspension seatpost from Rad Power.

I found the seat very plush, but with an odd shape. The only way I can describe it is like having a softball between your legs. There was a strange circular pressure and slope to the seat that I am not accustomed to. While not overly uncomfortable, I found I would consistently search for a good seating position, moving forward and back to try to get comfy over time.


The flat unbranded plastic pedals are nothing fancy. They are functional and offer a large stable platform. No problems here.


RadRunner has an impressive, if not overwhelming, amount of accessories that you can put on this bike, not to mention any of the other bikes they offer. Go check out the site and see for yourself because they have just about everything you could ever need to go along with, put on, or tow behind your bike. We are talking racks, trailers, passenger seats and so much more!

We got to try out two of the accessories; the Fremont Pannier bags and the RadRunner 3 Console.

The pannier bags are great. They’re made from a durable waterproof material and have sturdy attachment points that match up perfectly with the bike. Easy to install and remove, these bags can be brought with you when parked, but feel secure and safe while in motion.

I love their roll-up top and great capacity. They even have a little velcro tool bag inside for your gadgets and tools, so this is a really great way to increase your carrying capacity while protecting your gear from the elements.

For our second accessory, we have the RadRunner 3 Console. Now, this center console fits perfectly in that slot in the center of the RadRunner 3’s frame. If you opt for the Console, the only thing that you’re really missing out on is the ability to step through the frame. You’re going to have to swing your leg over the back of the bike.


By adding the console, you’re also adding some really valuable cargo space. I enjoyed the simplicity of this little container. It’s very simple to install on the bike. It only requires one spin to attach it and it’s quite easy to line up. And once it’s on, there’s no real easy way for a thief to get this off, other than breaking the whole unit. It’s going to be pretty secure.

You could keep some valuables in there and it’s going to really keep them safe from the weather, so I’m a big fan of this console. When combined with one or two rear Fremont Pannier bags, it really turns this unit into a very capable commuting bike.

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User Ratings

82/100 based on 8 ratings
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