Priority 600X Adventure

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33.10, 33.34, 33.55, 34.46, 35.00 lb
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Summary of Reviews

We have read all expert and user reviews on the Priority 600X Adventure. In summary, this is what cyclists think.

15 reasons to buy

  • Owners say the 600X can carry a lot of cargo across rough terrain at decent speed.
  • Testers confirm that the 600X is comfortable on long-distance rides.
  • The 600X has 20 braze-on eyelets to attach cargo solutions and water bottles.
  • Riders say the 600X’s 600% gear range is “perfect for steep, technical climbs”, and has ample top-end for “blasting” descents.
  • Much of the 600X’s drivetrain is internal, protecting gearing from the elements.
  • Experts say Wren’s inverted suspension fork is responsive and suited to expedition riding.
  • Testers say the 600X’s belt drive transfers pedal-power very efficiently.
  • According to reports, shifting is silent – and “so smooth it is almost disconcerting”.
  • Riders love that the 600X allows them to change multiple gears at a standstill.
  • The 600X’s belt drive is durable and low-maintenance.
  • A tester says “extremely powerful” Hayes Dominion 4-piston hydraulic discs offer one-finger braking.
  • The 600X features internally-routed cabling and is routed to run a dropper seatpost.
  • 2.4” Goodyear Peak tubeless tires feel “planted” off-road, according to testers.
  • Owners say the 600X works well as a “singletrack ripper”, exhibiting “intuitive” handling.
  • 600X owners report swift and attentive customer service from Priority.

5 reasons not to buy

  • At 33-35lb, the 600X is “relatively heavy” and riders notice it.
  • With its high front-end, testers say the 600X isn’t the most nimble on singletrack.
  • For some, the 600X’s ride position is excessively upright.
  • A tester says the Wren suspension fork bottoms out easily.
  • A hardtail MTB expert says the Pinion gearbox is inefficient and engages poorly.

Bottom line

Before anything else, the Priority 600X is a bikepacking bike. It’s been designed with capability, resilience and comfort in mind. The 600X is equipped with a Pinion 12-speed gearbox and a belt drive, a mostly-concealed drivetrain resulting in a durable and low-maintenance set-up that provides a huge 600% gear range. With 20 braze-ons, it’s strapped for cargo and water.

The 600X’s steep head-angle makes it clear to reviewers that this bike is for crunching long miles, not thrashing epic trails at speed. Even so, many owners enjoyed gunning down singletrack on it.

Users have faced teething problems with the 600X and some testers express concern over such a “complex system” breaking down in remote areas. But if owner reports and long-distance testimonials are anything to go by, the 600X has spread joy and served its role dutifully.

Expert Reviews

80/100 based on 2 rated expert reviews

Priority 600X Adventure Review – Belt Drive Mountain Bike Full Review

I rode the 600X over trail, forest, gravel, beach, and road… For me it was such a different ride… a beautifully quiet and effortless ride. This bike is special… a perfect long-distance machine to be loaded up and support you across your journey. It is not just for bike packers though…

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hardtail party

Priority 600X Hardtail Review
– Pinion Gearbox + Inverted Fork + Belt Drive

The Priority 600X Adventure is not intended for pushing-it and shredding downhill, it’s for carrying loads across continents. It’s just really versatile and can handle many different surfaces… Its very upright feel makes it one of the most comfortable rides I’ve ever been on. It’d be such a good commuter. The belt drive? I could take it or leave it.

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Kayak Cliff

Priority 600X Hardtail Adventure MTB One Year Review

I really like low maintenance, high quality, and you get that with the Priority 600X.

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Wandering Eye Outdoors

Priority 600X – Is This the Perfect Bikepacking Bike?!

I was very impressed with how comfortable I felt on the bike. It feels very planted while trail riding and the drivetrain is super smooth and quiet.… you do have to stop pedaling for a beat to switch gears but it’s not an issue if you switch gears properly…

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Steve Retired and Cycling

Cycling at 70 – Priority 600X Adventure Bike
– Bikepacking Setup Review

I’ve got a pannier… 5 water bottles… frame bag… The Priority 600X is about 33lb so it’s a little heavier and I use lower gears… I go about 3mph slower on pavement and what I say is, “big deal”. It’s not a race is it? For me it’s all about the comfort and the ride and looking at beautiful things…

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Priority 600X Field Test
Bikepacking Bicycle With the Pinion and Gates Drive System

Although the Wren fork appears to be very well built, I don’t believe the intention was for this to be used for taking big hits.

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Shootin’ the Breeze (Priority 600X)

A surprisingly good climber, even while weighted down. I even took a couple of jumps with it, which was awesome.

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Mick Rides

Cycling Canada Ep.9 Seagrave to Peterborough via Fenelen Falls

Bicycle: Priority 600X. Pinion gearbox and belt drive prove to be a great asset as it gets wetter and wetter.

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It's a Bikepacking World

Stage 8 25th March 2022

Absolutely no complaints from this bike, considering the varying terrain it’s been on. It takes everything comfortably.

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Benedek Heiszig

Nomad Adventures by Bike

The perfect touring companion. Really wild landscapes are only accessible on dirt roads and mountain trails, and that’s exactly what the 600X is designed for. It can carry enough gear for a longer trek… you can shift between 12 speeds while stationary… I wouldn’t trade this dream-machine for any of the bikes around here… The seat didn’t work for me…

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