Kris Holm KH36

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Summary of Reviews

We have read all expert and user reviews on Kris Holm KH36. In summary, this is what cyclists think.

18 reasons to buy

  • Unicyclists were impressed by the innovation and consideration given to the engineering of the KH36.
  • Owners described the ride quality of the KH36 as smooth and quick.
  • This big-wheel rig is suited to endurance riding, especially as it can be equipped with a T-bar handle.
  • Aesthetes admired the restrained good-looks afforded by the dark blue paintwork.
  • The KH36 handles brutal treatment; jumps, drops, cross-country endurance and off-road trails.
  • Weight-conscious buyers noticed that the KH36 is as light as some 26” unicycles.
  • The alloy frame was admired for its stiffness and high quality welds. The slim design kept corners out of the way, while a 1-piece crown eliminated welds in a high-stress area and gave the uni a cleaner look.
  • Clearance allows for a tire width up to 36 x 3.0”.
  • The KH Spirit ISIS hub was called awesome, for its strong chromo spindle.
  • Frame spacing also allows for a Schlumpf geared hub.
  • A versatile Nimbus Nightrider 36 x 2.25” tire, equips riders for on and offroad use.
  • KH Spirit Cranks were known to be beefy. Dual holes are drilled for optional pedal positions at 127 and 150mm lengths.
  • The KH Fusion One saddle was comfy for many riders.
  • Owners felt that the KH36’s high quality and strength made for great value.
  • The versatility of the KH36 was lauded. It works for commuting and endurance, both on and off-road.
  • A Shimano hydraulic brake delivered ample deceleration.
  • For Unipackers, the KH36 was compatible with baggage attachment requirements.
  • A 27.2mm seatpost resisted twisting and was stronger than competitors’ 25.4mm posts.

3 reasons not to buy

  • Some KH36 owners found the dark blue color boring and would have preferred other options.
  • The external disc rotor occasionally contacted with some riders’ heels.
  • The main detractor for prospective buyers of the KH36 is the cost. Brand-name recognition and a lack of compromise in quality places Kris Holm unicycle prices at a premium.

Bottom line

Kris Holm almost invented the sport of mountain unicycling (or municycling). His innovation and commitment to the sport is echoed in the construction and engineering of Kris Holm unicycles. The KH36 opens up a wider range of riding environments and styles for unicyclists. Endurance rides are comfortable, particularly with the addition of a T-bar handlebar. Off-road trails are comfortable due to the 36 inch tire’s massive rollover. Criticism of this rig is usually limited to personal comfort options relating to setup and customization. Oh, and then there’s the price. With Kris Holm and the KH36, it should be kept in mind that you are paying a premium for both uncompromising quality and name-brand recognition.

Expert Reviews

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Mind Balance

KH36: Assemble and Ride

Level 1 expert

36ers are truly amazing unicycles to ride. So fast and graceful they give you the sensation that you are flying. KH has done an excellent job with this 36er; I highly recommend it.

Visit full review
Unigeezer - (Terry Peterson)

Mountain Unicycling with new Kris Holm 36er

Level 2 expert
Aras Acer

36” KH (Kris Holm) Tek Teker Bisiklet Kutu açılışı (KH36 Unicycle Unboxing)

Level 1 expert

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