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Release Year
Charge Time
7 Hours
Maximum Range
68 Miles
Top Speed
20 mph
350 W
Volts and Amp Hours
36V 11.6Ah
Wheel Size
Number of Gears
Gearing Type
43 lb
Brake Type
Frame Material

Summary of Reviews

We have read all expert and user reviews on the Fiido X. In summary, this is what cyclists think.

10 reasons to buy

  • Reviewers compliment the magnesium frame’s “stunning” looks and “sleek” design.
  • Reviewers praise the X's range. One 200lb tester gets 30 miles using PAS 3 on a route with around 3 miles of steep climbs.
  • Experts report a “smooth,” “stable” ride and agile, confidence-inspiring handling.
  • The CST tires’ offer good grip and comfort on roads and light off-road routes, according to testers.
  • At 43lb, the X is relatively light for a folding e-bike.
  • Experts relish the “powerful” hydraulic brakes, one noting fade-free braking on steep descents.
  • Reviewers and owners say the X is easy to ride without assistance.
  • The torque sensor delivers smooth power, according to reviewers.
  • A reviewer appreciates the X's reliability through many months of riding, including heavy rain and freezing weather.
  • Fiido states a fitment range of 5’ to 6’5”. Two 6’1” testers agree it's very comfortable.

8 reasons not to buy

  • Buyers and testers experience rusting bolts. One buyer reports a broken hinge, and four complain of not receiving replacement bikes following a safety recall.
  • The “annoying” security keypad is considered a gimmick, especially as the X has no built-in lock and can be pedaled with the power off.
  • Experts bemoan the small, “basic” display.
  • Several testers lament the lack of handlebar adjustment.
  • The Fiido X lacks a carry handle.
  • The lights don’t work with the motor off, and the headlight doesn’t turn with the handlebars.
  • The X lacks fenders, a rack, and a chainguard.
  • The seatpost-integrated battery protrudes below the seat tube when the saddle is in its lowest position, making it vulnerable to knocks.

Bottom line

Fiido’s X is a Class 1 folding e-bike with a magnesium frame, 350W motor, and 418Wh seatpost-integrated battery. The V2 has been re-engineered to address the original X’s risk of frame failure. The low weight, “smooth” power delivery, and “decent” range impress testers, who praise the comfortable, confidence-inspiring ride and “powerful” brakes. Niggles include the “pointless” security keypad, basic display, and fixed headlight. Also, the X lacks a carry handle, rack, chainguard, and fenders. Buyers complain of rusting bolts, a broken hinge, and undelivered replacement bikes. Nonetheless, testers enjoy the X’s style and performance and recommend it as a “fun” runabout.

Expert Reviews

87/100 based on 9 rated expert reviews

Fiido X Electric Bike Review: The Best-Looking E-Bike I’ve Tested in Years

If you want a bike to ride around the city that offers a smooth assist experience, a gorgeous design, and a high-quality build, then consider the Fiido X.

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How-To Geek

Fiido X E-Bike Review: A Fantastic, Well-Rounded Experience

The Fiido X e-bike is worth every penny…

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MUO | MakeUseOf

Fiido X Review: An Excellent Commuter E-Bike

The Fiido X is a great commuter e-bike…

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Fiido X Review: New Edition Is Finally Perfected?

All in all, the Fiido X is a well-designed, stylish and above all, fun e-bike to ride on.

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Tech Advisor

Fiido X V2 Review

The Fiido X V2 is a superb folding e-bike that rides exceptionally and has just about all the features you’d want. It’s well-priced, too.

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GizChina Italia

Fiido X Review: With a Magnesium Alloy Frame and Torque Sensor, It Is the Most Innovative of All [Video in Italian]

… if you are less than [6’2″] tall and you are looking for an electric bike for the city all to do, beautiful and full of technology, then the Fiido it could be for you.

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Fiido X Foldable E-Bike Tested: The Manufacturer Has Achieved a Coup! [German]

Fiido has pulled off a minor coup with the X.

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Fiido X (2022 Version) Tested: A Bike With a Design Award, and Everything Else [French]

The praise for this bike is plentiful: award-winning design, top-notch comfort and power, encouraging range… At [this price], it’s hard to beat!

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La Vanguardia | Andro4all

Fiido X Analyzed: One E-Bike to Defeat Them All [Spanish]

… the Fiido X… stands as a powerful alternative (although perhaps not available to everyone) to high-end scooters and bikes, especially when it comes to urban travel.

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Fiido X Review: Folding Electric Bike Combines Fancy New Battery With Sleek Magnesium Frame

So for a lightweight and interesting-looking e-bike, the Fiido X lands on a number of levels. It’s got innovative technology, a solid pedal assist system, and plenty of battery for any reasonable commute. Not bad, Fiido!

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Cooper Bogetti

Rode My Bike 25 Miles to the Racetrack (Fiido X Review)

It definitely has its uses, especially the foldability and everything.

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Fiido X Foldable Electric Bike Review – Unique Design, 350W, 100KM Range!

I personally have the version with the 350W motor, and I highly recommend that you buy this version over the other one, even though this one is a bit more expensive.

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Fiido X Review – A Unique Foldable E-Bike

All things considered, the Fiido X is a high-quality e-bike with exceptional looks and some unique features, and I can easily recommend it as one of the best lightweight, foldable e-bikes.

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Patented Tech E-Bike With the X Factor – Fiido X Review & Test

So, in summary, you will get a lot of high-end features and the newest tech for a very acceptable price, in my opinion. For what you will get, this is actually quite cheap, if you ask me.

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Lewi Pilgrim

This Folding E-Bike Is Indestructible – Fiido X

… this bike is actually really awesome for what it’s designed for. Maybe don’t take it to the skatepark for your weekly session but the phenomenal 80-mile range makes it perfect for commuting around locally, and even pushing to some further limits.
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Fiido X E-Bike Review: A Simple, Sleek Folding Electric Bike

… if you want an e-bike to take along on road trips or something simple to cruise around town on that’s also compact enough for an apartment, the X hits the spot.

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eBike Choices

Fiido X Long-Term Review: What’s It Like After 6 Months?

Considering the Fiido is at the budget end of the market, the hub motor is impressive, not just in terms of performance but also refinement. If you’re looking for a performance-orientated folding e-bike that’s light, agile and fun to ride, I’d have no problem recommending the Fiido X.

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The Fiido X Folding E-Bike Returns Stronger but Still Stylish and Fun

Everyone who rode the Fiido X came away impressed… It just had that certain something that made it instantly friendly and unimposing, and the range, comfort and miles of techno style makes it an easy choice to ride at every opportunity. Highly recommended.

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Stylish E-Bike Fiido X Is Foldable and Ideal for Short Commutes

The e-bike’s portability and compact size make it a great solution for anyone dealing with tight spots… compared with other similar rides, it’s hard to look at the Fiido X and not immediately fall in love with its style.

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The Fiido X Folding E-Bike: What a Difference a Year Makes

The Fiido X is an impressive follow-up to the D11 that addresses most but not all of its shortcomings.

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