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Release Year
Charge Time
7 Hours
Maximum Range
53 Miles
Top Speed
28 mph
500 W
55 Nm
Volts and Amp Hours
48V 13.6Ah
Wheel Size
Number of Gears
Gearing Type
53.35 lb
Brake Type
Frame Material

Summary of Reviews

We have read all expert and user reviews on the ENGWE P26. In summary, this is what cyclists think.

11 reasons to buy

  • Testers say the P26's nimble handling and power make it "fun" to ride around town.
  • According to experts, the P26 rides well on light off-road trails.
  • The large display is visible in bright sunlight.
  • The P26 has an adjustable handlebar stem.
  • Reviewers say the upright riding position is comfortable for most riders.
  • Experts highlight the P26's solid, "well-built" feel, with quality frame welds.
  • Testers report "impressive" battery range. One gets 30.1 miles riding at pedal assist level 5.
  • Several experts call the P26 a "great" all-rounder.
  • Testers appreciate the sleekly integrated battery and "striking" looks.
  • The 500W motor provides "zippy" acceleration and climbs moderate inclines well, say reviewers.
  • The P26 comes with a "bright" headlight and ergonomic grips.

11 reasons not to buy

  • The P26's 220lb weight capacity is well below average.
  • Testers bemoan the "laggy" and inconsistent pedal assistance.
  • The P26's entry-level price is reflected in its spec, such as mechanical disc brakes and Shimano Tourney gearing.
  • A tester reports three punctures to the bike's Chaoyang "mountain" tires.
  • At 53lb without accessories, the P26 is slightly too heavy to carry.
  • ENGWE states the one-size P26 fits riders from 5' to 6'8". A 6'1" tester finds the bike too small to pedal comfortably.
  • Fenders, a pannier rack, and a rear light aren't included or available from ENGWE.
  • The suspension fork, 1.95" tires, and "uncomfortable" saddle transmit too much vibration at high speeds, contributing to aches and pains for one tester.
  • A reviewer calls the included bell "useless."
  • One tester bemoans assembly issues, including over-tightened fender nuts and difficulty tightening the stem.
  • ENGWE users complain about unreliable components and frustrating customer service.

Bottom line

ENGWE's P26 is a hybrid commuter e-bike with a 500W motor and "striking" looks. The comfortable upright riding position, "nimble" handling, and solid range impress. Testers are less happy with the unresponsive pedal assistance, uncomfortable saddle, and puncture-prone tires. Additionally, the bike is too cramped for taller riders, and vibrations at high speed become painful over extended distances. Reviewers deem the P26 a "decent" budget-friendly electric commuter. However, the lack of a pannier rack, fenders, and taillight on the version sold in the US means limited out-of-the-box practicality.

Expert Reviews

84/100 based on 5 rated expert reviews

Ridden: ENGWE’s P26 E-Bike Makes Commuting Speedy and Fun Without Breaking the Bank

The ENGWE P26 is a fantastic commuter e-bike considering its very affordable pricing – it really surpassed my expectations.

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Discerning Cyclist

ENGWE P26 Review: The Best Value Commuter E-Bike Around?

It is a great all-rounder: it’s comfortable, is great in the city, is solid on trails, it has a really solid range… it’s easy to use and… it looks cool.

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ENGWE P26 Review – “Legal” Commuter E-Bike for the City

All in all, the ENGWE P26 is a very well-equipped city e-bike at a fair price.

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Mighty Gadget

ENGWE P26 Hybrid City E-Bike Review vs ADO D30C

I think the ENGWE P26 is a good hybrid e-bike and certainly an excellent first attempt from ENGWE.

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Planète Numérique

ENGWE P26 Tested, a Quality Electric All-Terrain Bike With Certification [French]

The ENGWE P26 electric bike is as aesthetic as it is versatile. It is the archetype of what one can expect from a city bike that can ride on both roads and paths at a fair price.

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Mapdec Cycle Works

My Time With the ENGWE P26

I think if you need an e-bike around [this price] and you’re happy to make some modifications, take a look.

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The Best Legal E-Bike for Your Commute? ENGWE P26 Review

This bike is all about the range, practicality, and the stunning good looks. It’s beautiful on the inside as well as the outside.

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All Things Electric

Powerful Budget E-Bike | ENGWE P26

… it’s been a pleasure with this bike. I’m really enjoying it. My dad’s really enjoying it.

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Antonio Sanson

Affordable Commuter E-Bike for Long Distance | ENGWE P26 E-Bike Review

It’s definitely a great start. If you’re looking to get your first e-bike, it’s a nice affordable one, and it’s been holding up pretty good so far.

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E-Bike Review: ENGWE P26 – US Version – 26” – 500 Watt Motor 48V Battery

… it’s been almost a month now. I’m at 262 miles. Everything’s still going well.

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ENGWE P26 Review – Huge 100km+ Range

… overall, for the price… you can’t really complain, especially the fantastic range.

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Fun with Jim

ENGWE P26 E-Bike Real Life Review

I really like this ENGWE P26 mountain bike-style e-bike. It makes a great commuter bike. You can take it off-road, but this is one fantastic bike.

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You Won’t Believe What This FedEx Guy Tried | ENGWE P26 E-Bike | E-Bike Review

… wherever you’re riding this e-bike, it is going to put a big smile on your face. It looks beautiful, and that light aluminum 6061 frame really does absorb those bumps in the road. So, can’t recommend the P26 enough.

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Martijn Wester

Why Budget Electric Bikes (From China!) Are Getting Good: ENGWE P26 Review

Overall, I believe the P26 is a great choice for commuters who are looking for an affordable, stylish, and reliable e-bike.

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ENGWE P26 E-Bike // Unboxing, Test Ride, & Honest Review! // Stunning 4K Video!

This is a really nice bike.

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ENGWE P26 Review: Affordability With Performance

Overall, while it may not be perfect for challenging terrains or for long-distance riding, the ENGWE P26 is still a solid choice as a budget-friendly and reliable e-bike for [a] daily commute or casual city riding.

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The Gadgeteer

ENGWE P26 Electric Bicycle Review – Miles of Smiles

If you are considering a bike for a commute and portability is not a restriction, consider the ENGWE P26.

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LoPrototype Gaming & Tech

ENGWE P26 800W E-Bike Review

Overall, the P26 is a wonderful option for commuters. Though I did test it out on uneven terrain, it was at its best when I took it up to the grocer and mailbox, and I suspect its primary purpose is for navigating city streets.

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Gentleman Moderne

[Test & Review] ENGWE P26, The Perfect Electric Bike for the City! [French]

Though it struggles away from smooth, paved surfaces, the range it offers is considerable. This makes it appealing to a city dweller seeking the option of a clean mode of transportation for their daily commute to work.

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ENGWE P26 City E-Bike Test [German]

With the P26, people under 1.80 meters tall get an affordable, yet solidly equipped everyday e-bike…

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