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Release Year
Charge Time
6.5, 13 Hours
Maximum Range
47, 94 Miles
Top Speed
28 mph
750 W
55 Nm
Volts and Amp Hours
48V 13Ah, 48V 26Ah
Wheel Size
Number of Gears
Gearing Type
94.13, 104.05 lb
Brake Type
Frame Material

Summary of Reviews

We have read all expert and user reviews on the ENGWE M20. In summary, this is what cyclists think.

8 reasons to buy

  • Reviewers savor the M20's eye-catching styling.
  • The M20's stated range is 47 miles (94 miles with an optional second battery). The bike exceeds this range in testing.
  • This bike comes with fenders, integrated lights with a brake light, and a horn.
  • Testers appreciate the "bright" dual-LED headlights.
  • Reviewers praise the M20's "confidence-inspiring" handling and good maneuverability.
  • Thanks to cast wheels, owners don't have to worry about broken spokes.
  • Testers say the suspension and 4" tires provide a "comfortable" ride on varied terrains.
  • The M20 can handle light off-road trails, say experts.

10 reasons not to buy

  • At 94.13lb with one battery and 104.05lb with two, this is a very heavy bike.
  • Testers lament the entry-level Shimano Tourney drivetrain, mechanical disc brakes, and overly stiff, non-adjustable rear shock.
  • Reviewers find the limited gearing range leads to frequent ghost pedaling.
  • The M20 suffers from a "sluggish" throttle off the line and "laggy" pedal assist.
  • Experts report underwhelming hill-climbing ability.
  • The seat and handlebar height are not adjustable.
  • Testers say pedaling is impractical for riders above 5'5".
  • The throttle works with pedal assist off, a safety risk exacerbated by having a full-twist rather than a half-twist throttle.
  • The dual-battery build comes with one charger, meaning lengthy charging times.
  • The M20 isn’t compatible with a rear rack.

Bottom line

ENGWE's M20 is a motorcycle-style e-bike with fat tires, a 750W motor, and dual suspension. Experts describe it as comfortable, fast, and fun. The range (especially with two batteries), eye-catching design, and "bright" headlights impress. But testers are disappointed by the "noisy" mechanical brakes, high weight, and "entry-level" components. The cramped, non-adjustable riding position and limited gearing make pedaling awkward, especially for taller riders. Additionally, testers highlight the safety risks of the always-on full-twist throttle. Despite its shortcomings, reviewers deem the ENGWE M20 a worthy consideration for riders seeking a budget-friendly alternative to similar models from Super73.

Expert Reviews

78/100 based on 13 rated expert reviews
Ebike Escape

Moto-Inspired Design and Amazing Price: ENGWE M20 Review

The overall price was the biggest highlight of why we chose to review the ENGWE M20. With the large motor, dual suspension, and dual batteries, no one has yet come close to this price with a comparable bike.

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ENGWE M20 Review: A Full-Suspension 1,000W Electric Moped for a Budget Price

So for a thrilling type of ride that can handle various terrain, all-in-one bike, the ENGWE M20 scores points. It doesn’t have the quality of name-brand e-bikes like those from Super73, but it delivers a good time for a great price.

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Electric Bike Report

ENGWE M20 E-Bike Review 2023

Our team agreed that this bike offers riders some unique benefits at a cost well below the competition. Specifically, the full suspension is a big plus.

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MUO | MakeUseOf

ENGWE M20 Fat Tire “E-Bike” Review: A Superb Budget Version of a Super73

The Engwe M20 is not for the serious e-bike enthusiast… Nor would I recommend it as your daily commuting ride. But, as something relatively cheap to ride on the weekends, a bit off the beaten path… it’s good—really good—and a lot of fun.

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ENGWE M20 E-Bike Review: Fewer Adjustment Capabilities With Solid Motor Power

The ENGWE M20 is a high-quality bike with various impressive features to enhance your riding experience. If you’re around five feet tall, this bike could be a great fit for you.

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Ridden: ENGWE’s M20 Fat Tire Cafe Racer E-Bike Is Worth the Bucks, and Here’s Why

If you’re looking for a decently cool EV to replace your car and want to do it looking hip and modern, it’s a solid alternative. Even on the speed and capability side, it packs the bang to justify the buck.

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ENGWE M20 Review

My lingering thought about the M20 is wondering whether it’s just a ‘toy’ – the bike is undoubtedly fun to ride, but it isn’t very practical compared to other urban e-bikes.

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ENGWE M20, L20 E-Bikes Review: My Family’s Free Time Has Changed Forever

The M20 and L20 have the range to keep us riding for hours, and they look good doing it, too.

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Tech Advisor

ENGWE M20 Review

The M20 is great fun to ride, looks fantastic, and in the [grand] scheme of things, is relatively affordable.

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ENGWE M20 E-Bike Review: A Budget Super73

The ENGWE M20 isn’t a bad e-bike, it’s an okay electric bike made better by a low price… But if you need a dependable e-bike… you have to ask yourself what saving money now might cost you down the road.

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China Planet

[Review] ENGWE M20: An Unconventional Electric Fat Bike With a Motorcycle Design and a Great Real Range With Two Batteries

The ENGWE M20 is an unconventional electric fat bike… Its design definitely attracts the attention of passers-by… However, its parameters, 750W motor, front and rear suspension, and the possibility to buy it straight away with two
Visit full review

ENGWE M20 Review: When E-Bike Meets Moped!

The ENGWE M20 impresses at first glance with its nostalgic moped design and impressive engine performance. It offers a successful fusion of classic looks with modern technology, which will certainly appeal to lovers of both worlds.

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ENGWE M20 Test [French]

It’s so cool riding this bike… The performance is good, the range too. Heavy riders can buy an additional battery. I am convinced that its unique looks and style will seduce some of you.

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Electric Vehicle Trip

ENGWE M20 Review: What You Need to Know Before Buying?

Is sacrificing range to go faster than 28mph a fair trade-off?… TBD. However, as I continue to test the ENGWE M20, I’ll try to determine how far it can go and whether the trade-offs are worthwhile.

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Mountain Weekly News

ENGWE M20 Electric Bike Review

For an e-bike at its price point, we’d have to say that the M20 is a fun if unremarkable ride.

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Electric Wheelers

ENGWE M20 Review: Moped-Style Electric Bike

Whether you’re a modern-day commuter, a senior looking to embrace the e-bike trend, or someone simply seeking a fun ride, the ENGWE M20 has something to offer.

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ENGWE M20 Moped-Style E-Bike Review – Pros & Cons

… it’s a winner in my book.

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EBPMAN Tech Reviews

ENGWE M20 E-Bike First Look! Amazing Ride 28MPH 47 Miles

This bike is amazing! It can go up to 28mph and has a range of 47 [miles]. We were really impressed with this bike and think you will be too!

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This E-Bike Looks More Like a Motorcycle and It’s Half the Price of Super73 – ENGWE M20 Review

… the only things that I wish were different on the bike is the Shimano shifter and I wish it had hydraulic brakes, but yeah overall, it’s a quality bike.

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The Gadgeteer

ENGWE M20 E-Bike Review – More Moto, More Range

Overall, the ENGWE M20 e-bike is really fun and a great way to get around.

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ENGWE M20 Review: ENGWE Strikes Again!

Yes, there are some areas that could be improved… But when you factor everything, especially the budget tag, the M20 comes out as a great addition to the electric moped industry!

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I Tried the ENGWE M20 Off-Road E-Bike: It’s Sexy and Affordable, but Far From Perfect

This is the single-battery version of the M20, which I really wanted to love but ultimately just liked. Though powerful, affordable, and well suited to many kinds of terrain, it’s awkward to ride—especially if you actually like to pedal.

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EV Powered

ENGWE M20: The Monkey Bike of 2023 That Makes for a Delightful Ride Around Town

…if you value enjoyment over practicality, the M20 is an enticing option. It’s an e-bike that’s sure to put a smile on your face.

Visit full review

Test of the ENGWE M20: The Foolproof Electric Fat Bike [French]

The most passionate of us, in the world of e-bikes, will probably find that this model is entry-level, but will quickly change their mind in view of the fun it brings.

Visit full review

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