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Release Year
Charge Time
3, 5.2 Hours
Maximum Range
40, 80 Miles
Top Speed
28 mph
500 W
60 Nm
Volts and Amp Hours
48V 10.5Ah, 48V 18Ah
Wheel Size
Number of Gears
58, 75 lb
Brake Type
Frame Material

Summary of Reviews

We have read all expert and user reviews on the Electric Bike Company Model Y. In summary, this is what cyclists think.

15 reasons to buy

  • Reviewers say the step-over frame and low standover height suit smaller riders.
  • Testers love the choice of colors, accessories, and component upgrades available to create a unique Model Y.
  • Electric Bike Company (EBC) offers a cost-free choice between 24" or 26" wheels, two saddle styles, leather or rubber grips, and four handlebars.
  • The base-spec build has a front basket rated for 50lb.
  • In testing, the Model Y exceeds the stated range of 40 miles (10.5Ah) and 80 miles (18Ah).
  • EBC's bikes are assembled and painted in the USA.
  • A long warranty covers the frame and motor for ten years and the battery for five years.
  • Experts and users appreciate that the bike arrives fully built.
  • Riders praise the motor's "smooth acceleration," speed, and responsiveness.
  • The Model Y performs well on a 12% gradient, according to a reviewer.
  • Testers enjoy the comfort provided by the swept-back handlebars, "impressively cushioned" saddle, and step-through frame.
  • Experts appreciate the powerful Tektro hydraulic brakes and 180mm rotors. Motor inhibitors and adjustable levers contribute to "responsive" braking.
  • In one reviewer's opinion, the hydroformed aluminum frame boasts above-average strength thanks to its extra-thick walls in weight-bearing areas.
  • The Model Y can support riders up to 300lb and has a total weight capacity of 350lb.
  • Experts and users applaud the quality of construction and finish, citing smooth welds, beautiful paint, and stainless-steel hardware.

6 reasons not to buy

  • At 57lb, the base Model Y is heavy. Additional upgrades can increase that to 75lb.
  • The basket must be unscrewed and cables disconnected to remove the battery. This eliminates off-bike charging or removing the battery to lift or carry the bike.
  • The headlight doesn't turn with the handlebars, reducing visibility at night.
  • The optional upgrades can get very expensive.
  • A reviewer warns about the risk of inadvertently bumping the always-on throttle.
  • The Model Y's 28mph top speed can only be unlocked with a code from EBC.

Bottom line

The Model Y is an electric beach cruiser with a step-through frame. Experts love the variety of customization and upgrade options, but liberal use of the customizer can result in a very pricey proposition. The Model Y is lauded for its ride comfort, smooth assistance, and overall performance. Given the high-quality frame construction and components, it should prove durable, too. Reviewers note that the single-speed base build may not suit riders in hilly areas, and true commuting utility requires paying for upgrades like fenders and a rear rack. But overall, the Model Y is regarded as a stylish, fun, and capable e-cruiser.

Expert Reviews

85/100 based on 3 rated expert reviews
Electric Bike Report

Electric Bike Company Model Y Review – 2021

The Model Y is a stylish and super fun classic cruiser that will make your daily jaunts more enjoyable. While many of the features appeal to women, the customization options certainly allow anyone to design a Model Y to their liking.

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Johnny NerdOut

Premade E-Bike Review: Electric Bike Company Model Y

I wouldn’t say this is an everyday rider unless you’re just a super-casual rider, but for the super-casual rider… I think you’re going to be really happy with it.

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Electric Bike Company Model Y Review: Getting California Cruiser Vibes on a US-Made E-Bike

All in all, I have to say that I’m very impressed with the Electric Bike Company’s Model Y e-bike. It’s a great balance, and it’s quite fairly priced…

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Electric Bike Review

2020 Electric Bike Company Model Y Review

… this e-bike… offers some of the best value of any cruiser style electric bike on the market right now, if you just go with the stock build. For those… willing to spend a bit more, there are very few cruisers… that offer so much customization!

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Electrified Reviews

Purtiest E-Bike on the Block | Electric Bike Company | Model Y Review

It turns out the Model Y… is more than just a pretty face. It’s a powerful, smooth, and comfortable cruiser… And at this price point, it’s a great value for anyone looking for an affordable and stylish electric bike.

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Soldier Knows Best

Worth the Money? – Electric Bike Company Model Y Review

… you can always upgrade different things like adding different fenders and also the technology package if you want that extra stuff, but at the base model of this bike, it’s going to be a really good bike…

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The Next Web

Electric Bike Company Model Y Review: A Luxury Cruiser E-Bike

… there’s mercifully little to complain about the EBC Model Y. A stealthy, comfortable design, a ridiculous amount of customization, powerful pedal assist, and one of the best warranties in the industry make for an e-bike that is easy to recommend.

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