Electric Bike Company Model R

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Release Year
Charge Time
3.3, 4, 6, 8.5 Hours
Maximum Range
60, 70, 100, 150 Miles
Top Speed
28 mph
500 W
60 Nm
Volts and Amp Hours
48V 11.6Ah, 48V 14Ah, 48V 21Ah, 48V 30Ah
Wheel Size
Number of Gears
1, 7
57 lb
Brake Type
Frame Material

Summary of Reviews

We have read all expert and user reviews on the Electric Bike Company Model R. In summary, this is what cyclists think.

13 reasons to buy

  • Experts and owners praise the Model R’s comfortable ride quality.
  • Like all Electric Bike Company (EBC) models, the components and their colors are fully customizable.
  • This bike is delivered fully assembled and ready to ride.
  • Activating pedal assistance requires holding the down arrow for three seconds, a safety feature that eliminates unwanted accelerations.
  • The 500W MXUS motor provides ample acceleration, according to one reviewer.
  • The four-piston Tektro Dorado hydraulic disc brakes prove responsive and powerful in tests. One reviewer says, “... these may be the best brakes I’ve used.”
  • Experts say the puncture-resistant 3” tires provide plenty of traction.
  • Buyers can choose between 24” and 26” wheels at no extra cost.
  • Testers say the Model R is stable and handles well at high speeds.
  • EBC includes a high-output 3.5A charger, resulting in faster-than-average charging times.
  • Experts appreciate the large color display. The display has a USB port for charging devices.
  • Reviewers and buyers say the wide padded saddle with shock-absorbing elastomers is comfortable.
  • The Model R has a relatively high payload capacity of 350lb.

8 reasons not to buy

  • Reviewers criticize the Model R’s maneuverability.
  • The “Rugged Enduro” label used by EBC is exaggerated, according to several experts.
  • Due to the single-speed drivetrain, riders must rely heavily on the motor when climbing hills. A 7-speed Shimano Altus drivetrain costs extra.
  • A tester reports poor hill-climbing performance, particularly when using the throttle alone.
  • The base Model R doesn’t come with fenders, a rack, or a rear light.
  • A reviewer says the battery is tricky to remove.
  • This bike is heavy, weighing 57lb without any additional accessories. Several users complain about the weight.
  • According to one tester, the Model R lunges forward when beginning to pedal in assist level five.

Bottom line

The Model R is Electric Bike Company’s attempt at building a mixed-terrain beach cruiser, and it is more capable off-road than other EBC bikes. However, the limitations of the clunky cruiser geometry, long frame, and high weight mean the Model R is best kept to light off-roading. Additionally, the motor lacks power on hills. All experts praise the customizability and smooth, comfortable ride quality. Many also highlight the “excellent” Tektro brakes and stable handling. While personalizing a Model R can result in a hefty price tag, it's this freedom that makes it appealing to buyers and testers.

Expert Reviews

82/100 based on 3 rated expert reviews
Electric Bike Report

Electric Bike Company Model R Review 2020

Bottom line, we loved the bike and how it’s built with very high-quality components and fully painted and assembled 100% here in the USA. From the motor and battery to the brakes, this is a very well-built e-bike.

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Custom Cruiser Review – Electric Bike Company Model R

Overall, the components are very good, they’re very reliable. For the price… because there’s nothing that just screams amazing value as far as the components, I’m going to give it a neutral score…

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This review has been given a score. Read more here
Scott Hardesty

Unveiling the Ultimate Beach Cruiser: Model R Review

This thing rides like it’s on a cloud. It is really super, super nice. 

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Electric Bike Review

2020 Electric Bike Company Model R Review

A sturdy, powerful, step-thru cruiser electric bike with 26″ or 24″ wheels and stable plus-sized tires… Ships fully assembled, 100% ready to ride on day one. Extra emphasis on charger and battery quality…

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Model R Review: Here’s What Makes This 1.25 KW US-Made Cruiser Ride So Well

The Model R costs a bit more than a budget electric cruiser or leisure e-bike, but it’s also a better bike… I’m super happy with my experience on the Model R and I would definitely recommend the bike as a winner.

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Shreddie McSkate

Electric Bike Company Model R Review | 28MPH Custom Beach Cruiser Hybrid E-Bike

Definitely a fun and comfortable ride. The bike is super duper solid feeling, the suspension feels great…

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Miss GoElectric | Miss GoElectric Ride Reviews

Electric Bike Company Model R Review (Custom Rugged Beach Cruiser Style E-Bike)

I would probably keep this on pavement or light-packed gravel trails, nothing too aggressive, because I think that’s where it would perform the best.

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The Premium Rugged Cruiser – EBC Model R Review – Electric Bike Company

Electric Bike Company totes this bike as the “Rugged Enduro,” and mentions its on-road and off-road capabilities. There are definitely quite a few trails you could take this on, but it is probably more at home on the sidewalks, bike lanes, or crushed-granite type of trails…

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Tesla Owners Online

🚴🏻‍♀️ We Got an Electric Bike and This Happened…

… we absolutely love it, and we’re going to ride the heck out of this thing.

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E Bike Nation

New E-Bike Review! The Most Comfortable E-Bike I Have Tested Yet! “Electric Bike Company Model R”

This e-bike has changed my life for the better. I have been riding e-bikes for a little better than a year now and I found the perfect bike for me.

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Review – The Electric Bike Co. Model R

We already mentioned that there is a sluggishness to this bike when pedal assist is not engaged, not unlike a traditional beach cruiser, but with a 1250-watt motor to whip you around, you’re probably not going to care.

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