Cannondale Adventure Neo

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Release Year
Charge Time
8, 6.5, 4.75 Hours
Maximum Range
85, 80, 65 Miles
Top Speed
20 mph
250 W
65, 50, 40 Nm
Volts and Amp Hours
36V 16.7 Ah, 36 V 13.4 Ah, 36V 11Ah
Wheel Size
Number of Gears
Gearing Type
54.8, 58.5, 57, 56.5 lb
Brake Type
Frame Material

Summary of Reviews

We have read all expert and user reviews on the Cannondale Adventure Neo. In summary, this is what cyclists think.

15 reasons to buy

  • Each of the four Adventure Neo builds has an easy-to-mount low-step frame.
  • There is minimal frame flex for a step-through, according to multiple riders.
  • Reviewers laud the comfortable and stable ride quality provided by the 63mm-travel fork, 2.2" tires, and swept-back handlebars.
  • Two experts appreciate the smoothness when riding over cobblestones.
  • The Adventure Neo 1 EQ and 2 EQ have suspension seatposts that further enhance the comfort quality of the bike.
  • The Neo 3 EQ has a dropper seatpost, which makes it easier to get a foot down at traffic lights.
  • Reviewers say that the Adventure Neo 1's Shimano Deore drivetrain shifts smoothly.
  • Experts note that the bike performs well and feels safe to ride on light off-road terrain.
  • The Neo 1 EQ's Shimano MT400 brakes provide lots of braking power and one-finger braking.
  • The Tektro M275 hydraulic discs used on the Aventure Neo 4 and Neo 3 EQ are ultra-responsive, according to one expert.
  • Riders note that the Bosch motors run very quietly.
  • Experts say the lights on the Adventure Neo (1, 2, and 3) are bright.
  • Riders of the Adventure Neo 1 EQ appreciate the enhanced safety the Garmin Varia radar provides.
  • Cannondale includes bottle cage mounts on the head tube for easier access.
  • Users note that the Adventure Neo's rated range is accurate and satisfactory.

7 reasons not to buy

  • According to reviewers, the Adventure Neo 1's radar can be confusing when riding in traffic.
  • Experts note that the bike is heavy and difficult to pedal over the maximum assisted speed.
  • Some riders are disappointed by the Adventure Neo's weak acceleration, even on the top model.
  • The rear rack on the three Adventure Neo EQ models can only support 40lb.
  • Two experts mention that the front fender rattles.
  • One reviewer highlights that the quick-release seatpost leaves the expensive saddle and suspension seatpost vulnerable to theft.
  • Multiple experts complain about the lengthy charge time of the compact 2A Bosch charger.

Bottom line

Cannondale's Adventure Neo is an urban e-bike available in four builds. All reviewers of this bike highlight its comfort. Experts also appreciate the stability which extends to riding on light off-road terrain. The frame, brakes, and electronics draw praise, but the high weight, weak acceleration, and lengthy charge times disappointed some reviewers. The premium build's radar, suspension seatpost, and Deore drivetrain make a notable difference to the rider experience. While this isn't a cheap e-bike, its mixed-terrain capability and smooth, relaxed ride quality make it an attractive choice.

Expert Reviews

79/100 based on 6 rated expert reviews

Test of the Cannondale Adventure Neo 1 EQ: Too Expensive, Too Weak [French]

Admittedly, the Adventure Neo is quite comfortable to ride, but Cannondale may have missed the mark by not focusing enough on the needs of a big-city user.

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Review: Cannondale Adventure Neo 3 EQ

It’s not a massive cargo bike or a speedy faux moped, but the Adventure Neo 3 is among the most satisfying e-bikes I’ve had the pleasure of riding this year.

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Cannondale Adventure Neo 2 EQ [Dutch]

This Cannondale is one of the most expensive bikes in the test, and partly because of that pricing, also one of the disappointments.

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Pedelecs & E-Bikes

Cannondale Adventure Neo 1 EQ – Top Model of the New E-Bike Series First Test [German]

In general, the agility and driving safety were the strengths of this new model, which brings many advantages, especially for beginners.

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Cannondale Adventure Neo Electric Bike, Technological Elegance [French]

A comfortable bike, without the need to adjust the saddle and handlebars to the millimeter.

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Les Numériques

Test Cannondale Adventure Neo 3 EQ Electric Bike: The Quiet Assistance [French]

Much less punchy than the other urban e-bikes of the manufacturer, however, it offers the comfort that we expect from this type of bike.

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Cannondale Adventure Neo 1 EQ: Test Drive By Luca Talotta [Italian]

Although it is certainly not one of the prettiest electric city bikes, we have a lot of quality and substance here…

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Cannondale Adventure Neo 1 EQ 2021: The Test of the Trekking E-Bike [Italian]

…it feels like pedaling sitting in an armchair.

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Test: Cannondale Adventure Neo 1 EQ [Italian]

It is almost perfect for the use for which it was designed, so we should not think of it as an expensive bike but rather as a means of transportation, cheaper and more fun than a hatchback.

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The Cannondale Adventure Neo 3 Is a Comfy, Easy-to-Live-With City

It is a well-equipped bike for anyone looking to do some commuting, a little gravel path joyriding, or anything in between.

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Cycle Volta

Cannondale Adventure Neo 1 EQ Review

Bending the Adventure Neo 1 EQ around hard corners, you can feel the stiffness, which you might guess wouldn’t be the case with a step-through design.

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Gear Patrol

This New E-Bike Is Perfect for the City — And for Escaping It

I ended up covering close to half a century, and when I finally got home, I still had two power bars left — which is consistent with the brand’s claimed 65 miles of range.

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Cannondale Adventure Neo Review: Beautiful Electric City Bike [Italian]

So can an e-bike replace a small scooter? The answer is yes, especially if equipped with the features of this model.

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Cannondale Adventure Neo 1 EQ [German]

With the top model Adventure Neo 1 EQ, Cannondale has created a comfortable and, above all, very safe city bike that also proves itself on long trips into the countryside.

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Tradebike and Tri

Exclusive Test: Cannondale Adventure Neo [Spanish]

In short, the Cannondale Adventure Neo 1 EQ is a luxury urban e-bike, with all the details well thought-through…

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Cannondale Adventure Neo 1 EQ: An E-Bike With Radar! [Italian]

The behavior of the bike even on cobblestones… crossing streetcar tracks, or some potholes is truly exemplary from the comfort point of view.

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Cannondale Adventure Neo 1 EQ E-Bike Test Ride [Dutch]

All in all, this bike is stable, very comfortable, has a good set-up, slightly curved handlebars, plenty of support and, last but not least, a great overview of the road ahead of you and behind you.

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Cannondale Adventure Neo 1 EQ: The City Is Not Enough [German]

The low step makes it easy to get on the bike, and the equipment lets you glide smoothly over the roads. It doesn’t matter whether you’re riding on city streets or dirt roads and bike paths beyond the city limits.

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Cannondale Adventure Neo 1 EQ Review [Spanish]

…it is clear that the Cannondale Adventure Neo 1 EQ is a mid-high-range urban electric bike, not accessible to every pocket but recommended for users who want high standards of reliability and spec. 

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Cannondale Test: The Affordable Technology [French]

Between the balloon tires, the suspension fork, and the suspension seatpost, we have rarely ridden in such comfort.

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