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Release Year
Charge Time
4 Hours
Maximum Range
45 Miles
Top Speed
15.5 mph
250 W
Volts and Amp Hours
36 V 8.55 Ah
Wheel Size
Number of Gears
33.97 lb
Brake Type
Frame Material

Summary of Reviews

We have read all expert and user reviews on the Brompton Electric. In summary, this is what cyclists think.

18 reasons to buy

  • When folded, the Brompton Electric is compact, portable and lightweight to carry.
  • Testers say this e-bike is easy to fold in 20-30 seconds, after minutes of practice.
  • Brompton says their Electric bike can attain a maximum range of 45 miles.
  • The bike’s battery and charger are neatly contained within one removable bag.
  • Critics and users say the Brompton Electric is supremely convenient on multi-modal commutes.
  • This e-bike is admired for its hand-made, premium quality and durability.
  • The Brompton Electric’s hill-climbing abilities are lauded by many reviewers.
  • This little e-bike boasts a 300% gear range across a 6-speed (2x3) drivetrain.
  • Testers describe the Brompton Electric as being “agile, zesty and nippy”.
  • When folded, the Brompton Electric locks securely into place.
  • It only take 4 hours to fully charge the Brompton Electric.
  • You can charge your devices using the provided 5V 1.5A USB port.
  • Busch & Müller front and rear lights run off the Brompton Electric’s main battery.
  • This e-bike comes fitted with full fenders that feature wide, rubberized flaps.
  • Brompton provides riders with interconnected apps, on iOS and Android.
  • Two handlebar options are available, to fit riders from 4’6” to 6’8”.
  • The Brompton Electric is available in a range of attractive colors.
  • Testers say the electric Brompton also rides well without power.

6 reasons not to buy

  • The Brompton Electric’s maximum speed is only 15.5 mph.
  • Some testers feel that electric assistance is not always smooth or nuanced.
  • Because the Brompton Electric is a premium hand-build, it is priced highly.
  • Reviewers say the Brompton Electric’s design is more practical than elegant.
  • The bike’s battery bag tended to rattle on rides over uneven surfaces.
  • This e-bike’s front-wheel hub-motor can spin in wet conditions.

Bottom line

London-based Brompton are known for their pedigree, as makers of refined folding bikes for the last 46 years. The Brompton Electric is the latest iteration on this design. Compared to other folders, it’s lightweight, compact and easier to fold and carry. Most testers say this e-bike’s power is ample and hills are climbed easily. Testers over 6'0" were comfortable on the Brompton Electric, even on longer rides. Some reviewers feel that electric assistance is smooth, others say it isn’t. It’s definitely well-built and durable. For that, you will pay a premium.

Expert Reviews

77/100 based on 14 rated expert reviews

Gocycle GXi v Brompton M6L Review

The Brompton wins me over, they’re everywhere in my home town! It’s easy to live with, easy to use and I now understand why ‘Bromptonites’ are so passionate about them.

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Brompton Electric Bike Review

On the bike, I really cannot fault the electric Brompton. It became indispensable when I had it on test. Vital to any short journey and the envy of my colleagues. I found it a bit of an ordeal carrying it around.

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Brompton Electric Review: E-folding Bike With a Touch of F1!

The materials used are so robust and of such high quality that cycling becomes intuitive and safe despite the relatively tiny wheels. The sheer degree of flexibility that the bike offers and the high fun factor speak for themselves.

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Brompton Electric (M6L) Review: A Commuter’s Dream

This is a folding electric bike just as it should be – supremely convenient and useful. A sure-fire way to make journeys more relaxing – especially thanks to the easy folding mechanism. However, the significant price tag can’t be ignored.

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Brompton M6L Electric Review

A premium pedal power experience that’s all the more impressive thanks to battery assistance and a hub motor. Manufactured to a high standard, the Brompton M6L Electric boasts some clever features, but comes with a sizable asking price.

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Brompton Electric Bike Review: Remarkably Practical

The Brompton Electric is a very good electric folding bike. While it’s my opinion that certain elements of the industrial design lack finesse, its extraordinary adaptability makes it suitable for all but the longest bicycle commutes.

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Tom's Guide

Brompton Electric Folding Bike H6L Review

Brompton hits a good compromise between storage functionality and city rideability at a price that makes it competitive among the folding e-bike market.

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Tom's Guide

Brompton Electric C Line Explore Review

The Brompton C Line Electric folding bike is a great solution for short commutes in the city, especially for apartment dwellers or office workers. It’s small, fun to ride, offers a good battery range, and well-thought-out additional features.

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Expert Reviews

Brompton Electric Review: The Best Electric Folder but Pricey

All in all, the Brompton Electric is a pleasure to ride and the extra power means that, even on longer journeys, you won’t be working up much of a sweat if you don’t want to. But it isn’t perfect and I do have some issues.

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Brompton Electric Review (M2L): The Best Foldable E-Bike?

If your circumstances dictate the need for a folding e-bike and you’re willing to pay a premium for quality, then the Brompton is a whole-hearted must-buy. However, its lackluster ride comfort and extortionate asking price shouldn’t be ignored.

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Brompton Electric H2L 2-speed Review

The bike handles well, though it still suffered from a bit of wheelspin on steep ramps, but the overall feel is positive. There’s no overdoing torque so you always feel in control. The power delivery is good and the range impressive.

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Brompton Electric C-Line Urban Folding Bike Review

If you need the extra boost and don’t mind a lot of faff, then this is certainly a great and convenient bike. If you’re on the fence about needing electric assistance though, I would definitely recommend the analog version.

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Brompton M6L Electric

Overall, I liked the practicality of the Brompton Electric and its efficient motor.

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Review: Brompton Electric Folding Bike

It’s one of the most ingenious bikes I’ve ever seen. But it’s not very comfortable, and the motor is only so-so. It fits almost invisibly in the smallest room or car trunk. Tall people will not ride this clown bike.

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Cycling Weekly

Brompton Electric | Review | Cycling Weekly

They are a lot of fun and if you do commute and use public transport, this is an absolute godsend. It will get you around town much quicker than any other mode of transport.

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Brompton Electric Hands-on: A Tiny Folding E-bike for Daily Commutes

Brompton makes a really high quality, well-built e-bike, but the price difference between that and other folding e-bikes with the same top speed and range is pretty significant. For me, the Brompton Electric would not replace my full-sized e-bike.

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Ebike Escape

The Iconic Foldable Bike Goes Electric | Brompton Electric Review

The portability of this thing, with the battery-in-a-bag design, is truly nice. My wife and I found the 250-watt motor to be plenty capable.

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One Less Car

Who Is the Brompton Electric For? Review

The person who I think this is for, is somebody who would benefit from a normal Brompton plus maybe someone who doesn’t have shower facilities at work, lives somewhere hilly, perhaps has a commute that’s a tad long.

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Everyday Cycling

How Much Faster is the Brompton Electric on Everyday Rides?

A great advantage of the Electric is that you can get around town very quickly without a sweat. With the normal Brompton, on the other hand, you can get a good workout, you can carry a lot of stuff.

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Everyday Cycling

How Far Can the Brompton Electric Go in the Real World?

22 miles. I did everything that I needed to do this afternoon. I played tennis, I went to two supermarkets, went to home depot, came back home, went out again and I’m fresh and I didn’t have to recharge the batteries.

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Why Did I Get a Brompton Electric? What Do I Think of It 2 Months In?

Do I like it? Yes, absolutely. I think it’s awesome. I would definitely buy it again, despite the few little idiosyncrasies. It’s a very good, very capable, very robust little bike.

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Bun & Beard

Can an Electric Brompton Deal With Real Hills?

Significantly easier than riding a normal bike with a massive hill. If you’ve got a whacking great big hill on your commute, that is the way to deal with it.

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Electric vs Classic Brompton. Which Is the Better Folding Bike?

Same great folding mechanism. A bit heavier. More expensive. For short commutes, I prefer the classic. Electric is good for longer trips.

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Cycling UK

Bike Test: Brompton Electric (E-bike)

The Brompton Electric keeps the quintessence of the Brompton, while adding a good dose of electric assistance that impresses with the power available from such a compact motor. Brompton could turn what is a pretty impressive and relatively light folding e-bike into a great one.

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Cycle Volta

Brompton Electric Folding E-Bike Review

On smooth paths the Electric is a lot of fun. It makes short work of bolting ahead to overtake slower riders. A lighter bike with a lower center of gravity just handles more adroitly, and that’s one major advantage to the Brompton.

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The Brompton Electric Is the Most Functional Folding E-bike We’ve Seen

Its 16-inch wheels give it great off-the-line and uphill acceleration, and the e-assist is smooth and gradual.

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The Next Web

Brompton Electric Review: A Tiny Folding E-Bike You’ll Take Almost Everywhere

It may not be the fastest, smoothest, or longest-lasting e-bike I’ve reviewed, but it is without a doubt the one I have most enjoyed riding. If you can afford its hefty price tag, the Brompton Electric is an absolute joy.

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Torture Test: We Took Brompton’s Folding Electric E-Bike to the Hills of San Francisco

The 250-watt motor in the front wheel made climbing the monster hills in San Francisco possible. This was an extreme test; real-world riding showed the Brompton to be a capable and enjoyable commuter. It’s definitely on the pricey side.

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Why the Brompton Electric Bike Could Be the Future of Travel

The mix of electric power and foldability is why this really does make this a game changer for your transport options.

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Momentum Mag

A Review of the Brompton Electric C-Line Folding Bike

Although the Brompton Electric C-Line is expensive, it is finely engineered and handcrafted and will last a very long time. It was quite remarkable how fast it went, and how quickly it got up to speed. Highly recommended.

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Brompton Electric Review: The Ultimate City Runaround

The best folding e-bike we’ve tried, by a country mile – every urban home should have one.

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Evening Standard

Pedal Power: Why a Brompton Electric Is the Perfect Commuter Bike for Swerving the Fuel Crisis

“Is it as good as they say it is?”. Yes, if you can forgive the few seconds it takes for the battery to kick in. Brompton’s battery-powered nudge feels like a magic caffeine hit for cycling.

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The Bath & Wiltshire Parent

Review: Brompton Electric Folding Bike – Just the Thing for the Easy Commute

After a week with the Brompton, I didn’t really want to give it back. It’s a practical and fun alternative to a second car or those ridiculously expensive fares that Bath buses inflict on us. No, it’s not cheap.

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Brompton Electric Review: The Iconic Folding Bike Gains a Motor, but Loses Some Portability Along the Way

The Brompton Electric feels retrofitted rather than innovative, and is hamstrung by the all too precious goal of making it identifiable as a Brompton. It needs to be lighter, but moreover it needs to be more balls-out powerful than this.

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