ABUS Pro Tectic 4960

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1.15 lbs
Diameter / Thickness
9 mm
5.69 Inches
6.04 Inches
1.37 Inches
Hardened Steel

Summary of Reviews

We have read all expert and user reviews on the ABUS Pro Tectic 4960. In summary, this is what cyclists think.

13 reasons to buy

  • Users appreciate the convenience of the ABUS Pro Tectic 4960. It’s always mounted in place, making it quick and easy to use.
  • The Pro Tectic 4960 connects to compatible ABUS chain locks, to secure both your frame and wheel.
  • Being frame-mounted, there’s no need to carry this lock in a bag or basket.
  • Experts assert that the Pro Tectic 4960 offers little room for bandits to gain purchase with their nefarious thievery devices.
  • Thieves will have to cut the Pro Tectic 4960 twice, to steal your bike.
  • The ABUS Pro Tectic 4960 prevents wheels being removed and stolen from your locked bike.
  • This lock is excellent as an ‘extra layer’ of additional security, on top of your existing D-lock.
  • ABUS’ plastic covers obscure the lock’s mounting hardware.
  • Owners have said the Pro Tectic 4960 remains durable after many months of use.
  • Numerous users say this lock is easy to open and close.
  • Owners can remove the key from the Pro Tectic 4960, while riding.
  • A lot of owners found the Pro Tectic 4960 easy to assemble and install.
  • ABUS provide technical diagrams online, allowing potential users to assess whether the 4960 is a good fit for their bike and tires.

3 reasons not to buy

  • The Pro Tectic 4960 is not compatible with all bike types and tire sizes.
  • Owners say this lock could be fiddly or ‘sticky’. Some users got their keys stuck.
  • A few owners were disappointed that they didn’t receive mounting equipment.

Bottom line

As a frame/ring/wheel lock, the Pro Tectic 4960 is not intended to be a complete security solution. But it will stop your wheel turning, and subsequently will prevent anyone from riding off on your bike. When used in conjunction with a U-Lock or compatible, interconnecting ABUS heavy-duty chain, this ring lock adds an extra layer of reassurance and prevents wheel thievery. By itself, it works for quick stops while your bike is within view. On many bikes, you may have to use ABUS’ aftermarket mounting kit. This lock won’t fit all frames and tire sizes, so it’s best to scrutinize the manufacturer’s detailed online technical specs, prior to purchasing.

Expert Reviews

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The Cheap Bike Channel

How Bike Thieves Break Locks!

A really interesting thing about these against a circular saw, is they have to cut the metal twice. It’s so fiddly to cut into at this angle, without damaging the frame or wheel and affecting the resale value, so one of these is a good investment.

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Bunch Bikes

Installing the ABUS Pro Tectic 4960 Frame Lock With Clutching Strap LH Adapter on a Bunch Cargo Bike

We’ve got the ABUS lock and keys, but also included is the adapter kit which has two adapter ties that go into the frame, lock nuts, washers, a tool for tightening it down, and two adhesive strips to protect the frame.

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