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18.74, 20.11, 21.31, 22.22 lb
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Summary of Reviews

We have read all expert and user reviews on the VAAST A/1. In summary, this is what cyclists think.

9 reasons to buy

  • The VAAST A/1 is available in five builds to suit a range of riding styles and budgets.
  • With room for 650b x 50mm or 700c x 42mm tires and tubeless compatibility, this bike caters to a wide range of riding styles.
  • Reviewers say the A/1 provides the speed of an endurance road bike on pavement and can handle light gravel riding.
  • Allite Super Magnesium is lighter and stronger than steel, titanium, and aluminum and has superior compliance and vibration dampening to aluminum.
  • The A/1 boasts a comfortable ride akin to titanium or steel but with a weight and efficiency closer to carbon fiber.
  • One expert praises the performance of the A/1 GRX 700c's 1x Shimano GRX drivetrain and says the clutch prevents chain slap on rough terrain.
  • Several reviewers compliment the A/1's climbing ability, versatility, and steel-like ride comfort.
  • Ceramic treatment and the AE81 alloy formula reduce corrosion risk.
  • Many users appreciate the quality and performance of both the name-brand and house-brand components.

8 reasons not to buy

  • The smaller frames (XS and S) lack the compliance of the bigger ones.
  • According to one expert, the long seat tube reduces the carbon seatpost's ability to absorb vibrations.
  • One tester says the slack head angle makes the front end feel heavy, reducing maneuverability off-road.
  • Several reviewers note the untidy downtube cable entry port, and one criticizes the cable routing.
  • Multiple experts say that the bike's geometry isn't suitable for proper gravel riding.
  • One group of experts reports that the A/1 feels draggy and slow.
  • Reviewers complain that the tires on the 2x GRX 700c and Apex 700c builds are not tubeless-ready.
  • One expert struggled with persistent creaking from the carbon seat post that could only be fixed by replacing it.

Bottom line

The VAAST A/1 is a magnesium-frame all-road bike built for tackling pavement, gravel, and dirt roads. It wins praise for its overall performance and innovative frame, which has a unique balance of strength, weight, and comfort. However, experts question the comfort of the smaller frames, as well as the bike's geometry, which is only really suitable for light gravel riding. Buyers should double-check the geometry charts to ensure the frame fits properly and suits their riding style, but at this price point, the A/1 packs a lot of quality and performance.

Expert Reviews

80/100 based on 4 rated expert reviews

VAAST A/1 Review

The VAAST A/1 is a good all-rounder; you couldn’t ask for too much more from a bike at this price point.

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VAAST A/1 Review

The A/1 is a brilliant gravel chassis with hugely impressive components and wheels. This is a smart machine made of a smart material at a very smart price: if VAAST can cure the creaky post interface, it’s onto a winner.

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VAAST A/1 Allroad Review

A polished, highly efficient gravel bike let down by poor tire choice, The A/1 Apex 700 is as adept on the road as it is at munching away the dirt miles. It’s a worthy aluminum/carbon-fiber alternative at a good price.

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VAAST A/1 Gravel Bike Tested: Fast Magnesium Graveler – Sustainable and Inexpensive

The VAAST A/1 offers a successful overall package. There are slight deductions in terms of comfort. In terms of price, the newcomer’s magnesium bike is a real announcement and a hot tip from our side.

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The Path Less Pedaled

Light. Fast. Flammable?

If you’re looking for a road bike that is a little bit more capable that you can take on gravel roads and some light trails but still maintain that quick and nimble and zippy road bike feel, then this bike is for you.

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2023 VAAST A/1 2X GRX Gravel Bike Review: Better, But Still Room to Improve

Mid-cycle updates have improved the A/1, but the frame geometry is still a little too goofy for our liking.

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A New Horizon for Magnesium Bikes? | Super Magnesium Explained With the VAAST ALLITE A/1 Gravel Bike

My first impression of the VAAST A/1 is that it’s kind of carbon fiber-esque like. It’s very… stiff, which is a good thing, the handlebars very much feel like they’re connected to the same machine as the saddle, and you get out of the seat and it’s very responsive.

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David Arthur - Just Ride Bikes

Better Than Carbon? VAAST A/1 Super Magnesium Gravel Bike Review

It’s a big thumbs up from me. There are a few things I would change (mainly the geometry), but I’ve been really fussy; it offers a lot on paper and delivers out here in the real world.

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The Path Less Pedaled

Magnesium Gravel Bike? First Ride in Road Clipless!

I was actually expecting it to be a lot more squirrely because I think the trail is in the 60s… but it seemed fairly stable. The bike did surprisingly well. I was expecting a stiff and harsh ride because of the narrower tires than I’m used to.

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Sean Griffin

VAAST A/1 3rd Ride

I’m really digging the bike. Everything that has been said about it… being very smooth… yeah, it’s absolutely smooth; you don’t even hardly feel the bumps in the road. It’s a very cherry ride.

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Cyclist TV

VAAST A/1 on the Road Impressions: An Original Ride Feel That Is Addictive [Japanese]

Having one of these bikes will make you enjoy cycling even more; it’s light, fun, and very comfortable. The magnesium frame feels good, but I’m not the type of person who rides hard, especially on all-road gravel roads.

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Road Bike Action Magazine

VAAST A/1 Review

If you’re in the market for either a sub-$2500 bike or an aluminum bike, then the A/1 rates as a good consideration. It’s light for the price point, and with its aerospace legacy, it brings good bragging rights at the coffee shop!

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The VAAST A/1 Allroad Rides Like Steel but Weighs a Lot Less

It is one of the best deals in gravel bikes right now. Buy the VAAST if you want a super solid-feeling gravel bike that rides like steel without the weight penalty.

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ETNH Gravel Magazine

VAAST A/1: A Lesson in Elementary Particles [Polish]

Perhaps magnesium as a frame material is not the most important thing here. More important is the fact that the VAAST A/1 is very easy to use, rides well, and gives you a wide range of tire options.

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Test: VAAST A/1 650 [Danish]

A no-nonsense gravel bike that concentrates on the essentials. The VAAST A/1 hits the spot with some very lively but, at the same time, comfortable riding characteristics that can compete with the best carbon fiber frames in terms of weight. It gets our warmest recommendation.

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Bici Da Strada

VAAST Allroad A/1 Gravel: Light, Fun and… Magnesium [Italian]

We recommend the VAAST Allroad A/1 to those who want an ideal vehicle for long rides and for great gravel adventures, even in bikepacking mode, thanks to its light and comfortable frame, but above all to those who want a latest generation and high-performance gravel bike, at a much more affordable price than many competitors.

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