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We have read all expert and user reviews on the Thule UpRide. In summary, this is what cyclists think.

11 reasons to buy

  • Carbon fiber bike owners chose the UpRide, as it makes no contact with their frame or fork.
  • The UpRide fits bikes with 20” to 29” wheels and tires up to 3” wide
    (or up to 5” with Thule's fatbike adapter).
  • With a one-bike payload of 44 lb, the UpRide can carry most non-electric bikes.
  • Some owners say the UpRide holds their bike securely, even in strong winds.
  • Some users find assembly and installation of the UpRide to be a breeze.
  • Reviewers say the UpRide is durable and stands up to weather exposure.
  • Owners say the UpRide is a sound fit for bikes with longer wheelbases.
  • Testers like that the UpRide doesn’t require riders to remove their front wheel.
  • Owners deem the UpRide ‘versatile’, as it is compatible with a number of crossbars.
  • Reviewers say the UpRide is compact and easy to store, when folded.
  • Experts believe the Thule UpRide represents “decent” value.

6 reasons not to buy

  • By owner & tester reports, the UpRide isn’t quick-and-easy to fasten or remove.
  • As owners lament, locking cores for the UpRide are sold separately.
  • Some owners say that the UpRide doesn’t work well with narrow tires
    (road, cyclocross, some gravel).
  • Many owners report a moderate amount of lateral wobble with the UpRide.
  • Numerous buyers struggled with Thule’s instructions for the UpRide.
  • A few owners say the locking mechanism failed, causing their bike to fall onto the road or car roof and causing damage to both their bike and their car.

Bottom line

The Thule UpRide is aimed at owners of carbon fiber bikes, as it doesn’t make contact with a bike's frame. It fastens to a bike’s wheels, achieving peak stability when used with wide, low-pressure tires (mountain, fat, adventure, and gravel). By most reports, it isn’t the simplest to fasten or detach. A non-fatal level of wobble is often reported. Locking cores are sold separately. If you’re primarily a road bike rider or your car is tall, the UpRide may not be the ideal choice.
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17 lbs

Expert Reviews

69/100 based on 2 rated expert reviews

Thule UpRide 599 Review

The UpRide works well enough but it’s a somewhat fussy design and doesn’t feel as robust as other Thule offerings. It’s adequate but there are better options for most riders.

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Thule UpRide Review

It delivers a very secure hold without any contact with your frame or fork. We found it to be somewhat more difficult to load than some of the competition, but it impressed us with its versatility, ease of assembly, and security.

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Thule UpRide Review

These are by far the best roof racks I’ve had. I’ve had them for just shy of 5 months. The trunk will open, no problem. [Without a bike] it makes your car pretty loud. You kind of have to fight to get it to fit a shorter wheelbase.

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MTB Warrior

Thule UpRide. What They Don’t Show You

If you guys decide to buy one of these racks check this bolt, because I had excessive play. You got to make sure you have the blue loctite. Secure it right in there. Don’t over-torque this. Just make sure it’s nice and tight. Boom.

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Red Riding Bikes

Thule UpRide Bike Roof Rack Real Life Use on a Station Wagon

We already traveled almost 300 km (186 mi) from home. They held up quite nicely. You’ll suffer a little bit with fuel economy but it’s okay. It was good even with high winds.

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WTI | Point Of View Videos

Our Point of View on Thule UpRide Roof Bike Rack

All the contact is on the wheels. We use this for mountain bikes and it works really really well. We have found this to be really sturdy, really stable. The bike doesn’t wobble a lot while it’s on the car and overall it’s just a really nice bike rack.

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Review: Thule UpRide Roof Rack Simplifies Bike Transportation

Its compatibility across a range of wheel and tire sizes works well for those looking to carry both road and mountain bikes. One drawback I’ve found is a lack of a front locking mechanism.

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Bike Exchange

Thule UpRide 599 Bike Carrier – First Impressions

I’ve tested the rack with road and mountain bikes and it’s held both just fine. The heavier bike does see the rack rock somewhat. I do have some fitment concerns over how closely the rear bar fits with some frames.

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Thule UpRide 599 Review – UpRide Fitting Bike Rack Review

IT DOES NOT WOBBLE LIKE CRAZY. It looks GREAT and will last you MANY years. The design works better than the FreeRide and ProRide models when it comes to loading on your bike.

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Bicycling Australia

Tested: Thule UpRide 599 Bike Rack

We found the UpRide 599 to inspire confidence and total reassurance. The most secure transportation possible. Road and gravel bikes sit rock-solid, securely in place.

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Thule UpRide vs Yakima Highroad Bike Rack Comparison Review

Yakima stole the show with this one. While the UpRide does many things right, it just doesn’t reach my high expectations. If you like this style of roof-mounted bike carrier and just want to carry adult-sized bikes, buy the Yakima.

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BIKE Magazine

Versus: Rooftop Rumble
Yakima, Thule, and 1UP Battle for Crossbar Dominance

I run 3.8” tires so the Yakima fits the bill. It’s arguably the sleekest of the bunch and pretty easy to use. Now, if they’d just make it a couple inches longer… The 1Up can accommodate the widest range of tires. The Thule will let you carry nearly the same range and adjusts to suit each size in a fraction of the time.

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Thule UpRide Bike Carrier Review [Dutch]

Putting your bike on and taking it off is very easy and fast. Your bicycle is very safe and super sturdy. Even at higher speeds. If you have a high car, you may need a ladder to properly attach it.

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80 km/h on a Hand Bike – With Tarek Rasouli [German]

Look what I bought: Thule UpRide.

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