State Bicycle Co. 4130 Road

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Summary of Reviews

We have read all expert and user reviews on the State Bicycle Co. 4130 Road. In summary, this is what cyclists think.

11 reasons to buy

  • Fun and simplicity are the main drawcards for 4130 Road owners.
  • The 4130 Road oozes retro-‘80s-racer elegance and style.
  • With its very aggressive geometry, the 4130 Road is built to race.
  • The 4130 Road’s mechanics are simple and therefore easy to maintain and repair.
  • Wide 28mm tires come fitted to the 4130 Road.
  • The 4130 Road is seen as a remarkable value, by reviewers and buyers.
  • The 4130 Road’s chromoly steel frame is durable, stiff, forgiving, pliant and relatively light.
  • Owners said the 4130 Road is easy to upgrade, using traditional parts standards.
  • The 4130 Road is available in 5 frame sizes to fit riders from 5’1” to 6'6".
  • The 4130 Road bike has clearance to accommodate road tires up to 32mm wide.
  • There are eyelets to attach both front and rear racks, on the seat-stays and fork of the 4130 Road.

5 reasons not to buy

  • The 4130 Road’s wheels may need to be trued up before riding.
  • Reviewers weren’t impressed by the 4130 Road’s budget tires.
  • An owner reported that the 4130 Road’s stock brake levers delivered poor modulation.
  • The 4130 Road’s brake pads were unremarkable. Reviewers suggested they be replaced.
  • Riders must take their hand off the handlebar to change gears with the 4130 Road’s retro, downtube-mounted shifter.

Bottom line

State Bicycle Co.’s 4130 Road is a simple, eight-speed road bike with a chromoly steel frame. In terms of style, it’s a throwback to 1980s steel racers. The 4130 Road uses a single chainring and downtube gear shifter. This simplifies setup, maintenance, tuning and repairs. The bike’s saddle, tires, pedals, brake levers and pads are all mid-range, which is reasonable considering the incredibly low asking price. More than one buyer said they had to true the bike’s wheels before riding, but the 4130 Road must be assembled by a bike mechanic to validate the warranty anyway. Across the board, reviewers and owners were impressed by State Bicycle Co.’s 4130 Road bike.

Expert Reviews

83/100 based on 2 rated expert reviews
Cycling Weekly

State Bikes 4130 Road Review

Keep in mind when looking at the picture the State Bikes 4130 Road presents it is an exceptional value… Instead of making a cheap bike State have made a different kind of bike that happens to be inexpensive… The geometry of the State 4130 might be the most aggressive of any bike I’ve ever ridden… it’s the kind of bike that brings a smile every ride and looks amazing doing it.

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Gear Diary

State Bicycle Company 4130 Road Bike Review: An Excellent and Budget-Friendly Way to Get Around Town

Honestly, it’s not just my commuter bike; it’s become my personal exercise tool and a way to escape and clear my head… it is a fantastic smooth ride… Overall, the State Bicycle Company 4130 Road Bike is a great value whether you’re commuting or going for a recreational ride… Ultimately, the look and price of the State Bicycle Company 4130 Road bike checked all of my boxes.

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State Bicycle 4130 Road Bike (2020) 8 speed, Black & Metallic

The weight is light, very fast. Very easy to assemble… the shifter works great… The chainring is one-by (1x), very easy to maintain… these pedals are very good for commuting… 4130 Chromoly is light. I can lift it with one hand. If you have to carry it upstairs or to your apartment it’s no problem… you have to true your wheels, front and back. They came from the factory wobbly… the tires on it are not that good… I like it. I love it.

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Superdaverides 2015

State 4130 Geared

Will it ever replace any of my high-end road bikes? Hell no! But is it a ton of fun? Hell yes!.. no bells or whistles on this bike, just super simple… what is the worst part of this bike? These brake levers. Man, they suck… horrible modulation…

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State 4130 Geared Road Bike Review

This is my very first road bike… this bike is an entry-level road bike… I have to say it’s a pretty good bike to start out on… It’s not the lightest road bike… What appealed to me initially is the fact that this bike is relatively cheap and it looks aesthetically pleasing…

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Superdaverides 2015

State 4130 8-Speed Road Bike

Why did I get it? Cause I got it dirt cheap… but you know what? For what it is, it’s a great bike… It indexes really well. It’s got one shifter on the downtube… It just looks like an old-school ‘80s road bike, the way it’s set up… the tires are actually decent… Overall, for what this bike retails for, it’s a good bike… the wheels were out of true but it’s worth fixing up… It’s better than expected.

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State Bicycles 4130 Road

In my stable of bikes, the State 4130 road is the fun bike… There are more purposefully built city bikes, but they are probably more expensive, and although some of them have features that make them better suited to the job of commuting, they are both less fun and less stylish… It’s a very traditional silhouette that feels responsive and agile without being twitchy… It’s inexpensive, it’s fun, and it’s got style for days. It works if you need to aggressively work through traffic in an urban environment, but it’s also comfortable with mellow cruising on a relaxed multi-use path.

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State Bicycle Co. 4130 Road

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