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40.0 lb
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Summary of Reviews

We have read all expert and user reviews on the Schwinn Wayfarer. In summary, this is what cyclists think.

9 reasons to buy

  • A number of users experienced easy and smooth shifting from the 7-speed system.
  • The retro looks of the women’s Wayfarer were deemed ‘absolutely gorgeous’. The men’s version rocked what one reviewer referred to as ‘classic ‘70’s father’ style.
  • Owners remarked on this bike’s beautiful colorways. The men’s version looked sharp in black and chrome.
  • A considerable number of riders found the Wayfarer delivered a comfortable ride. They said that it was smooth and felt as though gliding.
  • Some cyclists reported good handling from the Wayfarer.
  • Reports suggested that assembly took about 1 to 1.5 hours and was easy, for several buyers. Others recommended having the Wayfarer professionally assembled.
  • One bike mechanic said this bike should last for years with proper storage and care.
  • A handful of owners enjoyed comfort and cushioning from the saddle and grips.
  • The Wayfarer’s low price is a big drawcard.

14 reasons not to buy

  • Rear derailleur failure was worryingly frequent. In multiple situations where the bike was first ridden, the mech snapped off and was dragged into the spokes. It caused near misses and some buyers suggested that it be replaced immediately.
  • Brakes were often difficult to adjust. They sometimes snapped and were unfixable by professionals.
  • Plastic parts were unappealing and reduced buyer confidence.
  • The saddle was regularly regarded as uncomfortable.
  • The Wayfarer rusted easily, even when kept indoors in a dry environment.
  • For a lot of riders, the grip-shifter slipped gears easily while riding. Failure on this shifter was not uncommon.
  • Instructions were described as insufficient, generic and vague.
  • Some cranks arrived unaligned. Unreliable crank bearings wore out quickly.
  • The Wayfarer is heavy at 40lbs.
  • A few cyclists found the seven available gears were undergeared for big hills.
  • Missing parts included bolts, screws, pedals and a saddle. Some buyers received open and empty parts boxes.
  • Numerous customers ordered the ‘sage green’ color but received an almost-white bike.
  • Untrued wheels and bent rims were not uncommon.
  • Other shipping damage included scratches and broken spokes.

Bottom line

The Wayfarer resembles a classic 1970s daily-ride. It is available at a very low price so buyers should probably expect to get their money’s worth. As to customer satisfaction, the Wayfarer presents something of a mystery. One owner wondered if they’d actually received a different model from that mentioned in five star reviews. A couple bought two bikes, one for either of them; the men’s version was deemed 'unrideable', whereas the women’s model received high praise. Some owners loved the bike and others said it was the jankiest they’d ever ridden. Opinions were divided on the Wayfarer, but riders all agreed that it's a beautiful bike.

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